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Whom did we lose this fall? “Black Lukic“ Vadim Kuzmin`s memories of

“Crushed snowfalls fall, were trampled by ice heels on it. Without having asked any question, took away to the country gray-haired the closest people...“ . It would seem not so long ago the author of these lines remembered the colleague on the Siberian fate - Egor Letov. And here, also unexpectedly, it is necessary to remember him this fall.

On November 19, in 5 days after the last concert, on the 49th year of life from a thrombembolia the singer and the composer Vadim Kuzmin better known in the people as “Black Lukic“ suddenly died.

Lukic never possessed a commercial vein or penetrative strength of the same Letov - he is still known and loved in quite narrow circles. And I heard Lukic`s songs rather late - somewhere in a year 2003 - m when I came across on the Internet an album “Girl and Lynx“. By then little from the Russian rock caused in me burning curiosity. And, that something touched up to the heart depth...

I, of course, heard a name of Black Lukic and earlier - knew that it is the representative of a cohort of the Siberian underground which is originally sponsored by tireless Egor Letov. Letov in 1987 - 88 wrote down the first albums of Vadim Kuzmin - at first in the form of the project of the BACK of the COP (a mockery over canned food “Backs of the Pollock“), and then under familiar brand BLACK LUKIC. Lukichom the Siberian rockers at that time called Lenin, and Kuzmin`s pseudonym was born from a line of his song “We from Kronstadt“: “A leg for a leg Black Lukic...“ (to the author Lenin dressed in a black leather jacket and black boots with tops dreamed).

Kuzmin is sure that, do not treat then Letov his songs with attention and unexpected gravity, hardly he would choose career fate - the musician. Besides, exactly the covers made CIVIL DEFENCE on Lukic`s song - “We go in silence“ and “In Lenin mountains“ - long time were certain “business card“ of Vadim for those who did not know about it. Therefore, despite separate ideological divergences with Letov, Kuzmin always remembered the companion with heat and gratitude.

But so it developed that I automatically carried Lukic to next “clones“ of CIVIL DEFENCE, and did not wish to listen to the next anti-Soviet shouts under the buzzing guitar. Until, yet did not hear “The girl and the Lynx“. This album of 1996 made just magic impression...

From columns the stream of kindness, heat and light grief - in a word, humanity just fell upon me. This humanity did not mask under smart phrases and jeering. She was not ashamed of herself and was so artlessly open that looked epatazhny any punk presently. Once the glowworm was lit, the surrounding darkness appeared in all the nasty thing.

“Ridiculous heart is only capable to love,
Ridiculous heart... in a window the dawn will look. with
Ridiculous heart, it is so simple to kill him.
Ridiculous heart... more ridiculously day by day...“

By then Kuzmin who already beheld that bears “the marvelous new world“, bitterly regretted for the foolish anti-Soviet songs and understood how many good and human the abused Soviet power protected.

Black Lukic:
“... we had a great country with which all reckoned. And for only a few years on my eyes this country was forced to the knees what it does not deserve at all.... It is visible that now absolutely anti-human mode. The most important, I consider that the person - God`s generation, the being initially spiritual, and in that mode against which we, maybe, by nonsense or by the naivety fought let sometimes false, sometimes ineptly to us was imposed by cultural wealth. Feats of fathers forced to honor us, forced us, let is formal, to believe that the person to the person the brother“.

Having realized it, Lukic found the way - it opposed to the spiritless world not an abusive accusatory roar, but kind light songs turned to the best in the person and helping it to survive where “it is a shame to be good“. Not without reason Kuzmin`s friend - Roman Neumoyev - told him once: “What you are Black Lukic? You are White Petrovich“.

Black Lukic:
“The global purpose is. I see and I feel many years, it is how heavy to live in our society to the good person. Often it is lonely. Any person needs to feel a shoulder nearby, and, probably, all my songs to support good people“.

“... Not a century to grieve all, not a century a bowl to drink all,
Will be time to meet, time to love, will be
For now to wait for now to suffer - Wait a moment
to die...“

Later Lukic will experiment with a sound, to write down richly arranged albums, but the most ideal for me and will remain “The girl and the Lynx“, written down under dramas - the car on acoustic guitars with good guitar matches of Evgeny Kargopolov.

Analytically it is extremely difficult to prepare Lukic`s songs - at first sight, there is neither special musical delicacy, nor a poetic ligature - texts are written in very simple language. And a voice at Vadim - not so hot... But as fine and pleasantly he sings as he skillfully informs of the message the listener`s heart. In this harmony, in this correct alloy of all components Lukic`s magic also consists.

He could sing the most beautiful song with words - “Let`s hear

as the rain goes, Give to
dream of the beautiful country, Let`s see
as the girl waits,
of the Kind prince on a faithful horse...“

- and they did not sound is sweet, neither went, nor is banal. On the contrary - they sounded as the stoical anthem to the light childhood.
Ya listened “To the girl and the Lynx, as captivated, and on the song “Reach“ even found out that tears come into eyes.

“There will be dark a night after long fights.
the Battleship will burn down and under water goes.
Will float by the seas on boundless waves
of the Peakless cap to far native coast.

The lonely sailor did not manage to drown.
Continues to float it to the region where there are a lot of birches.
All fell asleep in kilometers of depths long ago.
of Anybody. Anything. It remained one.

Who told that it is impossible to cross the ocean?
Is a sad joke, it is cunning deception.
Ya I will manage to reach under shine of stars.
Ya I want to uvidat edge where there are a lot of birches“.
Me it seemed to

that I have to write these songs. It seemed to me that they just have to be madly popular.

But with popularity at Lukic it did not develop, even when at the end of 1990 - x he seemed on the verge of break. In that is that and the paradox of his creativity consists: he wrote bright, beautiful, rather simple - potentially “hit“ songs - and show - business tore away them as an alien subject. Maybe they really were alien?

However, Lukic was not weighed upon the low-popularity, occasionally by means of friends let out disks, acted with solo acoustic concerts, in parallel worked and always thanked God for the fact that there are enough people who need his songs.

Acoustic concerts of Lukic are something revived too from old times when performance reminded a friendly posidelka with songs, jokes and talk for life.
However at solo performances the charm, and at studio recordings - the. In total - the last realize the musical potential and beauty of songs much more stoutly. Black Lukic from 1996 to 2011 has some studio recordings - therefore it is worth beginning with “The girl and the Lynx“, and then to listen to them all (from kontsertnik I recommend “Lark“).

Generally, thanks to you, Lukic, for your songs. Earth to you down. Your glowworm went out, but lit sparks in other hearts. I will incur your spark further.

“It is possible to run on a master`s table
Or to sverchat all life behind a warm oven;
Can just measure water on a pond,
Or in May to fall from a branch on a porch.

And invisible by the light of,
Unclear in the dark, the Glowworm quietly shines with
In impenetrable silence...“

P. S.: Persons interested to listen to songs, welcome to the first comment.