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I Welcome time of

, friends!

If to trust encyclopedias, then Time - one of the basic concepts of philosophy and physics, a conditional comparative measure of the movement of matter, and also one of space coordinates - time along which world lines of physical ph.

But sciences are stretched by sciences and the majority do not understand one simple truth: time - the most expensive currency in our life. More evident the example was shown it in the movie Time (In time).
If was not seen &ndash yet; I recommend to look.

In real life, of course, yet it is not to such an extent rough that time is limited so that it needs to be got constantly, otherwise hours will be nullified and will die.

But to ignore the fact that time really is the most important vital currency, at least silly.

About what ignoramuses of different age think? Pensioners complain that they were treated by life badly though actually they just in youth spent time for nothing, but not on cared for the providing.
People with crisis of middle age are wrapped on life and reflect that they could reach a lot of things, but did not make it. And they are right. Good news is that they still a lot of things can be in time.

The youth most often thinks that to them in general early still to think of caring for the personal providing, and just it is better to live in pleasure, living fast for nothing. If only was to remember parties then.

Benjamin Franklin somehow said the phrase which is used to this day: Time - money . as they are right
I! it is very important
I during our capitalist era. Today money is an indicator and importance. As if who did not go on about their not importance, but money on prezhdny is dominating.
For money buy food, clothes, pay utilities, transport. You want to educate children - money is necessary. Ached - on treatment money is necessary. You want to go to rest - money is necessary.

Money gives us indicators of quality of life, opportunities and in general shows our price.
But, unfortunately, very many begin to think of it then when they already wasted a lot of time.

Reflect whether reasonably you spend the time now? Maybe it is necessary to send it to more useful course?

Surely share this information with your friends. Perhaps, it will become the key moment of their life.