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Maxim Fadeyev and Svetlana Ivanova in Dzhanik Fayziyev`s movie “August. The eighth“

08/08/08. For many this date became “black“ in their life. For someone it became the last on their terrestrial way. Mentally ill people and in 21 - m rule a century the whole countries, and as a change to them serve lives of simple people. Cinema already responded to recent events of invasion of the Georgian troops into South Ossetia with the operation “Open country“, that is with cleaning from all live whole city with civilians. But the Olimpius Inferno project was not so large-scale as “August 8 - go“.

What is pleasant to me, and even struck in the movie “August. The eighth“: panoramic plans of shootings. What beautiful places nevertheless happen in mountains! For a personnel number not of military operations, and for landscape part, I put to creators “To August 8 - go“ an appreciation because you get from the stone Moscow jungle as though to a certain fantastic kingdom. Where such mountains that it seems, now over them the head of a giant …

the Movie “will appear August. The eighth“ tells how the freckled pretty blonde from the Moscow municipal paradise at once gets to epicenter of military operations. She tries to rescue the child Tema (Artem Fadeyev) who stayed with the father - the peacekeeper Zaur (Egor Beroyev).

Now we will pass to what jarred on. The actor Alexander Oleshko (Egor) is a bank clerk - trained the blonde Ksenia (actress Svetlana Ivanova) in knowledge of the sexual relations. “Egor - yes! Yes, Egor and!“ - what she shouts in the elevator to what set scenario in motion, in general it seemed to me unclear. Better Egor would teach Ksenia to consolidate the debit and the credit! Because artificially it imitates groans in the conditions of a close cabin of the elevator.
In general, emotions which the actress Svetlana Ivanova tries to splash out on the screen artificial. She is obviously not familiar densely with acting skills. Emotion - there is a reflection of thought, and the actress tries to think of how it is better to look on the screen, but in any way HOW to play truthfully. Well, let trains. It has still all ahead. It was obviously taken for Ksenia`s role for beauty of the blonde, but no more. And the fact that it is attractive purely as the woman - there are no doubts. But here over actor`s craft it is necessary to sweat.

Further to minuses. In the movie a lot of things are unclear. The beginning of a picture, with the purpose to capture attention of the viewer, is created - copied from well-known “Transformers“ of Michael Bae. Even robots are traced similar, they only throw “Zhiguli“ in air, instead of American “Dodzhey“. I at first also did not understand, whether it at the boy Tema a glitch, whether at the director of the movie Dzhanik Fayziyev, whether at me - viewer. And here “Transformers“? It that, “Revenge fallen“ Georgian troops?

And authors of the movie obviously tightened computer fight. And I was already adjusted on the next attempt of our cinema-men to beat a level of “Transformers“ as the real military drama follows further. The movie in many respects appeared fragmentary, obviously hammered together quick, on the Hollywood curves. But it and is unsurprising if to look addressed to the screenwriter of a picture - Michael A. Lerner.

That at the movie “August.“ not to take away the eighth, so it is topical character. As in Soviet period toilers of fields reported about a record harvest by October 7, and Dzhanik Fayziyev adjusted the project the movie “August. The eighth“ by anniversary of invasion of the Georgian troops with their military plan “Open country“.

Especially discrepancy between the initial block of the movie executed under one laws of a genre, and another, the main is shown in shots of the beginning of war. Here the passenger bus runs around like a mad after attack by rockets from the Georgian side, metal parts on a body seredka. And on a floor brightly yellow baby birds of chicken rush about. I apprehended them as a symbol of the world and life, and they perish too, as well as people. Symbolical shot, lucky find. Only how to join the flying robots and the dying people and baby birds? It is not known to me.

The one who watched the movie “Crew“ with Leonid Filatov that first Soviet movie - accident of the Soviet pouring, can involuntarily see similarities between “Crew“ and “August. The eighth“. Same mass of fire. Same heroic characters, same basis - there is an unexpected trouble. There - natural disaster, the terrorist large-scale act which here is thought over against the whole people.

The first the blow of the Georgian forces was accepted by the Russian peacekeepers. One of them in the movie Zaur (Egor Beroyev) is the ex-husband of Ksenia and the father Temy. Egor left in the movie “August. The eighth“ some all NOT MILITARY, NOT fighting, but gentle. Driveller. But it does its image in movie fabric human. Also he dies quietly, and even with a smile. “So left, children!“ by

On other end of the country the difficult issue “Whether to Answer Invasion?“ is resolved by our President. And what, the actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov is similar is sensitive externally on the then president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Only in the movie “August. The eighth“ Vdovichenkov`s character somehow not on sleeps - presidential, it seems to me! To it a nightcap on the head and slippers with pomponchik pink. And it decides destinies of war and peace. There is in it no concealed determination that it is so necessary to the highest figure of the state.

Movie “August. The eighth“ answers the declared genre - the military drama. Shoot here much and willingly. I not really understood why the opponent is represented by such zombie in black masks? Why authors put on each shooting Georgian from government troops a black stocking on the head? They what, bank go to plunder? I did not understand. To aggressors and to shoot arkhitrudno! And the person sweats, and it is visible a rozhna.

Actually movie “August. The eighth“ there is a patriotic project, and the similar cinema was not long ago. “Augustus“ on the Hollywood curves is made: there is a small love story against a historical panorama (love between Ksenia and the member of spetsnaz Lekhoy / Maxim Fadeyev). Let`s remember really enchanting movie “Brave Heart“ with Mel Gibson. Of course, to compare “Brave heart“ about “August. The eighth“ it is all the same what to try to compare Rembrandt`s picture with botched work of the sidewalk artist, but the principle of creation of the subject line is in many respects similar.

It is worth to remember that the movie “August. The eighth“ it is attempt of the state to execute the social order. To answer to the people a question as all this was 08/08/08 years. - go Russia lost information war in August, 2008 though won military operation, and even we are citizens of the country - did not know plainly all truth about that conflict. The movie is urged by the most popular language of cinema to explain who began military operations who whom bombed who at whom shot. Here not just the fighter with a mass of cartridges, here the movie bears certain information and even educational component.

I would not begin to highly appreciate a picture from the art point of view and furthermore to allocate someone`s actor`s game. But the movie is dynamic, its basis is covered with sleeves, it is a patriotic picture with a distant sight of the social order.

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