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What special is in education abroad?

If you plan to graduate abroad, then you should study features of training in this or that country in advance. At the same time you will need to consider not only such factors as language and climate, but also cultural differences, features of receipt and the process of education, and also many other factors.

In this article we will consider the main features of education abroad.

the Rating of popularity of the states among students

A is known to you what the leader of the higher education is considered the USA today? Such rank the United States deserved thanks to the fact that in this state there are 75% of the best higher educational institutions in the world.

The second place in this rating is taken by Great Britain. Education in this state is considered the most prestigious and qualitative, thanks to the traditional education system which developed for centuries.

Many prefer to get higher education in Australia or New Zealand because education in these states will cost cheaper, than at the European or American university at permanently high level of teaching. Besides here prospects to obtain citizenship and to remain on permanent residence open.

of Feature of training

Despite a set of the differences existing in educational system of various states at all foreign universities is the general, fundamental principles of training.

For example, English - the Saxon education system provides three stages: bachelor, master, doctor of science.

At the same time to receive the bachelor`s degree on some specialties, it is necessary to have length of service by profession. Respectively, time of training increases.

It is possible to enter the foreign university, as a rule, from 18 years.

It must be kept in mind that there will be not enough one existence of the certificate about the secondary education got at the Russian school. Future student will need to complete special training courses which exist at the university, certain colleges or are open at large language schools.

The main distinctive feature of foreign education is that their system considers interests of trained more fully and assumes existence of bigger amount of practical and specialized disciplines in comparison with theoretical occupations.

Besides, abroad students generally work independently, and seminars are constructed on discussions and discussions between students of the studied material. At the same time each student has the personal mentor whose task to help the student to understand new material. All examinations are taken in writing.

training Cost

In how many will cost you the higher education abroad, depends on such factors as cost directly of training, and also accommodation. At the same time training in theoretical disciplines costs much cheaper, than to those which assume existence of laboratory or practical works.

Besides, you will need to pay student`s contributions and an other applied expenses, such as payment of journey, phone, use of infrastructure.