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Life as waiting room. To leave or remain?

Resettlement of people from one region in another small or big groups including on long distances, occurred at various times, occur and now...

of the Reasons for that is much - wars, cataclysms, political instability, a climatic factor, economic prerequisites and just desire to live in other city, other country because here it terrible or boring and uninteresting.

Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, the countries of Africa and Latin America, the list it is possible to continue.

Russia - too not an exception. Migration flows within the country and beyond its limits are so big that the power hardly operates immigrants. One cities are crowded to a limit and are forced to solve problems of movement, search of housing and work for the inhabitants.

Other cities stop being attractive to life as if in them everything stood many years ago and does not move anywhere. Transit point for a jump. To be born, be learned and leave. Somewhere there - other, real life has to begin. And here in exchange nobody hurries to come.

According to experts, 60% of such cities similar to ghosts, approximately in 20 years will disappear from a map. Not more attractive the picture and with villages, their population for the last decade was reduced three times.

Statistically, every second Russian thinks of finding work in other country. Is from what to run. The abroad well pays, there stability has more, about and here trouble, Russian education, other standards of training is not appreciated there. But also it is not a problem. To learn language, to pass a nostirifikation of documents on education and to fit softly into mentality... Where ours - that did not vanish? Though on the desert island, but far away from this ruin, rudeness, uncertainty.

Who then will fill up a demographic hole if the situation in the next years does not change for the better?

Strangely enough, there are persons interested to move to the Russian Federation is those people whom the country deleted from ““ long ago. I speak about the Russian-speaking population living on open spaces of the former federal republics. There already nobody holds them, and here nobody waits. And all - is one thousand reasons to decide on moving. Only here are not really glad to them and are not ready to accept.

The legislation the legal base provides, of course, an order of arrival, paperwork, responsibility for violation of migratory rules - everything, except guarantees of support and assistance. Any law is not capable to settle ideology, to lodge in soul tolerance and understanding.

It is difficult to depict words a long and thorny road of adaptation of the foreigner in Russia. For many it drags on, pours out in decades of expectation of the treasured status of the citizen. Someone is quickly dissolved, and someone for years gets used and cannot adapt in any way because life is lived there, all basic and the main thing was there... It is possible to transfer to other reality of, the children and parents, property, but it is impossible to translate a piece of the life. This excess link in a new chain, and is difficult to get rid of sense of guilt in the years lived somewhere.

“Strangers“ among the. Unless they are guilty of something?

How to make so that these people became full-fledged part of our society? A lot of things depend on us here. If to be a little kinder and wiser - can, and there will be no so much aggression in society.

The homeland is such place where do not leave. There come back. And before condemning people, answer for yourself the unique question: “You could leave forever?“