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What to be guided at the choice of a pillow by?

Every night you go to bed, dreaming of a sound, healthy sleep. You close eyes, begins to shroud a dream, and here you notice that herd of lambs which was not managed to be counted yesterday. There now! Again all as before and it is necessary to consider at first. Perhaps it is all about a pillow?.

Well, then for a long time it is time to go for the new companion of the dream! But! Before making the choice, it is necessary to learn which - what nuances that in a week was not come to run in shop again. There you will be helped, of course, by experts, but also without them it is necessary to know some features.

Now three types of pillows are more popular: orthopedic, with a quilted cover and standard a feather - down. Any of them is good in own way. I will tell a little about everyone.

Advantages of orthopedic pillows that they are more elastic - it is good for people who have problems with a cervical vertebra, for those who are tired at work at the computer, or for those who spend much time driving the car. Keep heat - optimum in a cold season. Antialergenna - it is important for those who have an allergy to down and a feather. Minus, perhaps, only that a filler of such pillows, clear, pure synthetics.

Pillows with a quilted cover are good the fact that upon purchase you can look at a filler, thus, having convinced of its quality. After purchase of such “dumochka“ it can be settled under itself, having cleaned or having added part of a filler. When washing such cover can be removed accurately. It is one more plus as now “the maiden girlfriend“ can remain always freshen.

As for a feather - down pillows, they are more durable and strong. Huge plus also that they are ecologically pure. I will repeat, minus consists in if you have an allergy to down and feathers. It is in that case better to choose a pillow with a synthetic filler.

To choose a qualitative pillow which will become pledge of a healthy sleep it is necessary to pay attention to its height and width. For the adult parameters have to be about 50õ70 centimeters, for the child - about 40õ60.

Stretch a pillow, thus having checked quality of seams. Lines have to be strong, small and be in very short distance to each other.

Now properly stir up a pillow. If the filler low-quality, any part it falls to a bottom, having left at you in hands only empty corners of a cover.

Press through a pillow, and than quicker it will return the initial form, that a high probability of the fact that a bekfiller sound.

Guide a pillow at light and several times strike it. If there are no dust microparticles, so the filler is sincerely selected and washed out. Such pillow can be taken.

As for further care of your “darling“ then everything is simple. It is necessary to beat out it from dust, to air. Not to forget to erase. Synthetic - once a month at delicate washing; - to send natural to a dry-cleaner 2 - 3 times a year.

Now it is possible to sleep peacefully, having forgotten about recalculation of herd of sheep. Enjoy pleasant dreams and stay in good mood!