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As the anti-asbestine lobby sank the last Russian aircraft carrier of

the Author: Valery Rodikov
Source: forum - Moscow time. org

the Aircraft carrier of “Vikramaditya“ into which the former pride of the Soviet Navy turned - the heavy aircraft carrying cruiser “Admiral Gorshkov“, in recent years often appeared in latest news of news agencies. The failure of trial runs became an occasion of the last sensation. At an exit to speed in 30 knots heat insulation of coppers was broken. As a result, the solemn transfer of the ship of India planned for December 4, 2012 in Day voyenno - navy of India, is postponed almost for a year. The cause of accident is simple to banality. In the boilers used by the Russian ships as a lining under a bricklaying sheet asbestos is used. It maintains necessary temperature and has sufficient density. However the Indian side at design and construction of coppers for the aircraft carrier asked not to use asbestos. Instead of asbestos other material was used, and for a bricklaying was shamotny bricks of the Chinese production as, according to the president of United Shipbuilding Corporation Andrey Dyachkov, the Russian production of these materials is lost purchased. The Indian customer explained the whim with harmful effects of asbestos on health of crew.

Whether the applied laying softened from heat, whether the brick appeared not that, whether it was carelessly laid, but under the influence of high temperature and vibration bricks fell down, and the first that occurs: preliminary tests were incomplete. Coppers were tested by Ustenki only for 40% of power. At the first exit on trial runs to the power close to 100%, the partial collapse of a fire-resistant laying in fire chambers of coppers was revealed. But, we will leave this problem for experts.

Another is unclear. India - the large importer of the Russian white asbestos, a so-called hrizotil. From - for low cost it is widely applied in production of construction materials: flat and wavy slate, panels, water and other pipes … All of them were included into the list allowed for use in construction hrizotit - the cement materials approved by the chief health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko. From a hrizotil make more than 3000 product names, including it is used on submarines. Negative influence of a hrizotil on health of the Indian, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Brazilian, Canadian and other people where apply hrizotit it is not observed. Why it was presented to someone from representatives of the customer how packs the staff of an aircraft carrier from - for asbestine laying will leave? And why our performers so easily agreed? This conciliation will cost Russia 1 billion rubles if only heat insulation, of course, is guilty.

It is necessary to state with bitterness, as the customer and the performer became the victims attack public relations against use of the materials containing asbestos. Offensively also therefore, MiG - 29K / the CUBE which have to be based on “Vikramaditya“ the Indian customers were with planes satisfied. And partial failure of the propulsion system did not place to finish the program of day and night flights.

Behind the scenes of this business - wars with attributes of fraud and mass misinformation cost producers of alternative artificial materials. Purpose: to force out cheap heat-resistant materials, on the basis of a hrizotil, this natural mineral, unique on the properties. Reputatsiyubely asbestos - a hrizotil - the fellow amfibol - asbestos impaired a little it. The matter is that asbestos - the collective, commercial name of groups of the minerals having various chemical, physical and that is especially important, biological properties. Their general property - ability to be split on the thinnest flexible fibers. The main advantages of asbestos products - high tensile strength, elasticity, fire resistance. On mineralogical signs and crystal structure asbestos is divided into two main groups: on hrizotit - asbestos (white asbestos) and amfibol - asbestos. Hrizotilovy asbestos - is safe, extraction of amfibolovy asbestos is forbidden.

In Russia and the CIS for more than 100 years white asbestos which is safe is extracted. In Europe extraction of amfibolovy asbestos prevailed. Possessing acid resistance (quality for technical material very useful), amfibolovy asbestos is removed from lungs for several years, and as a result, can make harmful effects on an organism. While on a conclusion of hrizotilovy fibers it is required few weeks.

Hrizotil compared to the most widely used artificial fibers - substitutes. And those were not “environmentally friendly“ as their producers represent. For example, ceramic fiber has a half-life period of 60 days, aramide fiber - till 90 days, and cellulose fiber - more than 1000 days. So there is no ecological reason to change slate for its modern expensive analog especially as now let out color slate which on external appeal does not concede to expensive roofing materials.

Anti-asbestine hysteria arose and is actively carried out in the countries which do not have own fields of asbestos, but having powerful chemical and metallurgical industry. Anti-asbestine claims became favorable business in the USA. The matter is that asbestos is classified by the International agency on researches of cancer as carcinogen. In this list also: chrome, nickel structure, quartz, solar radiation, vinyl chloride, alcoholic beverages, salty fish, tobacco, wood dust, oral contraceptives, production and repair of footwear, production of furniture, molding of iron and steel, rubber industry, etc.

About two hundred products and industrial processes are recognized as cancerogenic. Asbestos, however, in the second hundred. Classification of the International agency on studying of cancer establishes only potential danger of substance, but not degree of risk of its use in real life. The answer to a question how many it is necessary to eat salty fish to get cancer, this organization does not give, but easily hangs up cancerogenic labels on everything. Also it is not about a ban, and about control of concrete application. Let`s remember what asbestos to asbestos - discord and controlled use of a hrizotil is approved by World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization. It is an official position of the Russian academy of medical sciences.

In the city Clear that in the Orenburg region there live employees of Orenburg Minerals combine. They get hrizotit. The combine works day and night seven days a week. At combine the housing programme is deployed. On construction of the house no more than a month leaves. On the concrete base the aluminum framework is mounted. On it nonflammable strong plates fasten from hrizotit - cement. Space between plates are filled in with foam concrete. In Clear quarters of cozy warm houses under color roofs already grew from wavy slate. Such houses will solve a problem of affordable housing in the cities and rural lands of Russia especially as we have every year a fire, or a flood. And such houses do not burn, and do not absorb water.