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How many money is necessary for happiness?

If you sometime passed opinion poll, probably, paid attention that you will be surely asked about the average monthly income of a family and about what this money is enough for you for. Proceeding from the offered versions of the answer, the most worthy salary is that on which it is possible to buy the yacht, the plane and a couple of basketball teams in addition.

How many it is necessary to earn to live comfortably? What the salary has to be enough for, considering constantly growing requirements and economic instability?

On this subject there are interesting researches which were conducted by not so long ago American scientists and by that tried to answer a question: “How many money is necessary for happiness?“ It appears, happiness comes when you earn from 6000 dollars a month. This sum, according to researchers, is necessary to the person to experience difficulties, and is capable to guarantee the solution of prime vital problems. By the way, in the same America there is a secret law among employers on the minimum hourly compensation which forbids to pay less than 7 dollars for hour of work.

Americans and for us counted. According to the same institute, it is necessary for the Russian for happiness much less - about 3000 dollars a month.

The statistics draws not such iridescent figures. The average monthly added salary of Russians, according to settlement data of Rosstat, fluctuates about 20 thousand rubles.

It as in that joke: one ate 10 pies, and another - 0, everyone on average turned out on 5.

a Half of the population of Russia lives with the income which is not exceeding 250 US dollars on the person in a month. From this half the most part lives on the verge of a living wage.

There is a wish to note that one of indicators of social welfare of the state is, strangely enough, the salary of citizens, and it directly depends on level of production in the country, more precisely - on the average cost of the made goods in the country per capita. Here the speech even not about a worthy salary, and about the sum sufficient for worthy life of citizens of the state.

Adequately to live - it is good to eat, soundly to put on, shoes on, care for the health, to pay municipal, telecommunication services, transportation and other operating costs, to have an opportunity to buy necessary furniture and equipment, to teach children, to go to holiday, to save money for large purchases (the apartment, the car) and to save in so-called “cash desk of mutual aid“ just in case. In a word, it is exactly so much that was enough for everything and still remained. The beautiful picture about family wellbeing.

Tell, once there was it that simple people in our country received a worthy salary?

We did not get used to consider, we got used to work honestly. Good work has to be paid well. Often we rejoice that to us in general something is paid.

And from where money undertakes and for what they intend - a question for economists, financiers and analysts.

We stand exactly so much how many to us pay. So the one who pays considers.

The state helps, than can, for example, the statement of the minimum consumer basket in which much of what is vital initially is not considered. Here to you and right for worthy life.

Still the international financial institutions building the forecasts lowering credit ratings of banks and threatening with a default to Europe in particular and to the whole world in general help.

Of course, not we one badly live.

The world bank established a threshold of absolute poverty. It equals 1,25 dale. The USA on 1 person a day. Behind this threshold, according to experts, there are 1,4 billion people. Practically everyone 5 - y the inhabitant of the planet.

Those whose income is more, than the 2nd dale. The USA in day, but it is less, than 4, treat economically vulnerable social group.

And rather well-to-do are at what this income level in day exceeds 4,3 dale. USA.

Interesting the mathematics turns out!

The happiest people have not all the best, they just are able to take the best of what already is. Not that who has a lot of money and who has enough them is happy.