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White Chair of Success!

My dear readers, everything, all greetings. A subject, today`s article, I was prompted by one of my beautiful readers, in the comment. Whether tell, please, you wake up in the morning in bad mood? Not each of course day, but probably, happens.

Whether you why it happens reflected? And the main issue - as it is frequent? During the day, of course, your mood improves, and you forget about bad mood in routine of affairs.

Especially as judging by comments on my blog, practically all women are self-sufficient, self-assured persons. We know what is the purposes, we are able to plan and we achieve results.

For us do not sound as a curse, words a time - management, conference, a seminar.
I Think that any of us, you will not refer to the category “the woman-a saucepan“ as - nibud, I will tell you and about about this division and “classification“, it is a little with humour, but very exact.

I will only tell about “saucepans“ a little - it is category of women who
tried to lay on a bottom with the boiling broth the talent, and, they not for
it is obligatory good hostesses, it is rather on the contrary, they do not have time,
eternally to make manicure, to make toilet, pleading employment on
a house field, and infinitely included series take all the time of their life,
the attention to the husband and children appears only in a commercial break.
(The women who are knowing how to cook and loving it put, do not belong by the way to this category.)

I wrote it, on a case of loud objection, from category of housewives. Therefore also
made a reservation that, most likely, such among us is not present, they are not interested in
in the Internet. They have no time - the next Luis Alberto was the illegitimate uncle Jose

Such big introduction turned out, but... Dear readers of my blog, I about that,
as we treat ourselves - favourite and unique.

Whether tell, please, long ago you praised yourself? No, someone praised not you for mind, beauty, a make-up, the correct planning and statement of the purpose. When you praised last time yourself? When you approached a mirror, and looking at yourself, spoke - I am a clear head - the beauty, I made this and this today, and I deserved an award.

And, the award can be, it is not obligatory in a money equivalent, it can be a chocolate segment, a cup of the most tasty cappuccino, a new jar of cream, a new
blouse, shoes, well and other, up to electronic “devices“ and cars.

Nukonechno, a car we cannot give ourselves darling every day, but the segment of chocolate or a cup of fragrant tea and remarkable meditation, quite will be suitable for a gift to yourself of darling.

On one of trainings, known business - the trainer, I sat, listened and at the same time swung the head not to agree with his methods.

“You love yourself,“ - he said. - “You praise yourself for each trifle. Do not abuse yourself for the fact that you are not ideal and did not manage to make today that that. That you are not able to plan, and are not able to build quickly structures, run to climb a career ladder, well and a lot of things are not able, just praise yourself for what you made today“.

Probably mine of snorting and a hmykanye brought to the neigbour in “school desk“ some
inconvenience. It set to me, in a break, a question:
- Olga? And you never praise yourself?
what I answered;
- Yes has nothing, to praise that. Too I do everything, not so.

Council of my neigbour shook me more, than all training.

- You know, - she told, - and I praise myself literally for everything. I am very diffident person, and since the childhood all abused me and as soon as I began to praise myself, for each made trifle, and opinion of people around izmenilos, me also strangers people began to praise. I began to gain recognition, washing life became much better, it began to be filled with paints.

- How you do it? - I asked.

Her answer made laugh me.

- I, in the evening when there is one, write down for what has to praise herself, in
a book.

Well diaries of success for many of us not a secret - we keep.

But here the second part of council

- sounded After wrote down everything, I get on a stool, I iron myself on a plechik and I say - what you, Ninochka, the clear head. As you well made today everything, you made, and... I list the achievements aloud. After that already I go to sleep.

- It instead of an evening prayer? - I hemmed.

Having come in the evening home, tired, I listened from the family that only, “freezed“ on all head, can sit at seminars for 10 hours when the house it is full of affairs and a hundred part
of not hilled potato, were already exhausted me to wait.

But, I was very happy with training and Ninochki`s council.

Went to the room, got a beautiful notebook and wrote “The diary of my
success“. It was the first notebook.

Having written down everything for what I wanted to praise myself, previously it was convinced that
nobody sees me, got on a stool - and yes, yes, it is correct, stroked herself on
to the left plechik and said:- the clear head, Olechka, all at you to turn out.
an evening prayer is Then sacred, and went to sleep.

Since then, it became almost ritual, well of course, on a stool to be closer to the Universe, so I understand
, not every time got, but on a plechik ironed myself and praised
every day.

For especially successful days gave itself gifts as
already wrote, a chocolate segment, a new disk with record of my favourite singer, and

Over time, I began to provide this training of self-motivation, in structure - the truth,
having introduced in it amendments. Put a chair in the middle of the room - caused any
from the hall and spoke: - You have to praise yourself now, for everything that you consider it necessary
. But it has to be not less than 10 points.

Dear readers, you cannot imagine how difficult it is given to the person it is
small back - to praise itself. Who reddened, who turned pale, who -
began to stammer, who - confusedly said - yes I that? About me and Katya or Sveta, here they - oho - go nothing to tell
, here.

At the majority, it appears, there is this complex of “dislike“ and “nedokhvalennost“,
perhaps. All of us are afraid to praise ourselves.

The general delight caused then, at the end of training, my exit, with the CLIMBING in this as I called it “the White Chair of Success“ and I, began to list:- I, praise myself here for it, and for it, I praise myself and listed 10 points.

Training, the aunty under 100 (at that time) in kg on a stool came to an end with general fun.... Moreover, as in kindergarten praises itself.

But, my dear readers, through some we lie my consultants approached me and said:
- Ol, thanks, you know, began to seem to me that I and the truth of what - that
will reach.

There were also sceptics, they twisted a finger at a temple:- You, never that - nibud, you will think up, nothing to do to you.

I, told you, one more history from life, and a little unusual
method of self-motivation and love to myself. To apply it or not - your business.

Perhaps, for serious and very serious people, it will not approach, but in each adult, the child is still living, with his desire that praised and stroked on the head. By the way, do not forget to praise more often the children, any age, try to embrace, to press
to itself and to stroke. Despite age, all of us lack it.

Therefore, smile, look in a mirror and tell yourself:........ And I, such
the clear head, I am such beauty, read everything - this article up to the end, I will go,
I will take myself a chocolate. Also I will tell you, in confidence, in the morning you will wake up with excellent

And time, mood excellent and day will be successful, fruitful, all your drawn-up plans is executed, dreams and the purposes will come true and the result will be stunning.

P. S. Let the success is whimsical, it chooses from those who can laugh the first at themselves. (words, from one darlings me, songs).