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How it is correct to conduct business correspondence?

Work with people in the large companies means continuous interaction with departments, with head office, with the direct management, with colleagues, with business partners and clients. Now this communication often happens to the help of e-mail, and in particular - business letters. For this reason it is important to be able to write

such business letters correctly.

There are several simple rules. We read, we remember, we apply!

1. Refuse flood! In business correspondence it is inadmissible to put many exclamation and question marks, smilies etc. Like “And LONG to us STILL to WAIT for the message??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((((((“ it will not be taken seriously by any expert who will read him. Also be not surprised if the answer comes to such letter: “The boy, call the senior“. Do not forget, you write the business letter, but do not share impressions about days off with the girlfriend.

2. In my opinion, it is necessary to begin to fine for spelling errors. If you write the business letter, write it competently! Punctuation marks have to be placed correctly, words are written without mistakes, intonation is transferred truly. If you are not able to write competently, study! For now you study, do not undertake business correspondence.

3. Many just forget what is very important part of the business letter: about a greeting! Not important, what subject of your letter, always you remember that it is necessary to greet the potential interlocutor yours faithfully. Lack of a greeting - a bad form! You should not allow it even during the work in the market or in a stall.

4. Inadmissibly to forget about elementary politeness. No matter, how strongly and how far you want to ask to proceed your interlocutor, it is necessary to make it most correctly (“It is necessary to send competently“). And if it is serious - the person, the employee of the company who is not guilty at all of a situation which you to it describe can read your letter and to be rude to it not simply unreasonably, you have no right to it.

5. If you write the letter, so for this purpose there is a reason. The text of the letter has to transfer distinctly to the interlocutor your problem (a wish, the requirement) and to end with the phrase it seems:

“I hope for your help in the matter“.
“I expect to receive from you the answer in the shortest possible time“.
“I ask you to take constructive measures for elimination of this problem“.

It is simple to write the letter to splash out emotions on the interlocutor, inadmissibly! Beginning to write the letter, always wonder: “Why I do it?“ The letter with the text “Vasya got paid more, than I! It is shocking!“ it will be banal it is ignored by the interlocutor. (As it is ridiculous, letters of similar contents are written quite often.)

6. End of the letter is important not less, than its beginning. Do not forget to wish to your interlocutor successful day, all kind, good mood or it is at least polite to say goodbye. It - though on a droplet - will lighten it mood and will make about you favorable impression. Eventually wonder with whom you want to continue to communicate - with hysteric women who hate all and everything, or with adequate partners?

7. And the last. Your letter has to be under construction as follows: a greeting - an essence of a question, a situation - your requirement, a wish - end of the letter (farewell to the interlocutor). Never forget that you independently create to yourself reputation in the company, so even if letters which you write help you with it.

I hope, these rules will help to avoid mistakes when writing letters. Progress to you!