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Economy and deprivations. In what a difference?

for anybody not a secret that now most of the simple people is in the CIS countries below the poverty line. As lives, to be exact the simple working class survives, for a long time does not interest our officials. But all - the people live, refusing to itself many pleasures and losing some benefits of the civilized world. Let`s look where the economy comes to an end and deprivations begin.

With what it would be desirable to begin here? Probably, from definition of three highlights about which the speech will go further. It is economy, the choice of the worst option and full deprivation of something.

And so we will begin with the third moment, namely with deprivations in our life. It is often possible to hear from representatives of the lowest class of the phrase of type: “Better we will save money and we will not go at the weekend to movie theater, and we will just watch the movie on TV“. Unless it is economy? No, this simple deprivation of of some pleasure, in - the first, at movie theater absolutely other atmosphere, and in - the second, movies at movie theater show new which now at all very famous and which are for certain discussed by colleagues at work and you will have nothing to discuss then.

The moment of the second, namely the choice of the worst option, is most widespread in life of ordinary citizens. For example, to go to work by bus or by a taxi, to eat in cafe or to buy a roll in a supermarket, to buy a fur coat or a usual down-padded coat? In most cases, of course, the second option which, it seems, and satisfies need for something is chosen, but at the same time gives some inconvenience or difficulties.

Though of course many could argue what of options nevertheless is better. For example, one business when buses go regularly from your house to the place of work with an interval 3 minutes, and absolutely another when it is even necessary to reach the bus-stop minutes fifteen, and then ten more minutes to wait for the bus. Can here better and by a taxi to reach.

And now we will talk about pure economy. I am at heart far from a tranzhirstvo and I always save on something. But at the same time I receive that I wanted and I do not restrain myself in any way. For example, long ago noticed that, like bananas, oranges, a kiwi and similar it is better to buy exotic fruit in vegetable pavilions which are in each market. There they will be 30 - 40% cheaper, than in the majority of supermarkets.

For a trip to the resort, of course, it is better to sit week on suitcases waiting for last-minute travel offers with big discounts. When you get home by a taxi at night, why not to call a taxi the house-keeper - a class, but not luxury, all the same at night nobody will notice whether you arrived on Mercedes or on Lada the Guelder-rose.

Separately the house-keeper - a class for simple citizens would like to mention networks of supermarkets. I will not mention the name, but would like to tell that the same goods can be bought constantly 5 - 15% cheaper without any discounts and actions. For example, the big snickers in one supermarket costs at us in Ukraine 6,60 UAH, and in other 8,20 UAH. Sometimes of course there are actions in other supermarket, and the price of the same snickers falls to 7,70 UAH. But why to you such actions if in other supermarket the same goods or a product can be bought much cheaper without any actions?

In conclusion would like to tell: itself should not refuse the most necessary, but it is always necessary to save reasonably, without throwing out money for any excess comfort or unnecessary service. Shop where it is the most favorable to you. If you do not have enough money, then choose the worst option, but do not refuse to yourself satisfaction of the requirements!