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How to choose a baby carriage?

the Baby carriage - the very first transport in life of the kid. And to it it has to be comfortable in it. A carriage an irreplaceable thing in life not only the child, but also his parents. It is required to them for walks, for a campaign to the doctor and friends. the First impressions about world around the child will receive

, looking out of a carriage. Therefore it has to be convenient for the kid and easy in operation. Not to be mistaken with the choice, let`s get acquainted with options which are available on sale.

the Carriage - a transformer


the Carriage of such plan is very convenient that it can be transformed also to a cradle for the newborn, and in a stroller for children is more senior. You will be able to use such carriage approximately to 3 - x years. Shortcomings of such type of carriages are that they are very heavy. If you live on the fifth floor, then will daily lower and lift such carriage is problematic.

the Carriage - a cradle

Is the most usual carriages which were popular in the USSR. All of us rode in carriages - cradles. Now such cradle costs approximately from 15000 rubles. The shortcoming it that the child absolutely not for long will drive in it and should be bought new. Carriages - a cradle practically always high, you do not need to bend down to get the kid. To young mother who already strongly is tired, to liking such advantage. In such carriages rather often there are side pockets, openings for air penetration. Big wheels allow a carriage to maneuver well on winter snow-covered roads. The special cover will protect the kid from a rain and wind.

the Carriage 2 in 1

is available For such type of carriages the general running gear - both for a cradle, and for a walking seat. It is convenient to transport a carriage, it easily understands, all its parts well are completed in a special box. Such models, as a rule, not really heavy that is suitable for the families living on the 4th floor above. the Sports carriage Such carriage it is easy for

to distinguish

from all others on sports design, it has three wheels and an easy frame. Such carriages cost very much. They have a bad maneuverability, and they will be useful only to sports mummies. Some models are equipped with brakes, as by bicycle that is very convenient for jogs.

the Stroller

Such option is suitable

for children 6 months are more senior. At this age it is not interestingly simple to child to lie in a cradle any more, he wants to learn world around. A cane - one of kinds of strollers. It is irreplaceable on the way, very easy, is simple in use. If necessary it is possible to put and hang up on a shoulder. Ideal option for travel.

Choosing a carriage it is necessary to consider the following factors: In what season the child will be born


Where do you live? For a country house the carriage - a transformer will be ideal option, the carriage - a cradle will be suitable for the city.

On what floor you live. To lift on the 5th floor a heavy carriage - a transformer to the woman not on forces.

Carriage cost. On one child it is possible to buy an inexpensive carriage. If you plan to leave for the second, then it is better to buy model more expensively and more qualitatively.

Choosing a carriage, surely pay attention to presence of the following accessories: a protective cover from bad weather, a bag for carrying of necessary children`s things, a removable forward crossbeam, a soft seat, the removed covers, the carriage has to be pure always. Write all those qualities which you wish to see in a carriage on paper, and go to shop.