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How municipal officials plan to stop up the sewerage to malicious defaulters?

Muscovites pay all for electricity. Try, save up a debt - Mosenergosbyt will quickly disconnect to you light. There are no technical problems with it even in apartment houses. Another matter - zhilishchno - utilities.

In Russia there is no law on eviction of malicious defaulters from their apartments yet as, for example, in Latvia. However it does not mean that it is possible to send the payment orders which came to you to a garbage can. Malicious debtors are threatened with penalties. The debt of residents of the capital for “communal flat“ makes in total already about one billion rubles. Let`s tell how struggle with defaulters of utilities in Moscow.

The capital Department of housing and communal services finds ways long ago to force Muscovites who did not pay for zhilishchno - utilities over three months, to pay off with the debts. For example, at first sight, the easiest way - to disconnect water to debtors. However it is technically impossible to make it in separately taken apartment in the multi-storey building - the general gate works for all strut. And here with the sewerage such opportunity appeared. Engineers - plumbers learned to put to malicious defaulters of utilities opposite to discharge in a strut a special grid - a cap - household drains pass, and solid waste of activity of the person remains.

The device which allows in such unusual way to struggle with defaulters of utilities and to block them a sewerage strut, on a design reminds the medical endoscope. Lower it on a sewer pipe on a cable. Not to be mistaken and put a grid - a trap precisely opposite to the apartment of the defaulter, the device is supplied with the infrared camera transferring the picture to the operator`s monitor. Naturally, residents of the apartment which was included in the “black“ list independently will not be able to remove a cap and begin to suffer “on - big“.

The device is this, allowing to struggle with malicious defaulters zhilishchno - utilities, it was created and patented in Cheboksary. Generally, its main destination - survey of internal state of various pipes, including sewer.

A capital MISINFORMATION and management companies became interested in a novelty. They can be understood. In Moscow the problem of non-payments of utilities is particularly acute very much and it is necessary to fight against it. Whether yes only in one capital? The cities across Russia, big and small, tens of thousands. In the Northern district of Moscow malicious defaulters of utilities were already warned that if they do not begin to close the debts, then it will block the sewerage.

At the same time in this difficult question there are features. The matter is that there is a government resolution No. 354 according to which management companies have the right to limit to debtors providing the services. For example, to disconnect electricity or hot water. It concerns to those who do not pay for zhilishchno - utilities more than three months. At the same time management company or the MISINFORMATION are obliged to notify the defaulter in writing in 30 days prior to acceptance of this drastic measure.

Everything is seemingly correct. However there is one more condition. Shutdown of this or that service should not make the apartment unsuitable for accommodation. And if housing and communal services decide on such severe measures for fight against defaulters, then those have the right to complain in Moszhilinspektion.

Just in case we tell those who are not able to pay in full on unreasonably high utility tariffs. Not to be included in the “black“ list of malicious defaulters, you pay for utilities every month at least gradually.