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How to advance a web - the website? Let`s talk about SMO

Every year more and more inhabitants our Immense get Internet access. The network opens great opportunities for development of the person and expansion of an area of its activity - both social, and business. And quite often people think of creation own a web - the website or the blog. But after that before them there is a new task - “How to make it visited?“

many ways to achieve it Are. Today I will tell you how to make it means of SMO.

That such SMO

of SMO (social media optimization) - a set of methods for advance a web - a resource (attraction of a traffic on it) by means of social media, such as blogs, forums, social networks.

The SMO methods actively use the tools allowing the user to place independently on third-party resources portable elements of the website, and also a subscription to RSS, social bookmarks (CiteULike, Google Reader, StumbleUpon), news (Digg, NowPublic, Reddit, Newsvine), Wicky`s services (PBworks, Wikia, Wikimedia) etc.

to get, it is necessary to aim

Target audience are users whose interests coincide or lie extremely close to a thematic kernel of content which provides your website.

At SMO - advance it is necessary to consider a factor of target audience and “to move ahead“ on platforms, one with your website subject.

Definition of target audience and, as a result, platforms for advance - the first and, probably, the main step on the way to success of SMO - sessions of your website. If the target audience is defined incorrectly, then all subsequent efforts on promotion “will go broke“.

What effective would not be the SMO methods, they will be useless if they “have“ wide of the mark.

of the Place where be there is a wish more often

Any hostess prepares the house for arrival of guests. She cleans, washes, sets the table - does everything that guests were happy, leaving its grounds. The same to treat also your website - it as well as the house needs to be prepared for arrival of “guests“, other methods are used only here.

The most important in website for people (SDL) is content. It has to be interesting, “fresh“ and that is important, inducing to comments and references to it. Qualitative content is a basis, the base with which the good web - a resource “begins“.

The following brick for ours the web - the website will become its appearance. Interesting content needs to be “given“ correctly.

Responsibly approach the choice of fonts, their size. The color palette of elements of design is also important, avoid flowers, “hated“ for an eye. The convenient arrangement of references, buttons and other instruments of interaction with the website and its content also is important komponenty good a web - a resource.

Well and finally, important from a point zreniyaimenno of SMO - advances are elements for interaction with social platforms about which it was mentioned above (a subscription to RSS, social bookmarks and news, Wicky`s services, the Like buttons).

the Principles of SMO

would be desirable to talk about the main, so to speak, Further rules to which it is worth sticking at SMO - advance.

I intentionally do not give methods, in the Network their set, and they are looked for on “time, two“. My purpose - to set for you the direction, to give structure, using which, you independently will be able to choose by means and is correct them to use.

The success at SMO - advance is reached by means of competently constructed strategy of behavior in online - community where you decided to advance the product (in our case - a web - the website).

There is such concept as “pumping“ of the account, a main objective - to become the in community.

Communicate, establish relations, spread good, “juicy“ content. If it is pleasant to users, then later time it is possible to begin to place materials from the resource, with that attracting a traffic to itself on the website.

Be polite. Communicate in the “rhythm“ accepted in this community (a manner, a slang). Do not quarrel with old residents of a resource, to their opinion listen there, the conflict will cause undesirable consequences which can negatively affect your reputation.

Never go “to a forehead“. Times when people were conducted on “ words wow, the cool resource found, there is a lot of interesting, I recommend to all!!!“ - long ago passed. At best you will be ignored, in the worst - “will brand“ nobody as a frivolous element, and your opinion and recommendations will interest.

Also you remember the principles of the hidden marketing. Avoid a “open“ appeal in messages. (In our case - the website) submit information on the advanced object in an unostentatious form, so that none of users guessed that became object of “influence“ of your SMO - actions.

the Conclusion

Advance a web - the SMO resource - methods very effectively. For this work it is possible to employ professionals, and it is possible and to try most. In principle, it is possible. It is necessary to stock up with patience and step by step to pass this way. In the beginning it is necessary to make the website, rather good and pleasant for people, after - competently “to enter“ online - community where your target audience “lives“ and to slowly advance the resource, conforming to the simple rules. Good luck!