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Whether it is possible to rescue “lightning“?

Are obvious that the fastener like “lightning“ everything is known and very popular in all the applications and manifestations. These are clothes and footwear, bags and covers, mass of other not less useful things. And whether you know what is the cornerstone of its principle of action?

the Few know that the idea for its embodiment in life was presented to the world by an ordinary bird. More precisely - a feather of a bird. Even more precisely - the principle of connection of elements of a feather in the uniform plane. This alternating gearing of fibers of a feather as a result making a whole.

The same occurs also in usual “lightning“. At its fastening elements of one edge enter gearing with elements of other edge by means of the lock or, in a different way, “runner“. Elements can represent the plastic or metal brackets or teeth fixed by one end on a fabric strip. The plastic option can be cast (which is called “tractor“) or twisted (“spiral“).

The weakest link of all this clasping device usually is the lock, or “runner“. Its malfunction can be shown in breakage of “uvula“ - adaptation which we clamp fingers. The mechanism which holds the runner in the closed state can break, and then it will be undone. Besides, malfunction is capable to be shown in a divergence of halves of a lightning in attempt to clasp it. In the latter case many advise to draw in lock halves to each other, but in practice it seldom helps out.

Qualitatively it is possible to repair such fastener on clothes or footwear without its full replacement, having only replaced all lock. Even on a qualitative fastener it fails first of all as the constant physical effort is put to it, and its area is rather small, in comparison with the area of all teeth.

To define what lock needs to be bought, it is necessary to know several parameters. On a reverse side of “doggie“ look and remember figure which is beaten out there. It can be number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 which in millimeters specify fastener width. Define lock type: he is the automatic machine - the mechanism which will not allow to be undone to a fastener in any situation, is inside; a semiautomatic device - unfastening is possible only at the raised “uvula“; haberdashery - when teeths of a lightning are not blocked, and there is no stopper in the mechanism.

To remove the faulty lock, it is necessary to remove the limiter on one or both halves of fasteners. On one - if the lightning has below demountable connection. The limiter most often represents the metal bracket which is not allowing vyskakivany “doggies“ out of tape limits with cloves. This bracket will need to be unbent accurately by means of a pricker or the thin screw-driver and to remove completely from a fabric strip - the basis of “lightning“. As the limiter the fastener fabric bend with the subsequent insertion can also serve. In this case edge it is necessary podporot.

The lightning needs to try to be clasped. After that with little effort completely to remove the lock from the removed limiters. To put the new lock to the place of old, having filled in grooves of “doggie“ of edge of the directing tape. After the lock will be put, by means of flat-nose pliers to clamp, having put on the places, metal limiters or to sew the unpicked fabric.

If it was not succeeded to zip with the old lock, then, having removed it and having put on new, it will be necessary to make sufficient effort to bring it “against wool“ to the beginning of a fastener.

Sometimes happens that metal teeths of a fastener jump out. If the lost element did not manage to be found, instead of it often it is possible to establish not used from the top part of “lightning“, having unbent fastening, and then having again bent it on the right place. If plastic elements of the lock, then in this case a lightning to repair broke is not subject.

- runners or “doggies“ - it is easy to buy locks for “lightnings“ in the shops trading in sewing accessories, having called the seller number of the lock, and having sometimes and just reported for what things it will be used. Its price - several rubles, and result of repair - again a working fastener.