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The BASE of DEMOCRACY stands on the FULL-FLEDGED Electoral System of

Ya I see close death of those people where the LAW has no just force and is under SOMEONE`S power. Platon
In hundred years society of Russia in CORNET changed the essence and outlook twice. And every time is action for all people did not bring reasonable results. Why “no“ and that is that reason is total influencing MIND of people so that cardinally changes their essence of mentality: science, religion, culture, beauty, love, word …???
From history of the relations of the quartermaster Fouquet and the king Louis XIV. Somehow the king glanced in the magnificent lock of Fouquet and saw the motto over an entrance: “There are no such heights which I did not reach“, and behind it the magnificent lock and fine park. Toadies envious persons from suite of the king began to whisper to him about unfair acquired wealth and to gossip that Fouquet raises at the power of the king. Louis XIV stayed for a while with Fouquet, and then gave the order him to arrest. And further everything occurred approximately as in the history about mister Putin and mister Khodorkovsky. Natalia Gevorkyan.
Having plunged into practical policy, I with some, perhaps naive, surprise was convinced that morals not the place is valid here that here not in honor even elementary decency, and treachery and lie - only ordinary standards of behavior. In policy lie constantly, lie in an occasion and without, lie because “so it is necessary“, and the person in an imperious pyramid is higher, the more deeply sucks in his this whirlpool of lie. Watching on television so-called “elective“ process, I cannot but note a vicious circle of lie - “lie in a square“ and even “cubed“ …. Deputies of the State Duma with a clever look listen to speeches of heads of the country about a condition of corruption. At the same time they perfectly know that corruption got extensively our life and that from words even of the most “responsible“ persons nothing will change until there is a CHANGE of the MODE …. The speaker from a tribune of the State Duma too perfectly understands about corruption, and still he understands that deputies do not trust it, but just do “clever face“. The TV viewer watching the next round of lies cannot take out all this any more and …. But the most awful, as the speaker from a tribune “the fighter against corruption“, both deputies of the State Duma, and all government in general and separately know perfectly that the TV viewer does not trust them and that the people do not want to watch all this. And in efficiency of such “fight“ against corruption nobody trusts, but all calm themselves the fact that LIES is an integral part of policy and in a different way does not happen. But there is ONE SUPERVISION - even from a window of a prison cell it is VISIBLE: honest, conscientious people who want changes to become MORE AND MORE every year, MONTH, in the AFTERNOON. The question of CHANGES is a matter of time … Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The book “Prison and Will“
Here what SPECIFICALLY changes and, the most important, WHAT WAY to do these changes? By force to replace in power Vova with the Petya? The power taken REVENGING, will begin “to wet“ those who were in power. We already passed this silly lesson. What both politicians, and oligarchs, and laymen … &ndash have to understand; if All of us want REASONABLE CHANGES.
we Will penetrate into the Constitution. Article 10 “The government in the Russian Federation is carried out on the basis of DIVISION on legislative, executive and judicial. Bodies of legislative, executive and judicial authority are INDEPENDENT“. How these authorities are formed? About it Article 3 of the item says. 1 “The carrier of sovereignty and the ONLY SOURCE of the POWER in the Russian Federation are its multinational PEOPLE“, and item 3 “The highest direct EXPRESSION of the POWER of the PEOPLE are the referendum and free ELECTIONS“. The people choose the legislative and executive authorities today. And judicial? No! But this violation of the Constitution also has to be pursued under the law. And who is obliged to initiate these proceedings? Judicial authority!!! And it has to be clear to all: who employs and pays, to that mercenaries also serve! So WHO in our country, VIOLATING the Constitution, EMPLOYS LAWYERS in judicial authority, having appointed by it fabulous rates? The Federal law of January 10, 1996 N 6 - Federal Law “About Additional Guarantees of Social Protection of Judges and Workers of Offices of Courts of the Russian Federation“ is ELOQUENT about it. Why INITIATION of sharp increase of compensation of judges, was made from executive and legislative authorities, having made JUDICIAL authority of Russia NOT LEGITIMATE. And it is possible to tell that the Electoral commission possesses legitimacy? Of course, no! This body besides DID NOT GET OUT the people. But who employs members of Electoral commission to that they with all the addiction and serve! It is clear, that who employs persons in authorities, to that they diligent serve if as party bosses, then to clan and if the people, then to the PEOPLE.
Self-government of the People in Constituencies of the country = the POWER to the ENTRUSTED LEADERS of the PEOPLE!
ALL OF US live in the State system of PRIMARY POWER - Constituencies: District Residence.
1. Electoral service OMZh. Organization of referenda, ALL elections, counting of votes and publication of the real fact of elections to mass media. The response not justified trust, and receives their place taken the second place on elections.
2. Executive service OMZh. Managing director of OMZh and Power of Council of Leaders of the District: full management of OMZh in all spheres kommunalno - economic affairs. Absolute control of work of all services of Administration of the City hall.
3. Legal service of OMZh. The professional choice of lawyers in the Constitutional Court with the lifelong status and in judicial authorities of the country. Laws have to be the social, motivated by practice LIVES of the PEOPLE and strategic demanded by the Government. The PEOPLE should create the Legal Power in Constituencies for the STATEMENT of the RIGHTS. These are consultations of inhabitants of OMZh, drawing up applications, complaints and control of their execution. The business service of the lawyer of OMZh is that it is shown by FEEDBACK force. Here all offenses will begin to be flown down, and they need to be solved by improvement of Executive power and Laws. The offers collected in these services, statements, complaints, AGAINST all Districts of the country will open a picture of many discrepancies of the legislation. Here they should be corrected urgently to remove stress of disagreements in the people. In this service applications of explanatory notes for the missing important bills leading to perfection of a law and order in the District, the City, the Area, the Province and all Country are made out then if to arrange such services in system of the power. In OMZh it is possible to organize easily an anti-advertizing of harmful and dangerous production.
4. Health service of OMZh. The choice of chief physicians of policlinics, hospitals … and all management in health systems of the People. Explanations on a wide range of medical questions: consultations, the help of the psychologist, the direction on treatment, providing with the monetary certificate … RIGHT of CONTROL of medical process of the People.
5. Law-enforcement service OMZh. Choice of chiefs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of police of local level and all structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and their careful control. Continuous protection of OMZh. Responsibility for a law and order and territory of OMZh: entrances, sidewalks, squares … The organization of the ADMISSION of the construction enterprises to it is repair - to construction works in OMZh, supervision of safety of inhabitants around dangerous works. Reception of the place after completion of works.
6. Service of national education. Choice of directors of schools, Rectors of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS … and control of an education system.
7. OMZh information service. Choice of all heads of the state mass media. To exclude commercialization of STATE MASS MEDIA having aimed them at advantage of society. FREE work of the correspondent from any influence of commerce.
I are not necessary ANY parties, labor unions, patrons, Management Companies and other … “for no reason at all“ here.
ALL problems of the PEOPLE will begin to be solved on the place of residence and with high effect of office-work. It is the BASE of DEMOCRACY, but on it it is necessary to build still the BEAUTIFUL building of ru/archive/0/n - 51982 /