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How to be prepared by New year without vanity? To get on well for a week of

Liouba from us - at soul the child. Despite everything, we do not cease to trust in New Year`s miracles. But at the same time only kids can carefree wait for Father Frost with a bag of gifts, and we should spend day on the eve of a holiday in vanity and efforts.

I here - the table bursts with any delicacies, guests are brought together and wait for entertainments, on the street multi-colored salute sparkles, joyful children rustle... And we already just are ready to drop meanwhile. Finishing drinking a glass of champagne, we dream to fall in the soft bed and to plunge in is insuperable the attracting dream. But unless so we dreamed to spend this festive night?

That it nevertheless did not occur, preparation for a holiday should be begun not since morning 31 - go December, and in a week to … with

25. 12. Having gathered in a close family circle and having armed with all brilliant New Year`s “chachkas“ (tinsel, a foil, spangles), it is possible to make a set of jewelry which will create a cosiness in your house. Everything that is required to you: the imagination, assiduity and good mood - not to do without it! Now your house sparkles garlands, a rain and snowflakes. But the fact that all this is done with loving care, the hands is more pleasant. It is the first step towards to the Winter`s bewitching Tale.

26. 12. Well what New year without fir-tree? This beauty so is not enough in the middle of the room! A smell is fresher than needles, the ring of Christmas tree decorations and hand bells will even more bring closer a holiday, and the eyes of children flaring happiness will remind of New Year`s miracles again.

27. 12. Perhaps, the most responsible, but at the same time quite pleasant day. Today we choose gifts for relatives and darlings! Walk on the snow-covered city, glance in couple of shops which are filled up with a heap of interesting, ridiculous and useful things for a long time. Remember wishes and hobbies of the family and choose by it what they so long dreamed of.

28. 12. And should take care today about fun at the holiday table. Think up different competitions in which everyone will be able to participate, having received small encouragement. On a desktop of the computer create the New Year folder and fill her with cheerful and fervent music. Let it not just sound a cheerful background of table-talks, but also will become a pretext to break into a cheerful dance till the morning.

29. 12. Please the smallest. Order visit of Father Frost and Snow Maiden. They will not allow kids to long, will entertain them songs and rhymes. And you will be able to feel the child again. Together with all you drive a round dance, compose New Year`s stories and tell Father Frost about what would be dreamed to be received as a gift.

30. 12. time to show your culinary abilities Came! Prepare the crown dishes for a family and guests, decorate them in New Year`s style and wait for a praise from darlings. To your masterpieces precisely nobody will remain indifferent!

31. 12. Since the morning accept congratulations “With coming!“. Write wishes, send New Year`s cards, do and wait for surprises from relatives! Do not forget to try on the most beautiful evening dress, to pick up a make-up and a hairdress. And it is even better - go to salon and receive several hours of pleasure the beauty.

In the late afternoon light candles, aromalampa, open champagne, turn on in advance picked up music and just enjoy a New Year`s Eve.

But! The main thing - do not forget to make the most treasured wish under peal of bells, it will surely come true!

With coming!