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How to paint life together with rich colors?

the World quickly change We all constantly run somewhere, seeking to be in time everywhere, we run, without noticing trifles which fill our life around. Then we just do not get from a pocket of a brush and a palette with paints to paint gray everyday life?

, How often the person thinks that it is just necessary to see and feel things, beautiful by the nature? How often ordinary person sinking in vanity of the big city can stop just like that, to see the mountain ash showered with snow, uncombed as if only the woken-up sparrow, to see snowflakes which fell on a palm? To see, but not just to look!

Such position is applicable also to the relations between the man and the woman. We cease to appreciate over time what we have, turning the romantic relations into life. Unless it is impossible to avoid boredom in the relations? Difficult of course, but, certainly, it is possible! And it only in our forces! In hands of the man and woman, in hands of both.

To see fine in usual - the real talent, but this talent is available to everyone who really wants it! Pleasant trifles can be found in everything. If really to want to see it, washing, cleaning, cooking and an ironing, all those things which at incorrect approach turn into painful duties no more can rejoice.

About the relations wrote much. Wrote, lighting the parties of family life and the relations only beginning, behavior of men and behavior of women. There are many councils, stories from life, appeals to certain acts, and it has to work as a beacon, allowing both partners to reconsider the actions or inaction and to seek constantly for improvement of the relations. It is necessary to work on the relations constantly, but to work in the pleasure!

How to paint life together with rich colors? The answer is banal - simply to love each other, despite difficulties and bad mood, problems at work and many other things.

At any age, at any status it is possible and it is necessary to turn together with the second half into mad lovers at whom from emotions the head is turned! Everyone has the love story, at someone it only began, and someone lived side by side much - many years.

But this history it is necessary to remember every time when badly or hard or on the contrary - when on a face the smile shines. And having remembered it, it is necessary just to take a step and to silently embrace the one who became part you. And if so make both - that leaves, they will make a step towards each other?

Taking over and over again new steps, do not stop, compose dreams and hand in hand walk to their execution. Also does not matter whether in couple of people or in search of the second half, it is necessary only to try to go on life with a smile upon the face and know that surely everything will turn out!

It will allow to look on reality a little from a different angle and to understand that if today it is bad, then tomorrow or in several days everything will be obligatory well!

Just to all of us, everyone it is necessary only to get from a pocket of a brush and a palette with paints in time!