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How to prepare dishes in the crock-pot?

Among modern kitchen equipment a specific place is held by the crock-pot. This device - the ideal assistant for the hostess who chooses a healthy lifestyle also saves the time. The crock-pot is capable to realize all ways used for cooking in a dietary diet and does it with the minimum participation of the person, i.e. automatically. If you do not know

yet how to choose the crock-pot, study necessary information in different sources and go behind purchase. This device considerably will save your time in household chores. For example, the crock-pot can steam, bake, extinguish and weary the prepared food at a low temperature within 12 hours. Let`s provide popular recipes for preparation of dishes in the crock-pot.

1. Soup - goulash with pumpkin

to you it will be necessary for

For 4 portions of h2:

Pumpkin - 200 g
Beef - 300 g
Pepper sweet - 2 pieces
Potatoes, carrots - on 1 piece
Onion - 1 piece
Garlic - 2 zubochka
Salt and spices - to taste

Cook in the crock-pot low-fat beef in a small amount of water in the Suppression mode. You need for this purpose no more than 30 minutes. Take out meat and cut it small pieces. Then clear and cut in cubes pumpkin, potatoes and sweet pepper, and carrots - circles. (Except carrots) and spices place meat, vegetables in the crock-pot, fill in with broth, add water and you extinguish within 40 minutes. In 10 minutes prior to the termination add to soup - goulash chopped garlic and carrots. Give a ready dish to a table hot, having seasoned it with sour cream and greens.

2. Potato with mushrooms

to you is required to

For 2 portions:

Mushrooms - 200 g
Potatoes - 400 g
Onions - 1 piece
Oil - 3 St. spoons
Flour - 1 tablespoon
Tomato paste - 1 tablespoon
Garlic, greens, spices - to taste

Cut the peeled potatoes in segments or cubes, and onions half rings. (White, chanterelles, aspen mushrooms or champignons) at first clean fresh mushrooms, slice, and then boil to semi-readiness.

For preparation of sauce for a dish fry onions on vegetable oil, then add to it flour and tomato paste, and also spices and the garlic passed through a press. Brown sauce in the crock-pot within 5 minutes. For those who are not afraid to spoil to themselves a figure: it is possible to add a half-glass of cream, milk or sour cream to it. Then put 2 tablespoons of butter in the crock-pot, lay out potatoes and turn on it for 1 hour in the Pastries mode. At first fry slightly potatoes at an open cover, then add mushrooms, sauce and spices. Mix ingredients, close a multvarka a cover and wait for a signal of readiness of a dish.

3. The liver stewed

to you is required to

For 4 portions:

A liver veal or chicken - 0,5 kg
Tomato and onions - on 1 piece
Sour cream - 100 g
Oil, spices garlic - to taste

Prepare portion pieces of a liver, if necessary having removed veins and films. Pour in the crock-pot much more vegetable oil and put the onions cut by half rings and a liver. In the Pastries mode fry a dish at an open cover within 20 minutes. From sour cream, small cut garlic and tomatoes make sauce and add it to a liver. Turn on the crock-pot in the Suppression mode for 40 minutes and wait for a signal of readiness of a dish.

4. The cauliflower

will be required to

For 4 portions:

A cauliflower - 1 kg
Cheese - 150 g
Egg - 1 piece
Onions - 1 piece. Vegetable oil, sour cream - on 2 tablespoons
Greens, spices, garlic - to taste

the Cauliflower sort
on inflorescences and drench with abrupt boiled water. If the cabbage frozen just let`s it thaw. Pour vegetable oil in the crock-pot, turn on it in the Pastries mode for half an hour, add the cut onions and brown it 10 minutes at an open cover. Mix sour cream with crude egg, add garlic and spices. Put cabbage in the crock-pot, fill in with the received sauce, strew with grated cheese, close a cover and prepare to a signal.

If necessary any hostess can use these recipes and for preparation of dishes in the microwave oven furnace or in a usual oven.