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Magic of numbers.

Who exactly created a calendar of the Maya and when it occurred, it is unknown. It, as well as other calendars, defines a certain separate period of time - a cycle. To claim that this calendar most precisely other existing calendars, it is illogical because it is published only in the 19th century, and were used - in XVI, according to researchers writings of the Maya.

It is considered that the bishop Landa destroyed all traces of existence of a civilization of the Maya. But who can claim that Landa destroyed all written materials? Researchers of his life always emphasized that it left the most scrupulous description of all that saw in the work “Message on Affairs in Yucatan“.

In the work Landa allocated three tens hieroglyphs of the Maya as alphabet letters, but researchers of this culture decided that Indian hieroglyphs cannot be letters because there is too much them. Among modern Indians of the Maya there is no nobody left who would know ancient writing and could help scientists. Knorozov attentively studied Landa`s book and decided that a clue of writing of the Maya are sounds of the speech or phonetics.

Yury Knorozov according to photos in 1952 deciphered petroglyphs of the Maya. But there is no required date on December 21, 2012 anywhere - it is calculated. Maya claimed that the Cycle of Creation will last 13 baktun (5125 years), everyone baktun sootvetstvat to 394 years = to 144 000 days. In 5125 years (on December 21, 2012) the Era of the Fifth Sun will end, after disappearance of the Maya seers of Aztecs in the X-XI centuries AD

the Beginning of the Cycle of Creation 0 so treated a question. 0. 0. 0 - termination 13. 0. 0. 0. 0. Each baktun lasts 394 years. The last baktun 1618 - 2012. This period came to an end. Ended 13 baktun. The Creation Cycle lasting 5125 years ended! And there are questions:

Why all - Aztecs interpret a calendar, but not descendants of the Maya? Where comparative analogy to other religions for the beginning of a cycle when the Bible, Tripitaka, the Mahabharata take away further deep into the millennia, than the Maya calendar. Krishna - the most known avatar Vishnu`s Misters which was born on July 20 the 3228th years BC tells nothing about the Maya civilization.

The philosophical doctrines including eschatological motives (the doctrine about extremities of the world and the person), as a rule, lean on a certain type of mythical or religious eschatology. The Esotericism is objectively caused by the fact that no essence can be up to the end revealed and is more exhaustively expressed in forms of figurative knowledge. It is always connected with bans on disclosure of secrets of craft, religion, mystical philosophy.

The principle of work of Knorozov who proved the direction of system approach to “the theory of collective“ is clear to us, noting that all systems lifeless and wildlife submit to the general regularities operating in the Universe. Where the features and regularities of development are peculiar to each level.

The main secret of Esotericism in materialism - number. Essence which since the time of Pythagoras such is that it demands categories of the movement and it is inconceivable without it. Everything is number, Pythagoras and numbers at it claimed as live matter grew in the face of the amazed viewer or disappeared, being dissolved in air.

At research of secret of Pythagoras we applied the mathematical analysis to calculate one of “not solvable“ tasks - “a circle quadrature“. A task which the academic community recognized unsoluble. Ancient mathematicians who tried to obtain the solution of a quadrature of a circle by use of different curves kvadrissa could not solve this problem as well, gippokratovy holes, etc.

For the solution of this task we used works of ancient authors, Masonic symbolics, and then as well as we Yu. Knorozov created an image. The volume of scientific information of ancient philosophy is concluded in a basic component, the power triangle consisting of multidirectional vectors forms such base: Time, space, energy

B to “the Secret Doctrine“ E. Blavatskaya specifies: “Each Cosmogony begins with a circle, a point, a triangle and a square and to number 9 when it was synthesized the first liniyeyu and around mystical Decade of Pythagoras, the sum of everything comprising and expressing secrets of all Space. Secrets, for this purpose, who can understand … (tetraksis), an equilateral triangle“

Pythagorean values are “tetrad“ and “decade“. All spells of Pythagorean school are based on divine names which we also used. The name of Pythagorean god “Tetragrammaton“ showed us the necessary point for counting. And further we consider quantity of letters in this divine name. They are 14, as well as the number of levels in the system unit of the transformed system.

Further we draw a piece 14 units long, and from the ends of a piece we let out beams on which we measure 10 units. Crossing of these beams gives us a point. This point is also a projection of the center of an equal circle and a square. Yes, is a procedure of the return creation of a square, but at us it turned out. And the area of the received circle and square is identical, as well as demands a condition of an antique task (ru/archive/0/n - 45531/).

A subject of article about magic of numbers and the Apocalypse with its three shesterka which John the Evangelist called number of an animal and number of the person. Let`s make one more calculation: In Pythagoras`s system the transition period follows after the fourth level. Having increased 9 on 4, we will also receive number 36 (four nine), then we will consistently put all numbers of the received sum in a numerical row from 1 to 36 = 1+2+3+ … +35+36 = 666.

Reflecting logically, it is possible to raise such question: If the nine and the four displays the person, then (the nine with the three - means an animal?) what will be meant by the nine with the five? Now we will also look: 9? 5 = In principle the same person = 1+2+3+4+ … +44+45 = 999, but “divine“, presented in three forms of the Divine Triad turned out 45.

It did not turn out? In it and all cunning. Clean the devil beginning (36), from the received sum and there will be the fact that it is necessary.