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Very interesting fairy tale. Beginning. The author Elfika of

In Heaven is different layers. The most wonderful of them - the Seventh sky. Generally it is a resort layer where Angels spend holidays and days off. There full nirvana and types of unearthly, that is absolutely heavenly beauty. Also such special corner which call “Kindergarten“ is on top of the world. This place where Souls which should be embodied on Earth take a course of training. It is clear, why the Kindergarten was placed in this layer: Different tests are coming souls on Earth, and they should gain strength and to have a rest properly.
the Young Angel who just graduated from Academy of Angels stood at the Gate of Kindergarten and waited until it is passed inside. The angel was absolutely fresh, radiant, and his plumage was such snow-white that caused affection. It stood near a sentry cloudlet which served as an entrance, and with impatience shook wings. Probably, the terrestrial person so would shift from one foot to the other.
At last leaned out of a cloudlet a physiognomy of other Angel. - Give
, fly! Works too much, and it hanged here! - invited its local.
the Angel accurately entered a cloudlet and it appeared on That Party - in Kindergarten.
- Well, we will be familiar! I - the Angel - the Supply manager No. 5, - was presented the Angel. - And you have, probably, the first appointment? The pedagogical faculty finished?
- Yes, pedagogical. The first, - having slightly been confused, the Angel answered. - But I quickly study everything!
- here everything quickly study everything, - reported No. 5. - Number 123 is assigned to you. It for a mark in the Weather Gods. And so all of us here each other call by the terrestrial names. That Souls got used in advance. Most often we take names from human animated cartoons, so more cool. My name is Matroskin. It because I am economic. And what name is pleasant to you?
- the Name? I do not know, I somehow did not think, - the Angel absolutely retired to the background.
- So. Stop! We begin to study Rules. First rule: not to be confused! - strictly Matroskin told. - Here Souls - already almost like terrestrial children. You will be confused - will not begin to respect. It is clear?
- is clear, - the Angel told. - It is possible, I will be Fedor Konstantinovich?
- And what. It is possible! - the Angel - the Supply manager resolved. - Only the middle name is longish. Give so far there will be an uncle Fedor? Not against? there is no
- Yes, not against, we in Academy with this animated cartoon were acquainted, I love it too, - was delighted Young.
- Well and so, the uncle Fedor, your task - to get acquainted with our realities somewhat quicker and to get to direct work with Souls. I am your Mentor at the beginning. Ask questions, I will answer.
Over the heads hard flew by the large Angel dragging a weighty parcel.
is it where? - the new named uncle Fedor asked, watching the pilferer leave.
is from group of Storks, accompanies Soul on the embodiment.
- Storks? - was surprised young.
- Well. Each Soul has an accompanying Angel. They are hardy, train all the time. Wings in the gym swing. Their task - to bring Soul to Earth. People sometimes see Angels, but as do not believe in mysticism, take for such big birds - are found on Earth, storks are called. There now and we their Storks call.
- And I in what will be engaged? - the uncle Fedor took an interest.
- You do not hurry, look narrowly so far. Then itself you will decide to what the soul lies more. Well, departed.
Kindergarten very much impressed a young Angel. There were many Souls which were engaged in the most different affairs. One behind school desks under the leadership of Mentors were engaged in studying of some objects. Others, having broken into small groups, something was vividly discussed. The third danced strange dances with difficult intricate figures. The fourth sat one by one and worked at small laptops. The fifth just slept, and over them the Angel soared.
- What they do? - the Angel - Fedor asked, twisting the head to the right and on the left.
- As that? Have training, - the supply manager Matroskin explained. - In - the first, it is necessary to learn the scenario properly. They at the embodiment will forget everything so it is necessary that the scenario was firmly pressed in subconsciousness., you see those which sleep? Over them the Angel - the Mentor reads the scenario, the general scheme. Sleep-teaching, very effectively. Then details with everyone will individually finish.
- And those, behind school desks?
- And these at lessons sit, learn the main objects. Well there, Universe Bases, Social Relations, Knowledge Mechanisms, and so on. Scientific approaches fulfill those which in groups - discussions conduct. With laptops - well, it is clear, to themselves script. Which dance - Dance of Souls is mastered.
- And what is the time they here on preparation? - the uncle Fedor continued to penetrate.
- And how many it is necessary, will not pick up them suitable option of the embodiment yet. Well, it is already specialists do. We now just there go.
the Supply manager a candle soared up up, young - behind it.
flew So far, Matroskin continued excursion.

- you see group - where Souls in blue? It is experimental group, Indigo future children. Our special troops, it is possible to tell! The project of the Creator - they for rescue of a civilization are trained. There the task force is farther is even more abruptly, but it absolutely is secret when you get the admission - itself learn. About Indigo you were informed?

- Yes, of course. Children are adults, possess superabilities, mostly latent, in a kernel commitment, self-esteem, love to the native planet are put. Often are punishment for parents, - Fedor reported.

- Aha, correctly, - approved Matroskin. - They are urged to restore ability of people of Earth to respect each other and to carry on constructive dialogue. The most important task - to keep the planet and mankind. Well, you in practice will get acquainted then with them. Children - a charm, clear heads, inventors, talents, with them you will not miss.

- And it that? - in horror the uncle Fedor from the platform where the Mentor flogged Soul a wide soldier`s belt jumped aside. The soul twitched and squalled. Other Souls did not miss too: who belabored each other how much in vain, who came off on inanimate objects.
- Well, my dear, you that? It is special group. These Souls chose the scenario where they in families will apply any violence to them. And they have to remain, not collapse, and at the same time still increase in themselves Lyubov. Now here they have practical training.
- Nothing to himself, - the young Angel murmured. - Yes, a lot of things at us in pedagogical should be changed. Theories are higher than a roof, and here it is not enough practice.
- Yes, lacks mobility and in Heaven, - the supply manager Matroskin agreed. - By the way, rule No. 2: to be terrified to nothing. Everything that here occurs - part of training, it to Earth soon, and there will not seem a little. As they say, in the doctrine it is difficult - easily in fight!
- is clear, - the young Angel dizzily exhaled.
- we Decrease! - the Supply manager ordered. - Arrived. It is our office. Here approve scenarios and look for optimal variants of parents and the embodiment. Well, I you leave here - now to you employees a press - conference zababashat in the best possible way. They here to beginners greedy! the Supply manager made
the handle and again soared up into a heavenly height.
A around already gathered the interested staff of office.
- Hello, I am No. 123. That is uncle Fedor. We will be familiar.
- Yes that you, the old man, we here without ceremonies, - the Angel with bluish wings encouraged him. - With arrival! I am No. 57, on - local Kai, I the senior here. Questions already are?
- is A lot of, - Fedor admitted. - I do not know even with what to begin.
- Then look here. Here on this card. You see yellow points? All this possible options of the room of Soul in mummy - for incubation, is formed a body so far. That is, actually, these points - all women of Earth of childbearing age. Green - those who are already elected for Motherhood and will receive the child soon. Red - those who are not ready yet, but in principle mother perhaps after a certain preparation.