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What risks and whether it is worth risking in general happen?

One consider that to risk is very silly invention. Why something to do if it is unknown what will turn out as a result. Others are sure that to risk - it means to believe in itself, to open in itself new sides and not to be afraid of possible failures. Whether it is so necessary to risk? If yes, what for? If is not present then why?

Ya drew a conclusion that with age, and especially with the birth of children, the desire to risk considerably decreases. There are hundred reasons, and enough objective what it is not necessary to be off to commit criminal act which can have negative consequences. And even if all of you - decided on some risky experiment to dilute the everyday life with something ostrenky, to you is right there thrown the phrase: “And you thought of children?“ or “Why you need all this on an old age of years?“, or still something like that. After such statements the desire to risk disappears instantly.

And here it is valid why in general this risk is necessary? We will not discuss with you risks now financial when, investing money, someone breaks Jack - sweat, and someone loses everything. We will talk about possible risks in our everyday life.

For a start let`s understand what is risk and what types it happens. The risk is an uncertain event or a condition which in case of emergence, has positive or negative impact on someone or something. Risks can be external, that is occurring irrespective of your desire, and can be internal are on what you go consciously. Internal risks, in turn, share on real, far-fetched and silly.

External risks

External risks in relation to our everyday life can call

such events as the broken car, dismissal about works, a robbery, a trauma, and even such trifle as the alarm clock which did not work in the morning, etc. Each of these events has the consequences. Not worked alarm clock - delay where - or, the broken car - cancellation of some trip, dismissal from work - search of a new workplace, a robbery - lack of money, a trauma - expenses on treatment and temporary incapacity.

Such risks can be operated. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out only periodically the analysis of possible undesirable situations, to try to remove the causes of their emergence and to develop the plan for mitigation. For example, there is a risk of a robbery. That to avoid it, it is necessary to put good locks on a door or to buy the reliable safe, or to apply other ways of safety. It is also necessary to think over what to do if, despite the taken measures, you all - were robbed. Perhaps, it is worth keeping part of money in bank or at relatives not to be left in that case absolutely “without trousers“.

Real risks

Real are those risks which can cause threat to your health or life. Today there is a mass of entertainments for fans of extreme sports - it is surfing, rock-climbing, diving, races, jumps from a parachute, mountain skiing etc. There are also many persons interested who are eager to receive a portion of adrenaline.

Whether such risk is useful? I believe that I am useful because as a result of people experiences incredibly strong emotions. It is some kind of shake-up for an organism, the certain lever including love to life. But, as well as in everything, here the main thing not to go too far not to become riskozavisimy.

Far-fetched risks

Far-fetched risks, probably, the most widespread. Such risks, first of all, are dictated by fear, uncertainty in themselves and the question which is constantly turning in the head: “And what will think of me or will tell others? “

For example, very much was pleasant to you the woman and you would like to approach and get acquainted with it. However you do not do it because: you hesitate of its reaction, you are afraid to appear not in its taste, you assume that it already has a beloved etc. And what, actually, will occur if it refuses to you? You will only test minute awkwardness from communication with the person unfamiliar to you. Unless you should not risk minute of awkwardness for the sake of an opportunity to meet love of all your life?

Very many people to be afraid to risk and make that there is a wish and not that it is possible. These borders of permitted are actually far-fetched and imposed to us by society. And behind these borders there is a huge number of untried pleasures and human pleasures which are given us by life. Unless you should not risk the quiet and socially approved life for the sake of an opportunity to be happy?

Silly risks

in general turns out that it is very useful to risk if there were no silly risks. The risk is a silly business if: you in principle against it and always condemned people who risk; you take the risk, in advance predicting failure; your internal voice prompts to you that it is not necessary to make this or that act, but you risk of obstinacy.

Anyway the risk is one of the best ways of training. Even if at you something did not leave, you, having passed from words to business, get invaluable experience, become wiser, courageous, resolute. So risk! Enjoy life! And good luck will surely smile to you!