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Trolleybuses - lines of fortune on city “palms“. How the trolleybus system in the capital of the Dnestr republic develops?

this year one of the municipal enterprises, most important for citizens, - the Tiraspol trolleybus management (TTM) - celebrated 45 years from the date of the birth. That, it is the serious term during which employees of this enterprise repeatedly proved the indispensability for simple citizens. The majority of us regularly use services of public transport, so, and are terribly interested in that it worked with the accuracy of hours.

… For a minute we will plunge into the past. In the Soviet Union the first trolleybuses began to ply across Moscow at the beginning of 30 - x years of last century, and in November, 1967 start of the first trolleybus line in a festive atmosphere took place also in Tiraspol.

To admire the exotic two-door horned bus the people were flown down from all city. The ZIU brand trolleybus - 5 was for the first time passed along a route from the railway station to state farm - technical school of Frunze. The young driver Anatoly Mikhaylov met on a central square almost like Gagarin.

The first cars of ZIU - 5 in Tiraspol was only 15, and 12 was daily come to the line. When later in the city the first three-door trolleybuses appeared, by them ran together to look and sweep too. They enjoyed almost same popularity, as well as the elevator of the first nine-storey building built approximately during the same time down the street of Youth.

There was no tiraspolchanin those years who did not fall in love trolleybuses therefore opening of new lines was inevitable. So there were routes No. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and No. 9, entered in 1987. It duplicated a route No. 2, only went not on the main city street, and along st. To - Libkhneta (according to the plan she had to become the main thoroughfare of Tiraspol). Later, in 1993 - the long-distance route ¹19 connected two main towns of Transnistria - Tiraspol and Bender.

The rolling stock of trolleybus management increased gradually and changed (to 5 - ti new cars annually) and reached the apogee at the end of 80 - x - 112 cars from which 72 was daily come to lines. It is possible to tell that the enterprise prospered.

Things are changing. As the CEO of TTU Martik Nersisyan, the general economic crisis which began at the beginning of 90 tells - x years, did not pass also tramvayshchik. Now TTU endures the difficult period. On the line in days only 26 trolleybuses are issued. The mobile park of the enterprise consists only of 51 trolleybuses - including four new, arrived recently as a gift from the Belarusian transport enterprise “Minsk - a Trance“. Before several cars (2007) was donated Tiraspol from the government of Moscow, and in August of this year Belarusians helped by five cars.

Considering that the average operational expiration date of the trolleybus makes only 10 - 12 years, and the most part of a rolling stock did not change since 1994 if not above-mentioned gifts, it would be absolutely heavy. At the enterprise still it turns out “to get out“ only thanks to existence of good repair base. Engineers should work literally wonders, restoring old trolleybuses literally from a framework.

Despite all adversities, which it is necessary to face TTU, honored workers remain faithful to the enterprise for more than 30 years. It can be told “gold fund“ of shots into which enter: Kirilyuk V. P., Kozaryuk I. A., Polyakova L. A., Rachila V. I. and, of course, that driver number one - Mikhaylov A. Ya.

Anatoly Yakovlevich Mikhaylov still works at the enterprise, the truth now not simply as the driver, and the shunting driver or the driver as it is called among the. In its task enters to tow off the faulty car in depot, to overtake on a hole for repair, on a sink etc. of

Cheerful, sociable, he says that he always went to work as for a holiday, liked to communicate with people therefore managed to work the driver so long term moreover and on one place. He almost did not let go the microphone intended for the announcement of stops and used not only for designated purpose.

“For the April Fools` holiday I liked to joke: I carry passengers the first flight. Without reaching one stop to an elevator (where almost all come to plants of Kirov and “Elektromash“), I stop the engine and I declare: “Companions - break of the line“. People with a reluctance descend from the trolleybus, morning early, still darkly. When more than a half left, I congratulate them since April first. All with a laughter come back. Never there was it that someone swore“.