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Very interesting fairy tale. Continuation 2. The author Elfika of

- Well, now I, - appeared the following Soul. - To me picked up remarkable parents. They want me and wait. And I in principle am ready.

- So in what business? - the Angel hastened.

- The matter is that I - Indigo. On very high vibrations. And they - on much lower. And if I come now, I will begin to destroy them. And I do not want, I already love them.

- The most effective way of increase of vibrations - a prayer, - the Main Sobesedovatel reported. - Let pray, and it will be rendered by it!

- Yes we have a father - the businessman - the atheist, - the Soul apologized. - It generally good, but there`s nothing to be done … - Write down

: to inspire in mummy to pray day and night, each free minute. If is few - to arrange to the father a shock therapy. Accident there, perhaps … or serious illness. That believed also itself began to pray.

- Anything to! - the uncle Fedor whispered. - Cruelly …

- And where to disappear? - Kai shrugged shoulders. - Vibrations increase or is conscious, or violently. As they say, “you do not want - we will force, you cannot - we will teach“. To soul - that is time to be embodied long ago! And our task - to keep as I Smother in the Child, and Parents. You truncate?

- I truncate, - the uncle Fedor thoughtfully told. - And failures happen?

- Yes happen where from them to get to, - Kai slightly withered. - When children die, know as joint it is a pity for works? But if the resonance is impossible to them, Souls leave the Body to return to Kindergarten, to be restored and then to try once again. In other time, in other place, with other parents.

- And what Parents that the child wanted to come to them have to do? - the inquisitive uncle Fedor continued to try to find out.
- Yes everything is simple actually. If parents love the child in advance it what it will turn out - it is Unconditional Lyubov. If they forgave it all misunderstanding and difficulties in their future relationship in advance is an Unconditional Lyubov. If parents made the decision not to impose to the child of the views, and to give options of the choice is an Unconditional Lyubov. If they respect in the child Lichnost in advance - it is Unconditional Lyubov. And there, where there lives Unconditional Lyubov, children aspire.

- So simply? And it is so difficult … - the young Angel reflected.

From nowhere the supply manager of Kindergarten - an angel Matroskin materialized.

- Well, recruit? Examined?

- In general, - the uncle Fedor shook a wing. - So much … In Academy we about it were not told.

- Not dreyf, Angel! You will comprehend our knowledge. It cannot be that hard.

- Matroskin, and it is possible one question? - uncertainly there began the uncle Fedor.

- It is possible, and even not one! - vigorously Matroskin resolved.

- I was frightened a little today. It is so much not joining … Parents are not ready, children do not want … And suddenly the human race will be interrupted?

- Well you give, Fedya! - deafeningly Matroskin laughed loudly. - And we - that with you here on what? Just in order that this sort proceeded. From now on, both prisno, and for ever and ever. Amen!

- Well, I and thought, - the uncle Fedor was delighted. - Of course, the Creator will always think up something! Also will render! I trust!

- The philosopher you young … - with a smile looked at him an old angel Matroskin. So old that else well remembered sons of Nov. - You trust - it is good. Then departed on a warehouse, I will render to you the personal laptop. Also there is nothing to hang here - works too much!