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How to protect the house from the fire?

Fire - terrible danger to country real estate where it is always full of wooden constructions and constructions. Sometimes one spark in summer heat that giving lit up suffices. What to do not to allow such trouble? have to begin

of the Measure of fire safety at a stage of construction of a country house. It is about the choice of construction materials. Their producers claim that a brick, foam concrete blocks, concrete plates, a stone and the wooden walls processed by fireproof structure do not sustain combustion. Insulating and finishing materials are more dangerous from the point of view of fire emergence. Ideally they have to be umerennovosplamenyaemy or slabogoryuchy.

And what to do with wooden rafters, overlappings, beams, they perfectly burn? Than to protect wooden designs from the fire? For this purpose use fireproof structures with which it is necessary to impregnate wooden surfaces regularly. However you should not count that wood at the same time will not light up. Such impregnation just blocks access of oxygen to wooden designs and complicates their ignition.

How to protect the wooden house from the fire? It is known that one of the most common causes of emergence of the fire is short circuit. Therefore the special attention is required by ways of an arrangement of electric communications. Conducting of electricity in wooden houses is allowed by wires of the APRN, APPR and PRN brands and only an open way. Laying of wires in boxes, electric plinths etc. of

is allowed It is possible to protect the house from the fire by means of electronic means. These are, first of all, various sensors of smoke and spread of fire. They will notify hosts on the arisen danger that will allow to liquidate the ignition center in time.

Today the most popular at dachas and in private houses is the smoke detector . This device is compact, easy-to-work and inexpensive. At smoke indoors he publishes a sound signal. There are two types of such detectors: photo-electric and ionization. The last are capable to catch the smallest particles of a smoke, however are less sensitive to fire. Photo-electric notice even the smoldering spark. Therefore the best option of protection of the house against the fire are the combined devices which call multitouch detectors .

Detectors of a smoke establish in the majority of premises - drawing rooms, bedrooms, nurseries. And how to be with kitchen or an office with a fireplace? For these rooms will be suitable the temperature sensor which does not react to naked flame and smoke, but will give an announcing signal when temperature exceeds +60 here.

The automated system of suppression of fire is capable to protect a country house from the fire in the absence of owners . It turns on various sensors, the disturbing signal from which is transmitted via the processor to fire extinguishing devices, so-called sprinklers and sprinklers. To them on pipes under pressure the foamy structure for elimination of the arisen ignition center moves.

All this is good, you, but such systems will tell not all on a pocket. How to win against the arisen fire by own efforts? Of course, hosts will manage to extinguish strong ignition without the assistance of firefighters hardly. However does not prevent to take preventive measures and to cope with a small flame quite perhaps. For this purpose at the dacha or in a country house in a visible place it is necessary to have several of fire extinguishers . They are available various types: carbon dioxide, powder, water and vozdushno - foamy. Two last fire extinguishers cannot be used at suppression of the electric devices which are energized.

For the country wooden house will have quite enough two fire extinguishers - water and vozdushno - foamy. It is better to keep carbon dioxide in the brick house. Powder fire extinguishers though are universal, however after their application there is a gray weight which is difficult for washing then. Except fire extinguishers useful will have on a site the old means checked by time - a box with sand and a shovel . And it is even better to add to it scrap, a bucket and a hook.

Firefighters consider that it is many times easier to prevent the fire, than to extinguish it. Time showed that they are absolutely right.