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Yury Knorozov is the mystifier or a harbinger of a doomsday?

the Basis for current expectation of an apocalypse serve a calendar of Indians of the Maya which, according to his researchers, terminates in flowing 2012 - m to year. The agiotage concerning chronology is organized against a cosmogony of the American Indians of the Maya concerning which there is now a set of speculation as language of Indians of the Maya still is completely not learned.

The doctor of historical sciences Yury Valentinovich Knorozov (1922-1999) is known for the decoding of writing of the Maya with use of mathematical methods of research of unsolved writings. Language of the Maya was considered lost, and only three copies of texts which Yury Knorozov decoded remained today, without leaving an office. The full translation of hieroglyphic manuscripts of the Maya was published in 1975.

During this period it conducted decoding of the protoindian letter, the possibilities of decoding of the letter of Easter Island were considered. These works were not complete as there were other directions of researches of the protoindian and Tibetan letter which were conducted by the doctor of science Yury Roerich who collected huge material in expeditions across Tibet and India with the father artist Nikolay Roerich.

To Yu. Knorozov in the world on interpretation of writing of the Maya the American scientist Eric Thompson challenging idea that hieroglyphs of the Maya represent letters or words was considered as the main expert. He considered them as the symbols, pictures expressing ideas which cannot be said. The symbolical theory of Thompson turned interpretation of hieroglyphs of the Maya into impracticable business - as it is possible to understand what sense was put by Indians in the drawings?

Between two scientists the hardened polemic in scientific magazines ran high. But the theory of the Russian scientist gave a method of reading of any texts of the Maya. Thompson who was not agreeing with Knorozov`s theory predicted that by 2000 its theory of symbolical treatment of hieroglyphs of the Maya will win against the phonetic theory of Knorozov. Most likely, all of us expecting the coming “universal end“ should be arbitrators of this scientific dispute.

The one who studied Alice Bailey has to know well how the roof gradually begins “to move down“ in attempts to realize geometry and system of the organization of “the Creating Beginning“. It is even more difficult to understand a cosmogony of Ancient Maya: On December 21, 2012 there has to be a Galactic Synchronization (coincidence of many spiritually - transtsedentny, astronomical and astrological aspects in one point of life).

For me it is unclear how it is possible, being in the Galaxy, about Perseus`s sleeve, to see all Galaxy in geometrical configurations of the intersection of the worlds . Or the Great Bosom of the Space Mother who is giving rise to Creation. Where the rupture of a shibalba - the black road from an underworld where the death passes into a life stage, comes revival the World or Soul in new quality , in more perfect, updated, fine.

Having returned from a cosmogony Maya to the real world, I will address Yury Knorozov`s identity. In the photo with a Siamese cat he holds appearance of the gloomy medieval gloomy magician who retired into oneself. For me it is associated with the count Cagliostro. Pupils represented it as the unsociable person having abilities to drawing, he played a violin, wrote verses.

Since 1945, Knorozov at university at department of ethnography conducts researches in the field of astronomy, Shamanism, evolution of a brain and the theory of collective. And in 1999 the founder of school of “mayanist“, the gentleman of an award of the Aztec eagle Yury Valentinovich Knorozov died of a stroke and the followed hypostasis of lungs on the hospital bed exposed in a corridor in St. Petersburg all alone.

As well as the famous count Cagliostro, Yury Knorozov died without crowd of the seeing-off followers. The person who was engaged in practicians of Shamanism who are studied at schools of the Unicorn and Castaneda left. How to us to treat results of heritage of Yury Knorozov translated from language of the ancient Maya narrating about space cataclysms now?

I consider - quietly and indifferently as well as to “kumransky rolls“, “the Turin shroud“ and other artifacts. We know history which is much more ancient than the history of ancient Maya shown to the world only in the 19th century. And at each cosmogony there is “a magic of numbers“ open for the world Pythagoras.

Each ancient text bears in itself information first of all of religious character as we see and in the deciphered Maya the letters. Therefore it would be more logical to address already known researches of world religions which as practice showed, often tell about the same events. According to the Maya calendar some cycle about which we do not know comes to an end on December 12, 2012.

In Russia Novgorodians - Quiricus were engaged in such calculations (1136) people of the Novgorod archbishops of Vasily Kaliki (XIV in) and Gennady (XV in). In Moscow such calculations were conducted by the metropolitan Zosima. In 1492, seven thousand years “from creation of the world“ according to the Byzantine chronology expired on September 1. Came to an end 7000 - a summer cycle from creation of the world.

In this regard days of celebration of Easter - the main Christian holiday - were calculated only till 1492. In ecclesiastical calendars of the 14-15th centuries under it is 1492 - words were quite often written year: “Zde fear! Zde grief!“ All orthodox world expected a doomsday. But the specified year passed, and the Last Judgement did not come.

Other religious source about which the researcher of India and Tibet Yury Roerich wrote is “Golden Age“ which according to doctrines of bramin will come through several “South“, having calculations in itself in tens of thousands of years. Researcher of Tibet G. D. Tsybikov supplies to us about Shambhala with the information that, according to our chronology, it will come in 2335

we Will hope, as now nothing will occur, and year certain as it already was once will pass, and we will live quietly some more thousands of years.