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Warming of the house polyurethane foam. Warming of the wooden house, bar-shaped house, Technology of warming by polyurethane foam

Warming of the house polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam. Many call Polyurethane foam. Thanks to inexhaustible qualitative characteristics polyurethane foam gives the chance to warm each element of the house seamless foam: a socle, the base, internal, external and interroom walls, a penthouse, garret overlappings, a floor, fell, a ceiling and even a flat and cattle roof of the building with outside and from within. Besides, polyurethane foam is also allocated with the soundproofing qualities. Polyurethane foam (foam) is used for warming by a dusting (foam) of the wooden house, bar-shaped house, gas-silicate house, panel house, panel board house, frame house, brick structures and buildings from concrete blocks and plates.

Degree of expressiveness of the heat-insulating qualities of polyurethane foam can be regulated at the expense of density of material, change of a percentage ratio of gas fraction (cell). Besides, when putting heat-insulating foam the layer from 2 cm thick provides a barrier from moisture. Napylyaemy Polyurethane foam thermal insulation for the house serves not only a heater which replaces traditional heat insulators, but also promotes to solve many other problems, such as heat insulation, vapor barrier, a waterproofing, a noise isolation, increase many times of constructive durability, elimination of bridges of cold.

Warming of the house outside polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane foam thermal insulation 5 - 7 cm thick corresponds to R. F. Construction Norms and Regulations for the protecting wall monolithic designs, 10 - 12 cm correspond to R. F. Construction Norms and Regulations for the protecting roofing designs. Napylyaemy isolation perfectly is suitable for various monolithic designs, beams, racks, logs, whether it be metal or a tree. Technologies of warming to a pp are brought by uniform distribution of warm air on floors - it is not all list of that comfort which the seamless technology provides with napylyaemy polyurethane foam (pp)

the Heater for walls under brick I put. Warming of the house from gazoselikatny blocks. Thermal insulation of houses from foam concrete blocks.

Warming by a dusting Polyurethane foam foam does not demand any additional calculations of load of the base, walls, a roof, a socle etc. Polyurethane foam - is not present insulating material than better polyurethane foam (ppa) which will strengthen your house on all service life, protecting from penetration of cold air, dampness and moisture. By means of polyurethane foam it is possible to save on expensive utilities, and it to protect health of your family from harmful microorganisms, bacteria and a mold.

Polyurethane foam (ppa) - a heater number of one our century. Polyurethane foam (the made foam polyurethane) universal heat - Paro - and the waterproofing monolithic material, it provides a fast seamless dusting on any surfaces of any complexity, a form, perfectly filling all roughnesses joints, gaps and emptiness. Polyurethane foam - absolutely environmentally friendly material, is steady against microorganisms, rotting, bacteria, has the most unique coefficient of heat conductivity (0,022 - 0,028 W / mk) among all innovative materials owing to what is the best heat-insulating material of our century.