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What is the lonely woman dangerous by?

the Lonely woman - who is she? What is it so dangerous by that many, hearing this phrase, are horrified? Especially those who were already familiar with it...

This phrase does not cause pity at all, it causes fear. Fear for the man, for the happiness. The lonely woman is ready for a lot of things. And it is good if it does not overstep the legal limits. But now such meet more and more seldom.

Who is she?

the Lonely woman not always means

the thrown or divorced woman. The last often lead usual life, go to work, go out with the friends in park, sometimes go to the cinema. And if such woman also has a child, then she almost does not represent harm to married couples. Here, of course, too there are exceptions. But such women live for the children. They work by the sweat of the brow, providing to the offsprings the happy present and the future, and on foreign husbands of time does not remain. To it somewhat quicker dinner to make, stroke also in a bed.

The lonely woman about whom there is a speech - is young, beautiful and slender. It works, is quite frequent - at favourite work. Goes to a sunbed and fitness - club. It has always an ideal hairdress and a make-up. Sometimes she reads books to be interesting to the interlocutor. But he is interested absolutely another. Such women “come off“ every Friday in night clubs, since morning go to shopping center, and later have supper in the land - bars.

by What is dangerous?

the Lonely woman is artful by

. It is capable of a lot of things for the sake of the happiness. Whether but for the sake of happiness? It is unlikely it is possible to call such life happiness. Most likely, on such life it is pushed by the uncertainty in itself which is carried by through short life, internal emptiness and a simple carnal inclination. And what to it to lose? Conscience? Whether she knows what is it?

Most often the lonely woman attempts upon foreign husband or the young man. She spends with it unforgettable nights, leaving it sweet memoirs. Such here unforgettable nights often are rescue for the tired hard worker whom houses nobody appreciates. The lonely woman will not grumble, unlike the wife. She is not tired and she is not hurt by the head. It does not need to make a dinner on all family and to iron to the husband laces. And at it is not present in a stock of 15 extra kilos.

And here it, tired, going from work, thinks where to it to go. Home? There is an angry wife, children make a din, and there do not wait for it at all. And if houses the baby who constantly shouts, and the wife with blue circles under eyes, then to him even to look home sometimes a reluctance. To it to have a rest from all this. Therefore it is also necessary in increasing frequency “to be late after work“.

How to neutralize?

to Glance

in itself! To ask itself the following questions: “What not so?“, “In what my fault? “ If your man constantly is late after work, sits up at friends and all free time plays computer games, so something in your relations not so. Think what is not enough for your man. Or ask it about it personally. The main thing, be quiet. Scandals will not help here, they will only aggravate situation. Reproaches and scenes of jealousy also of anything. Make so that he wanted to be with you. Hurried home from work and did not even think of the relations on the party.

Find for yourself a little time. The new hairdress and a make-up will force your man to look at you in a new way. Find the general subjects for conversation, be engaged in what is interesting to you to two, and you will become much closer to each other.