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Very interesting fairy tale. Continuation. The author Elfika of

Blue - those who were already realized as mother. Black - blocked. Here everything is clear?

- No, not all. And how you define who is ready and who else is not? - peering at the card, the Angel asked.

- Well, at us for this purpose the whole department of analysts sits, - Kai explained. - They consider all parameters, compare desires of mummy with desires of the Creator. Well, and with scenarios of Souls which wait in line for the embodiment.

- And what means “blocked“? - examining black points, the uncle Fedor asked.

- There now if the woman actively does not want to have the child. Or the organism is unhealthy, it does not suit for incubation and childbirth. Or her Soul is not ready. Well and according to the special list of the Creator. Then we block genital function - to whom temporarily and to whom and forever.

- And what means “the soul is not ready“? - the uncle Fedor continued to try to find out. - And what the special list of the Creator is?

- About the special list of the Creator I will tell, - the modest Angel sitting aside offered. - My name is the Snow White. And so, in general all women are urged to reproduce the human race. But sometimes the Creator for the woman planned other Mission. Then she remains childless or receives the Special Child, and she has a choice: or all life to long and take offense at the Scenario, or to devote the life to Great Service.

- Oh, I thank, the Snow White! I got it! We in Academy were told about Mother Teresa and her Great Service, - the uncle Fedor exclaimed.

- Yes, you correctly grasped the main point, - the angel with the beautiful name Snow White confirmed. Such women can devote all power of the not dissipated love to people. For example, to special children. Or to the thrown children. Or that adult who needs care. Or animal. Or to plants. And all these Women are entered in the special List of the Creator.

- And what means “the soul is not ready? “, - Fedor remembered.

- May I introduce myself, department of preparation of Maternal Souls, the Angel Kot Leopold, - was gracefully presented a long lean Angel with vstrepanny wings. - You understand, it is a global problem. We fight with it long ago. You remember in what the Creator`s plan concerning Parents?

- Well of course, same bases! - the uncle Fedor was surprised. - Parents are intended to provide the terrestrial embodiment of Soul in the child`s body, to create safe and comfortable conditions for cultivation, to promote identification and development of natural bents and talents of the child, to provide space of dl of personal growth, and in time determined by the Scenario to let out the Child in independent life.
- Well, you know the theory on “5“, - Kot Leopold praised. - And here in practice - same horror simply! Here present: parents till the child`s birth already planned his life: what he will be engaged in what to read where he will go to study what profession he will receive. What there space for personal growth! What there natural bents! The child has inclinations of the Great Mechanic, and him with a belt force to play on a violin. Or, on the contrary, the child can become the great musician, at him the Soul sings, and parents from the cradle train him for military career that the dynasty was not interrupted.

- Yes, problem! - the uncle Fedor sympathized.

- And still what! - Kot Leopold picked up. - Here we are also engaged in preparation of Maternal Souls. That though somehow remembered a true plan of the Creator. These people so are able to confuse everything! Children just do not want that their own Scenario was so ruthlessly broken. Also do not agree to go to such parents.

- And unless Souls can refuse the embodiment? - the uncle Fedor was surprised.

- Earlier, generally, it was not allowed. Time came - all right, be embodied. Birth rate then was on the ball. At that time even the slogan was: “Parents are not chosen“. But nothing good from this left. Last century the Creator requested statistics - and gasped. Level of parental aggression reads off scale. The chart of Free Development of Natural Bents - though cry. Strakhov in children - is much higher than maximum permissible norm. In people Lyubov, any Certainty runs low. Children have to meet expectations of parents and if do not correspond - begin to snub children, to break mentality. Children grow up with subconscious hatred to tyrants and torturers. And Tirana and Torturers at us who?

- Parents? - mistrustfully the uncle Fedor assumed.

- - and it, - Kot Leopold sighed. - We inspire in them, we inspire: “Children, let`s live in peace and friendship!“. But do not hear us, do not hear! Generally, last century the Creator was fond of idea of democracy and revised the Instruction. Now Souls have the right to choose and can remain here, in Kindergarten until we prepare Parents.
- And still children do not hurry to be born if parents can be dangerous to them, - the Angel with very sad eyes added. - I am Umk`s Angel, from Department of Preparation too.

- How it are parents “are dangerous“? - the uncle Fedor who is absolutely loaded by information asked.

- A drug taking, alcohol, smoking - is dangerous to future children, - Umk`s Angel began to list. - Idealization of any sort - are very dangerous to children. Negative emotions: offenses, claims, fears, rage, hatred, depressions - are deadly to children. If mummy is inclined to they are to eat danger of distortion, the body or reason can turn out with defects. And to whom hunting a body with defects? Here wait for mummy of turn there, on Earth, and Souls of the embodiment - here, in Kindergarten. Also the Love is impossible to them until we with parents properly work.

- Yes, interestingly here at you! - delightfully the uncle Fedor told. - Such complex problems should be solved!

- It still that, - obviously flattered Kai smiled enough. - You still did not see our special projects. And did not read the Book of Thanks. Well it is fine, not all at once. And now you want on interview?

- I want! And what for interview? - the uncle Fedor already on the fly took an interest.

- On selection of parents. Interesting piece whether you know! Well, itself you will see.

Interview in the seventh heaven happened in the town under the name the Heavenly Spot. Exotic birds chirped, iridescent butterflies flitted, in a green grass cicadas chirred. Then, there on a grass sat, the Souls expecting the embodiment on Earth stood and lay. And under the Tree of knowledge the long table at which several employees of Department of the Embodiment settled down was established. They had slightly tired look and even mad. Nobody paid attention to newcomers. There was a conversation with the next Soul.

- Well you that, already for the third time you refuse the embodiment! You what, to pension in Kindergarten you will kantovatsya?

- It is necessary, and I will be, - angrily told Soul. - I what, it is guilty, perhaps? I according to the scenario should be born in Russia, in a family of the former rockers who are nowadays fond of yoga and an ikebana. Already difficulties at selection! All right, it seems picked up a family. So they want exclusively the boy. And I according to the scenario the girl, and without options! To me what then, in trasvestita to move? Or let they are trained properly, or already select to me other family.

- All right, go. We report in Department of Preparation of Maternal Souls. From mind they poskhodit with this floor there! What difference on figs??? Child!!! Live Soul!!! Following!
- I here, - flew up to a table the next Soul. - It is ready to the embodiment, parents super, everything is entered in the Scenario, only they quarreled specifically and sleep in different rooms now.

- Well, it it does not matter, - with relief sighed on that side of a table. - Let`s order Love affairs, they hardly know the business. Couple of arrows - and you were born. Go, hand over the laptop on a warehouse. Tomorrow also you will be embodied.

- Uraaaa! - with whistle the happy Soul skvozanut. The others saw off her Polet jaundiced eyes.

- And to us mother does not allow to be born! - following peached. - In sense not my mother, but mother of my mother. She aloud tells nothing, and inside is afraid: what will people tell? I have that according to the scenario young mummy, unmarried, on the second year studies. And my mother is afraid to upset the mother.

- So what offers will be? - strictly the main Angel at a table asked?

- I offer roundabout maneuver, - another thought up. - We create to our object some disease. Though gastritis, for example. We send to be treated to the resort. To the sea. And there we acquaint with the seaman of long voyage. Okh, sighs, velvet southern nights, kisses under the moon … Insuperable inclination … Mother far … And in 9 months the child conceived in Free Love will be born!

- The offer is accepted! But time for creation of gastritis and motivation for the resort will be required. So, Soul, suffer a little more, soon already. Following!

- I am following. It is ready to be embodied though now. Forces is absent any more to expect, - the following Soul flew up.

- So, you have nuances here. Here look: in your family one women: mother, grandmother and aunt. They will madly love you, to a step will not allow to step. Will preserve against all troubles and misfortunes. Motes from you will blow off! And from such suffocating love you have a big risk of development of asthma. Probability - 90%. You as?

- I am ready, - the Soul said in low tones. - Let asthma, I will adapt. But they so need me, so call me … They need my Unconditional Lyubov. To them without me it is bad … And I understand: they any more will never be others. But they are good! I am ready to sacrifice the health if only we met somewhat quicker.

- Then - today, - the Angel made the decision. - We respect your conscious Decision. You are embodied.

The soul soared up, and the others yours faithfully looked it following. The choice of Sacrificial Love - very difficult, but each Soul has the right for the Way.