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How to make modern “drink of gods“?

In rainforests on both sides of the equator grow chocolate trees with brilliant leaves, yellowish flowers and is reddish - orange fruits. From seeds of these fruits which mistakenly call beans more than three thousand years ago the ancient civilization of omelk cooked “food of the gods“ - fragrant drink of cocoa. This drink is obliged to them also by the name.

Ah, this wonderful chocolate! At the mention of one word before eyes the image of candies or the dark chocolate tile divided into square segments emerges. The word “chocolate“ was born in times of Aztecs in the territory of Mexico and together with brave travelers and pioneers got to use of Europeans, together with cocoa - beans.

Time went, the recipe of fragrant drink of Aztecs was improved, and in 1657 in London the first Chocolate House opened. From the beginning of industrial revolution and the opening plants and factories on a commodity market there were new products - chocolates, sticks and the chocolate tile invented by Swiss Francois Louie to Kaya.

Presently with history of chocolate it is possible to examine and try visually this refined sweet delicacy in one of the museums of chocolate worldwide.

If you want to indulge yourself with pleasant chocolate drink right now, I offer you the excellent recipe. You will be able to please with this delightful chocolate milk not only yourself, but also to flash the culinary abilities before relatives and friends!

For preparation of drink it will be required :

- 3 glasses of milk;
- 4 tablespoons of cocoa;
- cream;
- 4 tablespoons of sugar;
- grated chocolate.

Preparation . Stir 4 tablespoons of cocoa with 1 glass of milk. Pour out the received chocolate mix in the container with hot milk. Carefully stir everything. Add sugar and cream. To a table to give chilled, having strewed from above with grated chocolate.

Researches showed that chocolate very useful product for health of the person.

The flavonoids which are contained mainly in dark grades of chocolate help with fight against aging since are excellent natural antioxidants.

Chocolate perfectly influences skin, refreshing it, doing more smooth and tightened. For this reason the cosmetics and masks from chocolate are very popular with many women.

Scientists from Great Britain conducted a number of researches and established that dark chocolate interferes with formation of blood clots on walls of vessels from - for presence in is mute magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamins of group B. All these minerals reduce load of heart and strengthen nervous system.

Chocolate - excellent catarrhal diseases medicine! As it was already told above, in its structure there is a magnesium not only which is perfectly influencing nervous system and vessels, but also improving memory and operability of immune system. Cough and a sore throat will cease if slowly to rassosat a half of a tile of bitter chocolate.

If you lowered mood, then aroma of chocolate fast will lift it, according to specialists in an aromatherapy. Cocoa - oil in combination with sugar lifts a vitality due to development in an organism of serotonin and endorphins. Feniletilamin stimulates activity of nervous cages, thereby doing chocolate by fine antidepressant!

The calcium and phosphorus which are contained in chocolate strengthen teeth. Despite it, do not forget them to clean regularly as stomatologists advise.

There is a lot of grades of chocolate, only bitter possesses mostly above-mentioned properties, perfectly takes off fatigue, increases working capacity, gives pleasure and pleasant taste of pleasure.

It is only small part of researches and that advantage that this brings to health of the person the surprising, loved by many sweet teeth product. Eat chocolate more often and be in good shape!