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How to think up the developing toy for the small child?

Half a year ago I became a grandmother! For the first time, and - God grant - not in the last. And so: I became a grandmother - and went crazy. Yes all of us who were turned around the newborn went crazy. All expressed it the love, were lisped and teteshkatsya. All tried to please it. And how many gifts presented to the kid - not to count!

My friend admitted that he even envies the baby a little. According to him, so much love and so much caress how many to him, my friend, did not get for all lived years fell down the newborn little man.

I filled up an electronic mailbox of the friend with photos of the grandson, I complained to it that my daughter suddenly vzrevnovat me. Like, the baby behaves on hands at the grandmother more quietly, but not at mother. Also smiles to the grandmother more with pleasure. Disorder! After I complained of the daughter that she will badly sterilize nipples and small bottles, it sent me by e-mail the known joke: “The first child - all boiled and sterilized. The second child - sometimes erased and watched that the child did not eat from a cat`s bowl. The third child - if ate a cat`s forage, then these are problems of a cat“ .

Also attributed: “What and to you I wish“. So we nearly quarreled! I speak - madness!

And now - about toys. Nobody doubts - toys are necessary to the kid not less, than tasty and healthy food. Toys satisfy information hunger of the baby in the first year of his life. It potters with a toy and interacts with it, as with part of the huge world which only should be learned and developed. Here and entertainment, here and training, here and study … All sense organs are involved. The child learns that such soft and that such firm. Bright rattles tell that in the world there are a color and a sound. The pacifier drops out of a mouth and somewhere disappears … Means, in this world there is also a gravity.

The child grows, begins to creep, but toys still remain his favourite objects. In any case - the kid anything, turns into a toy! And parents are only glad to give it toys - all new. One more, and still! They suddenly remember clever lectures of teachers how the special, developing toys are useful to small children. And, of course, are eager to buy the child such toys. Within the last month my grandson bravely investigated some sparkling and tinkling unit. Investigated so fearlessly and recklessly that expensive toy broke.

The toy broke, and I repaired it. Such at me as speak, not female work. I am a technician on computers. So to speak, technical surgeon. I open cases and I fly computer interiors. And as the person I - very skilled and lived (I do not want to speak: elderly), I know: not always the best - the most expensive. The best and most developing toys simple. Cubes, for example.

Then the idea of the new developing toy for my grandson came to my mind. To carry out this idea, too much time was not required. And too many means were not required too.

Throwing out the fulfilled keyboard in junk, I suddenly thought: “And from it the remarkable toy for my grandson can turn out! And what developing!“

Idea came, won me and began to fight for the realization.

As the loving grandmother I showed extraordinary foresight. To become the developing toy, the keyboard has to be, in - the first, big. And in - the second, with the rounded-off corners. Our kid already began to pull everything in a mouth, investigating on taste. Was not enough only that it damaged to itself(himself) at research of my toy of companies or eyes. Therefore, having chosen the keyboard with smooth contours, I ruthlessly tore out from it legs.

But it was only the beginning. I checked whether is not present on the keyboard of the dropped-out keys chosen by me. For what? In - the first in order that the bared pins did not wound my favourite. And in - the second if gets down my dear curious to business, but meanwhile the confused little man also will begin to knock from all the young forces on keys (and some of them did not bear blows of strong fingers of our secretaries), then keys will be doomed.

Though work at me not female, but I all - the woman. Therefore color of future toy for my grandson was to me, as well as to any woman, is not indifferent. The wide choice was not: white, cream and black. I chose nonspottable black color.

I cut off a keyboard wire “under the back“. It is not simply not necessary, it is dangerous. It is known that kids first of all try to pull everything in a mouth. The prospect to call the ambulance for withdrawal from a stomach of the grandson the USB socket did not smile to me at all or, it is worse than that, PS/1. Well, and of course, I carefully washed up, dried up the keyboard “degraded“ in toys (“degraded“ - or on the contrary, “granted“?) - also carried a gift home to the daughter.

Passed two months. What results of test?

In - the first, during this time the enthusiastic relation of the grandson to a new toy did not cease. He still loves the keyboard. Knocks on keys all palm. And enthusiastically gukat, hearing as keys click in reply.

The second. The keyboard with the rounded edges was chosen correctly. The first that my grandson made with a new toy - felt it from all directions, then somehow managed to lift a black board and to bite its gums toothless for the present.

The third. I made a good choice - the keyboard was very strong. Still any key did not leave the place.

The fourth. The keyboard was really developing toy, and a toy multipurpose. What only my grandson with it did not get up! And when was tired, began to examine the letters applied on keys with interest. It is interesting what he sees there?

And, at last, the fifth. The grandson matures and already gets accustomed how adults are run with control panels by the TV and a videoplayer. It seems, he understood the important principle of modern life: press a button - a door and will open. I am glad that helped it with it a little.