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What language it is the best of all to learn?

All of us anyway are native speakers of Russian and mastered it in different degree of faultlessness of possession. However the infinite aspiration to knowledge and self-improvement forces us to learn other languages. Unclear, interesting, ridiculous, such different …

Since falling of the Babel tower all of us live in the different countries and the cities, different sounds we designate the same objects, things … And all - we seek to reunite. At least at the verbal level.

1. English

English - the most simple language for studying. Perhaps, in respect of grammar only Chinese can be easier than it. But in respect of a pronunciation language which speaks the whole world will seem to the Russian person quite difficult though here too everything can learn. In total - it much easier is perceived by the Russian ear, than the same Arab. English by all means needs to be learned to communicate with the inhabitant of the planet from almost any corner of the globe. Therefore English, undoubtedly, has to be the first in the list of foreign languages, desirable for development.

2. Italian

Along with Spanish, it is considered quite simple. The matter is that it is that language which speak the southern hot people, - language temperamental, passionate. From the point of view of mentality, it not really suits the northern person. But if you love one of these countries or just want to learn for the minimum quantity of hours the second language, then welcome! Italian is it seems slightly simpler than Spanish though to whom as …

3. French or German

Ya would tell that on complexity they are approximately equal among themselves, however, the called higher than two languages will be simpler in studying. If you love long words and Nouns from capital letter - your German. You want to sing beautifully as Edith Piaf, or just you love the ringing letter “r“, your language - French. In the first option you will face a problem of cases. In the second there are difficulties too. In a word, if you love difficulties, but are ready to make considerable efforts for their overcoming at the end to speak a beautiful foreign language, then your choice has to stop on one of these.

4. Czech or Polish

British investigated foreign languages and ranged them on degree of ease of studying. We have no such classification. But, as we know, Russian belongs to Slavic, and it automatically means what will be to learn other Slavic language more simply and quicker. The shirt is closer to a body. But it just seems so. Czech and Polish - simple languages only at first sight, there are the features. Nevertheless, nobody prevents you to begin to learn such language. However there will be not enough practical advantage of it - it is possible to use it unless in specifically taken country.

5. Asian languages

They differ, first of all, in complexity of a pronunciation and spelling because here we deal with hieroglyphs. Of course, to whom what is pleasant - besides a matter of taste. For example, fans of an anime can learn Japanese, and the representative of major product company in Blagoveshchensk, of course, will go to learn Chinese rather. Among themselves they are various too, as well as at first sight Chinese, Koreans, Japanese. That is it seems that all of them identical, however the skilled and knowing person easily will distinguish one nationality from another.

6. Latin, Swahili, Esperanto

Is not present sense to be fond of artificial languages if from you it is not demanded by a profession (for example if you not the philosopher or the doctor). Swahili was included in this list not because it the dead but because it is necessary unless for conversation with inhabitants of Africa or for a show off. Latin is dead, and to the simple inhabitant in studying of this language I do not see any sense. Aphorisms like “per of an asper hell an aster“ can be learned also without special lessons. As for Esperanto, artificial languages, despite the ease, proved the full insolvency. Language is a live creation, it is the breathing organism which changes under the influence of cultural, historical, social conditions. Therefore the Esperanto which signed up for courses urgently I advise to give up this unpromising occupation.

In general, if it is honest, language never should be selected for ease degree, quantity of cases etc. It is not mathematics, but linguistics. These are not figures, but sounds. Therefore best of all learn that language which is pleasant to you … on sounding, on mood, on a cultural environment. Remember that it is not just technology!

Language which you will speak … You also have to live on it. Quite so. Not for nothing the best technique is a full immersion in the atmosphere, communication with the real carriers. So think, solve.