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Mother`s Day: how the holiday is celebrated?

In most cases the first word which is pronounced by the person in the life - “Mother“. Often - and the last. Mother - always the most loved, dearest one, one and only.

mother creates feeling of safety at the child, gives it heat, love, caress. Not without reason now recommend to a thicket to take children on hands - that the child felt all over heart beat of mother, tenderness of her hands, a quiet cosiness of her love. We can live into the old age, but all the same we remain children for the mothers, and we are loved, loved just like that, just because mother … the Mother`s Day in Russia is celebrated by

last Sunday of November, that is, in current, 2012, it on November 25. In other countries there are dates for the Mother`s Day. For example, in Belarus, Armenia and Georgia this date strict (on October 14, on April 7 and on March 3 respectively), in the USA, Australia, Estonia, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, in Ukraine and in a number of the countries - the second Sunday of May (by an example of the USA which declared this day an official holiday of mother in 1914).

It is day of all mothers (their number includes also pregnant women). However, the Mother`s Day was tried to be politized - for example, in 1872 Julia Ward Houv declared that the Mother`s Day has to be day of unity of mothers in fight for peace around the world. But somehow it did not get accustomed. The Mother`s Day is just the day devoted to mothers, a holiday, similar on March 8 - to the international day of women.

The British encyclopedia reports that the Mother`s Day has ancient roots, coming from an Ancient Greek cult of mother, official mysteries in honor of Cybele - Yards, mothers of gods in Asia Minor and so on. Since the time of mammoths people knew that mother - the most important person in life.

In the ancient time - special ceremonies in Day of honoring of mother, and that now?

And now - practically anything. Unless the USA and Australia have festive tradition - a carnation in a buttonhole. The color carnation means that mother lives and is well, white - memory of the died mother. And here Russians did not get even carnations. In a RuNet blessed silence as if there is no holiday. On “postcard“ portals there are no specialized cards (type as by the Defender of the Fatherland Day, New year, on March 8 and so on).

Social networks, however, do a mark about a holiday. For example, on “Schoolmates“ to Russians on white it is written that on November 25 - the Mother`s Day. But in the same way the mark every day about every holiday, up to the day before yesterday Turkish Easter becomes. And the Mother`s Day is unlike more important. But it is good, that though remind visitors of a portal that there is such holiday, and it is quite good if to bring not flowers then to call and congratulate beloved mother.

Interestingly dating sites react to the Mother`s Day. The Deyting - the websites such as, for example, Flirt. ru and its partners, observe democratic silence - in their opinion the status of mother has no relation to target audience of portals. More serious dating sites do marks (like same “Schoolmates“), reminding visitors of a holiday. The website eDarling even specially by the Mother`s Day made the analysis of questionnaires of the women who are looking for the partner, having compared lonely women without children and lonely mothers (by the way, it turned out that lonely mothers are more critical approach the potential partner, than just lonely women - that is not surprising, is not just about search of the partner, but also about the person who will be able or will not be able to replace to the father`s child).

And generally, quite sadly … Quietly and smoothly. And it would be desirable fireworks. Congratulations. Posters. Special cards. Jokes, at last! Something that at once it was clear - the status of mother is appreciated. But alas … Since women - to the own harm! - began to fight for equality, ancient mysteries in honor of mother can be not expected. And it is a pity.

You to yourself as want, and personally I will draw a greeting card now, I will buy a bouquet of flowers and I will go to congratulate mother. And my son with the bouquet let will wait until I return. Or let catches up. The grandmother - it is very important too!

With the Mother`s Day all of you! Mothers and not mothers - all the same if not mothers, then nobody us would be, regardless of a sex, age and other signs. And let for each mother this day there will be at least one floret, at least one tender word, at least a holiday piece! And let our children love us!