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Fight against a stress or How to enjoy life?

Fast rate of life... Huge volumes of information... Long psychological tension... What to hide, realities of existence of the modern person are that that the stress became our constant satellite and a norm of life. However the stress exerts

on each of us different impact. He will mobilize someone and helps to reveal. Another in a condition of tension is not capable to show good results. What our reaction to a stress depends on? From personal qualities? Not absolutely. It is all about biology.

There is a legend that Alexander of Macedon liked to arrange check to candidates for military leaders. During a feast the commander raised a sword at the examinee and monitored his reaction. The one who for fear grew white did not undergo testing. If the person reddened for anger, then it spoke about his bravery and the validity for service. But Alexander also did not guess that for these reactions in the answer hormones: adrenaline or noradrenaline.

“You are animals, misters!“

Scientists found out that adrenaline and noradrenaline are emitted in different quantity at each of us. They divided people into several types depending on the prevailing hormone:

• “Rabbits“ are people who emit adrenaline even for a small stress. They are very subject to alarms. “Rabbits“ have the increased responsibility and inability “to be disconnected“ from work. People of adrenalinic type are often subject to strokes, a hypertension, a depression and nervous breakdowns.

• “Lions“ are people of noradrenalinovy type. They easily cope with stressful situations. “Lions“ are ambitious, they possess strong character and commitment. However it is heavy to this type to dump tension that can lead to aggression and unpleasant experiences.

• The mixed type. At such people the amount of both adrenaline, and noradrenaline is increased. They are very emotional, artistic, love attention. To people of the mixed type it is peculiar to change often and sharply mood. Nervous exhaustion and sleeplessness - frequent problems of such people.

As you can see, reaction to a stress very different. Obviously, as ways of fight against a stress will differ, proceeding from features of each type.

And laughter, and tears, and … other methods of stress therapy

to the “Adrenalinic“ people suffering from - for excess of hormone of a stress, will help extreme sports. Parachute jumps and occupations by mountaineering, a snowboard and diving - a fine opportunity to distract from monotonous work and to receive bright impressions. Do not forget to consult to doctors if there are problems with health!

The internal stress of “lions“ will be perfectly removed by physical, but not emotional loadings. Your rescue in active sports, such as swimming and run. Also regularly be engaged in a gym. These measures will give vent to the increased aggression that will reduce probability of nervous breakdowns.

Representatives of the mixed type constantly stay in the power of mixed feelings and strong impressions. Such natures should not subject in addition themselves to physical and emotional activities. Meditation and spirituality, such as yoga will help to bring harmony in the life to you. Surely observe the mode and do not neglect quiet walks in the fresh air.

There are situations when the tested schemes of removal of tension do not rescue. In this case it is possible to try to overcome a stress by means of new methods of stress therapy :

1. Smekhoterapiya - one of gaining popularity the technician on removal and prevention of a stress. In some countries it is used for treatment of sexual frustration. There are “clubs of a smekhoterapiya“. Sessions take place in the open air, they are free and enjoy wide popularity.

2. Krikoterapiya. The reason of efficiency of a krikoterapiya is that at shouts happiness hormone endorphin is produced. Besides, it - natural soothing. Scientists consider that it is even enough ten seconds of loud shout to remove stress.

3. Aromatherapy. Essential oils are since ancient times known for the medicinal properties. Besides, they are able to help our organism with fight against various sources of a stress:

• Oils of a bergamot, melissa or lemon will help to calm down.

• For lowering of the level of an emotional pressure use jasmine oil, ilang - ilang and not role oil. The last, by the way, loads with energy not worse than caffeine!

• If you need to lighten mood, will come to the rescue oil of a muscat sage, geranium and rosemary.

• Lavender and mayoranovy oils, and also rose oil have the weakening effect.

Massage with use of essential oils - the most reliable way to reach desirable effect. Aromatic bathtubs and inhalations are very effective in opposition to stresses too.

However the aromatherapy is shown not all . It is better for babies, elderly people, asthmatics and future mothers to avoid reception of any essential oils.

4. An art - therapy, or therapy by art is one of the safest methods of fight against a stress. It has neither contraindications, nor age restrictions. This method is often applied to fight against fears, shyness, internal aggression, and also for expression of emotions which it is impossible or there is nobody to share.

Efficiency an art - therapies that it helps the person to express experiences through creativity and to see them from outside. Such approach to a problem helps to understand its secret features, so to solve it or to take for granted.

As you can see, fight against a stress can be very pleasant. On our arms the whole arsenal. Choose on yourself! The main thing - do not miss the moment! Otherwise business can reach serious mental disorders when only serious treatment at experts is able to help.