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Old age of the person. What she is?

Whatever one may do the globe, and our country is unique in many respects. If in Europe, say, the small states are in many respects similar with each other and, moving borders, there not at once realize where you appeared, if the person drives to Russia, at once understands that here Russia.

U us and many universal problems have the specifics. Let`s take demographic aspect, namely, process of aging of the population.

Now worldwide the tendency of significant increase in number of elderly people is observed. Young people bring children reluctantly, even in the developed countries. And here average life expectancy in Europe and America everything increases and increases. Russia goes the way, and it must be said, not to the best also here. At us the concept of an old age in respect of the number of years is shifted in comparison with the developed countries considerably.

For example, at the end of 90 - x years the man on average lived in Europe 71 year, and the woman - 79 years. In Russia figures were strikingly below: men - 58 years, women - 72. Therefore in Russia the concept of an old age for men is represented abstract as the majority them them is hardly held out to 60 - ti years. However, in recent years, in connection with some improvement of quality of life of the active population, life expectancy of men at us grew up.

So far in lives of an individual we will take for a starting point of the beginning of a stage of an old age, as well as thousands years ago (about it a bit later), age of 60 years. But shortly this figure will increase as quality of medical care improves, people now even more often think already at young age of the health in advanced years and to drink - it is not fashionable to smoke completely. Therefore in the next years twenty can be expected official recognition of the person old beginning not with 60, and from 65 years. Average life expectancy grows worldwide, and old age borders are removed further and further.

Modern researchers of an old age note that it is many-sided now, and allocate four types of an old age:

1. An old age according to the passport

In other words, this purely mathematical, numerical concept. Open the main document and look at date of birth. If to the person knocked 60 - all. It is considered going at the beginning of an old age stage. That is the official age forms just and an old age official. The person in 60 can feel very not bad, let and with problems through health. He lives vigorously and in any way does not feel as the old man. But officially he is already an old man. It is also the first type of an old age. Age according to the passport.

2. The old age psychological

Is thinner matter. Here the major marker is just the feeling of the person. As far as it kept quick-wittedness. Whether he feels as the decrepit old man among age-mates, or on the contrary a vigorous and active saiga, so to speak. Many of us remember how, happened, will talk to the person, even to young people, and he or she so grumble that wants to be told: “Well you as the old grandma all mutter and mutter?“ Such people ache, complain of life, of the authorities, of bad weather. Though the complainant absolutely still not old person, him already see old.

And happens that the person is old according to the passport, but energy at it enviable, he participates in various actions, gives lectures at school, masters the computer etc. Even speaks if not ardently, but - with a sparkle, with hospitality. And at anybody language does not turn to call such person the old man though according to the passport it it also is in the opinion of official instances.

There are a lot more centuries Chinese back (and still earlier and Pythagoras), tried to divide a course of life of the person into stages. It was in the ancient time considered to be a starting point of the period “old age“ a mark in 60 years. Further there were stages of an early old age, then average and antiquities. But on this gradation the Russian men now do not even manage to reach age of the beginning of an old age on the standard practice. At us, of course, the situation is better, than in Mali and Zambia where the man at all on average lives 43 - 44 years, but it would be desirable to aspire on a life expectancy indicator to Europe, than to the poorest countries of Africa.

3. The old age corporal

owing to aging of bodies and systems will hardly be at least one elderly person who did not have these or those pains and indispositions. Magnificent Faina Ranevskaya once noticed that “Health is when every time hurts in other place“. Look in turn in policlinic what improbable thickness medical records at grandmothers and grandfathers! Grandfathers, however, time in three, and even five sits less in lines to doctors, but it is connected with much lower life expectancy of men in the countries of the former USSR.

of the Medical card of elderly are full of diagnoses. Someone has more, someone has less. The condition of internals and systems of an organism in general also defines an old age corporal. It can be treated a little bit, but nothing can be changed here cardinally, unlike an old age psychological.

4. The old age social

is about broad understanding of an old age Here. It joins not only above-mentioned types of an old age - according to the passport, psychological and corporal. The old age social correlates with the level of a ratio of the young and elderly population in general. For example, in Egypt where in rural areas norm to have 5 - 6, and even 9 - 10 children, the huge number of active youth grows every year. It is young society, let and poor. And here in the European Lithuania give birth a little, and the population grows old more and more. The general background - old. That youth that is, is forced to look for work outside the country. There are more and more old men. Here other picture of a social old age.

In old age social there is also a national context. Some people grow old promptly, and others live till hundred years in simple conditions of mountains, for example. And at the same time and in 90 are capable of a lot of things, and old men in full sense them to call difficult.

The old age social is defined by also social behavior of the person. Whether it continues active communication not only with the peers, but also with young people. The individual as the creator is active or passive. Whether tries to continue to be engaged in creativity whether deepens knowledge in professional area, or just as vegetable was closed in the apartment or the house and waits for the end...