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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on November 24 - 25? “The nightingale - the robber“, etc.

the Penultimate portion of autumn film novelties of 2012 seeks to be ridiculous in all genres. Strangely enough, the most serious of the film premieres offered the viewer is the three-dimensional animated film “Keepers of Dreams“. to

the Company to an animated cartoon will be kept by the razzing comedy of Egor Baranov “A nightingale - the robber“ with Ivan Okhlobystin in a leading role, and also two projects from Hollywood - a dramedy with a promising title “My boyfriend - the loony“ and the parody to political squabbles “Dirty campaign for fair elections“.

1. “Keepers of dreams“ (Rise of the Guardians, 2012)

Number the first in our list one of applicants for an award the Oscar - the three-dimensional animated film of a film studio DreamWorks which is the screen version of books of the children`s writer William Joyce appears

. Not the beginner last at all at cinema: Joyce was a producer and drew “Robots“, and also personally monitored the screen version of the book “On a Visit to Robinsonam“.

Opposition of the angry sorcerer Kromeshnik stealing children`s dreams and imaginations, and teams of superheroes where favourite western characters - the Sandy person, the Tooth fairy, Santa - Claus, the Easter rabbit enter is the basis for a plot. Fight for the serene childhood is necessary to the death as far as in general the emasculated Hollywood animated film is able to afford the similar conflict. Let`s tell directly, all these an uber - teams and “Trim - tima“ tired at cinema full-length a little, as well as the persistent sermon on good with big fists.

However if the scenario of an animated cartoon also does not shine with original ideas (a typical story about opposition to the universal evil with humour and morals at the end), then the visual part by all means will please both children, and their parents. The tape not only is shown in 3D, but also leaves in the IMAX format that gives the chance of audience-headed to plunge into the fenteziyny world of “Keepers of dreams“. As a result we have a strong middling with big ambitions. The tape carries out the function - an hour and a half incredible beauty on the screen is guaranteed that in the absence of worthy competitors can ensure to “Keepers of dreams“ a victory following the results of the future Wick - an enda.

2. “My boyfriend - the loony“ (Silver Linings Playbook, 2012)

the Original name of a tape of the director David O. Russell characterizes by

ridiculous, touching and instructive story far better how people find forces to turn life to the new course. “The collection of rays of hope“ was scripted by Russell more than five years and when the person puts so much energy and enthusiasm in the project - it is worthy respect. During this time the director managed to shoot the Oscar-winning sports drama “Fighter“, but nevertheless in a genre of the romantic comedy he feels more surely. Though if to reflect, both movies are in many respects similar: both there, and here we watch how the main character fights not against windmills, and with ourselves and unwillingness of people around to accept it it what it is.

In the movie long time were invited to leading roles one, other performers, however as a result on the leading tandem were approved Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence - one of the most perspective actors of Hollywood of present generation. However, too did not do without old guard. For the first time after third “Rush hour“ of five-year prescription on the big screen there was a black comedian Chris Thaker, and legendary Robert De Niro who already met Cooper on a shooting stage of the thriller “Areas of Darkness“ got a role of the head of family.

Mix of the lyrical comedy and social drama does not risk to become a season film hit, despite fashionable names on the poster, but obviously raises at the next awards of film academy. So far the list of nominees is not declared, but chances at Russell`s picture quite good what tells also a prize of spectator sympathies at an independent film festival in Toronto about.

3. “The nightingale is the Robber“ (2012)

the desire of the young director Egor Baranov to cause a stir twice in a year Is laudable, but if earlier “Suicides“ it was possible to consider as the author`s project, then a new picture - mostly benefit performance by all of hotly favourite doctor Bykov, that is the father Ioann, that is Ivan Okhlobystin. Generally, to whom what form of the actor is closer. And is closer as it becomes clear, that that nearly daily agitates on TV screens from TNT channel. Popularity of “Interns“ such is that Okhlobystin in any body - or the movie differently as Andrey Evgenyevich is also not perceived now. And as if the actor did not fight against it until the series are live, and is.

Nevertheless attempt to come off Bykov`s image is made worthy. Seldom when domestic cinema gives on the mountain really watchable trash as those that rivet Tarantino and Rodriguez at home. Creators call this action as the comic book, but looks that your “Desperado“ together with “Machete“, only with the Russian color. The nightingale - the robber far drowned from fantastic mythology, having turned in Robin of Goode with well recognizable demonic laughter.

Ugarno - parody heat in “A nightingale - the robber“ is reached not only scenario, but also visual means. In the domestic cinema which is traditionally gravitating to chamber statements, similar huligansko - rollicking actions meet is hefty seldom. And let the outline of percent on 80 - 90 is written off from similar western production. Successful citing and use of others finds it is impossible to execute, to pardon. Also let, despite existence in Stychkin, Badyuk, Fandera`s shot, everything keeps on huge charm of Okhlobystin. On it the whole series keep several years, and nothing.

4. “Dirty campaign for fair elections“ (The Campaign, 2012)


that political fights win first place in news reports of today`s Russia, Jay Roach`s comedy will not cause rejection by unfamiliar subject any more. All these dirty public relations - the courses and details of elective campaigns are known to our “democratic“ society not worse, than to Americans. Another thing is that the last have full authority to stebatsya over own politicians while in our fatherland more likely politicians get poisoned by fumes over the population.

Jay Roach - a name in Hollywood known, the author of the trilogy about “the international person - a riddle“ Austen Pauers and the main core of the trilogy about acquaintance to parents. All these movies, despite obviously expressed “sortirny yumorok“, became the real hits in the homeland and at us enjoy a certain popularity. To someone Roach`s hand-made articles seem a tasteless stucco molding in full accordance with postulates of “the rotting western cinema“, and someone just enjoys Pauers`s tricks and laughs loudly over De Niro and Stiller`s opposition. On taste and color all felt-tip pens different.

This time Roach took other, not less famous persons, comedians Will Ferrell and Zac Galifianakis in the project. This lethal couple will play in a shot of two politicians which are fated to face foreheads on elections. One (Ferrell) is a politician with an experience, the second - the figurehead, the infantile little fool and a puppet in hands of financial tycoons.

Besides the above-stated debutants in limited hire also other tapes will be shown. For example, the South Korean drama “Pieta“ the director Kim Ki Duca which collected the whole armful of awards at the past festival of cinema in Venice. Also work of the French director Christoph Honore “Loved“ with Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni`s participation is not less interesting. Also at movie theaters the viewer will be able to contemplate the new movie of Sergey Loznitsa “In fog“ - the military drama about events in Belarus occupied by Germans.