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Bronchitis is how dangerous?

Bronchitis - quite widespread disease both among adults, and among children. Even the baby can get sick with bronchitis. Young parents are very often frightened by this diagnosis, and they in all ways of traditional and traditional medicine treat the child. But often these methods are absolutely senseless, just we do not know about it. What is bronchitis and what rules should be followed at its treatment dangerous by?

What is bronchitis and how it can catch?

Bronchitis - the inflammation of bronchial tubes and a trachea, usually is caused by various viruses and bacteria. But not always. In certain cases bronchitis is mozhnut to provoke dry, too hot or too cold air, chemical and toxic substances. If in a family there are smokers - it is one more reason of developing of bronchitis at the child.

The first symptoms of bronchitis are allocations from a nose, dry cough and temperature increase to 38 degrees and above. Infection with bronchitis from cold happens on the street rather seldom. Cold air in itself is not dangerous if the person is warmly dressed and feels comfortable. Generally the following scheme works: the organism overcools, efficiency of protection mucous and the general resilience of an organism decreases. Then it is much easier for viruses to get into an organism and to cause a disease. The patient comes home, and houses are closed all window leaves, and a virus, walking on the house, gets into an organism of other family members. In a cold season when heating is included, air needs to be moistened. The dry infected air, dust, poisonous gases in most cases cause bronchitis.

How to treat bronchitis?

Never make to

the diagnosis independently. Presence of cough at the patient does not testify to bronchitis, cough can accompany any other diseases. Has to make the diagnosis and to write out the necessary preparations the doctor. But very often bronchitis does not demand special treatment. At safe combination of circumstances the illness disappears on 7 - y day. But considering that bronchitis nevertheless can cause complications, it is necessary to be followed up by a doctor throughout the entire period of an illness. Especially, if it is about the child.

In the people got used to treat bronchitis the next ways: to put cups or mustard plasters, to pound skin badger fat, to soar legs in hot water with mustard. Doctors urge to refuse long ago these methods as their efficiency concerning bronchitis was not proved. However, these methods are not dangerous and if they to you is so quieter, then you can use them.

There is one more ancient national recipe: to take several big bulbs, to crush them in the meat grinder and to wring out juice. In juice to moisten a t-shirt, to put on it for the night, at the same time as it is possible to be wrapped up with a blanket more warmly. As say in the people, this method in 2 days relieves of suffocating cough at bronchitis.

Very often parents are frightened cough at the child and try to get rid of it quicker. And in vain, cough is a protective reaction of an organism. And if for 5 - 6 day of an illness at the child damp cough with office of a phlegm of green color, you do not worry. It is necessary to treat dry cough which irritates bronchial tubes and a throat.

Of course, any illness it is better to prevent. For prevention of bronchitis it is necessary to refuse addictions and especially not to smoke where there are children. To get out more often to the sea and in the wood. Houses always there has to be a fresh and damp air therefore as often as possible air the room and buy a humidifier. Daily you spend at home damp cleaning, refuse home decoration on which a lot of dust gathers. And it is possible, you never learn about such disease as bronchitis.