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Students - learning the abstract by heart! Here wanted

will apologize and to brag of what colleges clever students appear in ours, I give comparison of the photo of lecture and the scan of the written answer of one of the best students of Pavliv Jan as the proof. At first, I thought that 90% of students just write off from the textbook, mobile phones and abstracts, but I ask me to forgive as I have not enough experience in teaching therefore, it appears, I was mistaken. And not for nothing Zanina Victoria 22. 11. 2012 called me on a tape the fool, and Rizhko Tatyana and Gaydukova Tatyana 19. 11. 2012 - threw on me a tape floor tablets and pieces of paper when I hung the head to note absent or to dictate a task. Though the last received for it (naturally it is not deserved) “íá“ and were expelled from occupation. But we will return to excellent students. Pavliv Yana, as well as most of students, not once hand over me the robots given on drawing: to whom material of the book or abstract is word for word written. Though after my remarks such students as Yankovskaya Sofia and Green Andrey, in the works, began to write a little changed text of the textbook or the abstract. Andrey began to replace words with synonyms, and Sofia to interchange the position whenever possible of words. On my requests which I repeat each occupation during, about two months to hide: mobile phones, books, abstracts in a work time of writing, the most part does not turn what attention. And such students as Silina Svetlana show violence and emotions: throwing the things, raising the voice and running away in the middle of occupation. I naturally long time did not believe that these students do not write off from open books and abstracts. For example: at Green Andrey 22. 11. 2012 opened book appeared on a floor, and it, for some reason, to it constantly bent down for 5 - 10 minutes, but not as did not raise. Other students, during written poll, begin to show Impossibility of writing off from phone, and give various valid arguments which it appears, allow students to speak on a tape by phone, or will leave from occupation.

Earlier I practiced a correction of mistakes, and gave the chance to be highly appreciated more, on written work having added it oral; what the most sovestny students abused me for and asked to put to them what they earned at the written answer, but not to repeat it on occupation after the fellow students who read it from the textbook at that moment when I asked the specifying question. Therefore I decided to make concessions and not to practice discussion of their written works on occupation any more.

But we will return to writing off. As already wrote - I as not the skilled teacher, by the nonsense did not look at once that Pavliv Yana appears the honors pupil, and began to check her work without having delivered it 5 balls at once. But my bigger mistake was the fact that I did not find not what differences between the written answer of Pavliv Yana and the abstract which was given by me on last occupation. But nevertheless differences are, it is visible on a photo which I posted - places passed the letter “and“, and other essential differences which speak well for what Yana wrote itself also meet, but did not write off from the abstract. Just like that it turned out that they are very similar. A similar situation and with Green Andrey who wrote synonyms therefore at it differences was even more and I unfortunately delivered to it “2“. And when he wrote the following work I mistakenly assumed that he writes off from the textbook which open lay on a floor. Though actually Andrey, apparently, just tried to lift him within 5 - 10 minutes, but was confused. Therefore students of group 301 quite deservedly complained of me to the curator since. the similar disgrace for my part proceeds already near 2kh months. And many students and about 303 groups take offense that the teacher prevents them to work at a tape, stands nearby - when they write, or talks on occupation.

Then, the curator of 301 groups - - Raisa Aleksandrovna immediately approached me and told that: Pavliv Yana is very good girl and never deceives. Raisa Aleksandrovna works 25 years so her experience, the authority, and ability to understand psychology of students, dispelled the remains of doubts concerning ambiguity of work of Yana and a situation with other students behaving also.

Still students complained to the curator that I - as well as they use the mobile phone on occupation - namely: I dictate from it questions to examination, it of course is not admissible, for the teacher! But I will tell bigger - on each occupation I prepare also a heap of cribs. Namely - 1 “navchalno to a metoichn a kartka“ 2 “to a _nstrukts_yn a kartka“ if this practical class, the 3rd abstract of lectures, the 4th presentation in each subject, 5 whenever possible video material to this subject and another … So I now, likely absolutely will fall in eyes of students. But I promise to improve, and at least not to prepare for the presentation and not to look for video material that will not cause a stir from other teachers - more skilled. Besides, I will make any concessions to create the maximum conditions for training. Even perhaps in the future, when I will become absolutely good teacher, I will allow students not to go to tapes and if to come, then it is natural without dressing gown. And also I think itself should allow students to give marks in the magazine. Since more than once students reproached me with what appears if I did not catch them so to speak “on hot“ when they wrote off, then and an assessment I have no right to reduce for writing off. Therefore, I consider, equally well itself can allow to give safely to students marks in the magazine, but with the same condition - what it would not be seen by the teacher. Here then, having created such conditions how to speak Skripnik A. and Bolbas And. - students will begin to respect the teacher, and treats him on human. And as speaks Bayrams - does not treat (in particular him) “prejudicedly“ i.e. to allow it not to write the abstract, to come without dressing gown and to talk at a lesson and in difference from other students not to punish him for it.

So I will begin to protect the rights of students already now. To ask that at tapes there was a commission more often - that there is nobody there were no doubts any more that students of ours college do not write off, (looking in mobile phones and open textbooks) and all learn by heart. Besides, orally to ask them for specification of the questions written in work there is absolutely not no what requirement, and that they very much worry about it. Also, at an opportunity, I will report about extreme progress of many students to the dean, and the rector of DGAU - I think, they will be glad too and will accept documents of ours (I will not be afraid of this word) - child prodigies in higher education institution what and there the given students put teachers into place. And it would be still healthy if knowledge estimated also the commissions from the Ministry of Education why to hide talents …