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How development of the child proceeds? At each stage of development the person has

various social situation, and also mainly different types of activity. Let`s consider each stage separately.

Infancy lasts till 1 year of life. At this time the indissoluble unity of mother and kid is characteristic. It extremely needs guardianship of the adult and has yet no opportunity to influence the parent. For a cub vivacity is peculiar, and by the end of the first year he masters the first words and learns to go. As the baby cannot tell still parents that she disturbs him, he draws attention with shout.

The early childhood passes from 1 year to 3 years. The child tries to study surrounding objects: touches things, takes them in a mouth to learn what functions are carried out by this or that subject. He acts by the principle: “I“. At this stage he waits for encouragement from the senior. By two years the boy or the girl carry themselves to this or that floor, that is the child under the influence of an environment copies behavior model peculiar to it which is characteristic for man`s or female.

The preschool childhood proceeds from 3 to 6 years. Now the child gets acquainted with the world of the social relations (kindergarten, school). In new society there are already norms therefore the little man is forced to reckon with them. If he till a school time did not go to kindergarten, then usually it is heavy to it to adapt in the new environment. The leading kind of activity is game by means of which he tries to join the world of adults. Remember how you played in “Daughters there are mothers“ or treated a favourite toy. At this age traits of character begin to be shown. He reflects and makes attempts to analyze the world by means of logic. Sometimes statements of the kid are so silly that needs only to be written down in a notebook of his statement. Believe, there will pass years, and it will be very pleasant to remember these records!:)

Teenage age goes from 10 to 14 years and many consider it as one of the most difficult, both for parents, and for children. Communication with peers becomes the most significant, and the authority of adults decreases. The teenager strives for independence, but the reality does not allow it to become independent of seniors. Parents lose with it common language. The more they want to pressure the child, the more he ceases to consider their opinion. When parents communicate with the child as equals as with the friend, without proving to be much more cleverly, the relations are improved. The teenager often self-expresses to deserve respect in a circle of contacts (style, music, a hobby). However curiosity to try something new sometimes conducts to bad consequences.

The youth begins approximately in 17 years. But it is conditional figure as there are a lot of vital factors which influence a growing. So, the person is on the threshold of adulthood. But not always it can be defined in whom to it to be and what to be engaged. The leading activity - uchebno - professional. Important - appears intimately - personal communication between the young man and the girl. In the period of youth the frame of reference on world around is already formed.

This way passed everyone, and someone only should face it. 

Progress, friends!