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The fighter “A difficult target“ or How Chinese Wu mastered the American budget?

“Difficult target“ Jonah Wu are, almost, last film with Jean`s participation - Claude Van Damme when who viewing does not arise feelings that to you flog marked-down goods. Career of the Belgian athlete ended also suddenly, as well as began.

And there was time when some short-sighted critics seriously designated to Van Damme glory of such bisons of a genre as Silvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. Where there. The Belgian somehow unexpectedly and, what is the most sad, irrevocably came down to backward, boyevichka of category “B“ through passage and stopped being is interesting to someone, except himself.

But we will return to our rams. The unambiguous star of a genre was required for the famous Hong Kong master John Wu in his first full Hollywood project. And to whom as not to Van Damme the producer hand stretched, the last managed to be lit in a number of very successful pictures, including “Absence without leave“ (1990), “The universal soldier“ (1992) and “There is no place to run“ (1993). At the same time, being in the status of the beginning celebrity, Van Damme cost creators rather cheap - only 3,5 mln. dollars that at the budget of all movie in 15 million - serious economy.

… Wealthy citizens of New Orleans had a new night entertainment - hunting for people. The scheme is simple, and therefore is effective: a certain criminal group finds in the city of bums and scourges which have no relatives, but there is a good military preparation. The target has to be quick, to the customer process, but not easily achievable result is important. Besides such scum of society, as a rule, even polices is uninviting, therefore, their death (as a rule, arranged in the form of accident) hardly anyone - that will mention for live. And if suddenly, then the pocket doctor helps, he is the pathologist forging results of opening.

However in system there was a failure when the local pusher palmed off on criminals not of that guy. The veteran of the Vietnamese war Dag Binder divorced long ago and did not hope any more that his daughter navedatsya to him on a visit twenty years later. But it arrived, alas, not to find the father live any more. In search of the father it is helped by somebody Tchens Boudreau, the former marine, and nowadays jobless seaman earning a living by casual sorties in the sea. Having found out that the father of the girl is dead (his body was found on ruins of the burned-down building), Tchens suspects police of negligence. On the ashes it finds Binder`s medallion punched by something very sharp and heavy.

Villains are not idle too. Having learned that their target was “spoiled goods“, they understand that sooner or later Boudreau and his girlfriend will get to the truth. The best protection is an attack therefore on the mountain - detectives hunting appears, but this time bastards not just work the fee, and are forced to clean traces of the brutal activity. The problem is that Boudreau - a tough nut and it is still unclear who whom hunts …

If to be honest, Van Damme was never any star. At least, in Hollywood. The ambitious guy really is an owner of a black belt, and also couples of titles of the European flood, but his characters if enjoyed popularity, then, generally outside America. The person our compatriots when in the twilight of VHS era in video salons fighters “Bloody sport“, “Cyborg“ and “Kickboxer“ turned became enamored of the Belgian. All this trick for which Van Damme became famous wandered from the movie in the movie and when the fashion on karate and other a shelter - faugh passed, the actor did not manage to adapt to the changed infrastructure of the film market.

John Wu - too a celebrity visiting. In Hong Kong the Chinese had a final authority whereas over the ocean the director - always the second person on the project after the producer. Having gone to America on earnings, Wu did not consider feature of mentality and was extremely angry when “The difficult target“ at a stage of installation and a post - a production began to be cut on - live. Besides, Jean - Claude actively interfered with creative plans of the director, resolutely expressing the to nobody the necessary opinion on each scene of the movie. And when three beings pull one vehicle in different directions, it is known that turns out.

And nevertheless none of the above-stated persons should complain. “The difficult target“, despite the simple scenario and lack of stars of intergalactic value, successfully swept on movie theaters, having allowed both the actor, and the director to delay in Hollywood. In - the first, the picture was not bad untwisted advertizing. As, American movie of John Wu first entirely, creator of the cult tapes “Hitman“ and “Abruptly Welded“. Cult, certainly, in the homeland because the shtatovsky public was familiar with Wu`s creativity as - so far as, and therefore joyfully went nuts from its company to a slo - mo tricks and style. All counters of the master are fully present at “A difficult target“ as that the flitting white pigeons, firing in a free fall from two hands and the abstruse lyricism burdening a tape on superfluous minutes twenty insignificant talks.

In - the second, Van Damme, of course, the handsome man. Having replaced a habitual baize with the curling ringlets, and sports body stockings - on jeans and a long raincoat, the actor significantly rose in the opinion of female audience. Plus its master stroke a leg from a turn and a beefy torso. However, to total disappointment of women the updated Jean`s design - Claude disappeared it`s a waste.

Knowing the indifferent attitude of Chinese Wu to any shura - to messes, producers not too insisted on strengthening of the romantic line.

As a result in couple with the charismatic Belgian put little-known and absolutely muffled teleactress Yansi Butler from series “Police of New - York“ and “Law and Order“. Butler of the half-movie goes with the broken lip (that does not add sex appeal), and the relations of the main characters look like the relations of the brother and the sister more, than on the passionate novel. For greater persuasiveness it was necessary to make the girl the weak-sighted invalid (John Wu liked to suppress in the “house“ works on pity), but producers decided not to go too far.

Young Van Damme, certainly, is good in dynamic a hand - and a nogoprikladstvo, however he should have opened a mouth … Extremely successful casting for roles of negative characters allowed to fill gaps in actor`s game to authors. Two villains, one another merzopakostny. Lens Henriksen familiar to the viewer on a role of the android Bishop in Cameron`s “Strangers“, finally went over on a dark side of Force. The villain left him impressive - furious, cruel, nervously - psychopathic. Appearance at the actor suitable, not without reason in same “Strangers“ in his positivity it was not believed to the final.

The thirty-year-old South African Arnold Voslu who later became famous for Imkhotep`s role in “Mummy“ became the second number. Cold glance, bald skull, severe manners - it and had not to play. So they also go hand in hand, compensating shortcomings and supplementing the dignity of each other. And, if Henriksen represents like mercantile, taking care of reputation of firm and working for result, then Voslu - the typical Chikatilo deriving sadistic pleasure from process.

We will sum up. Certainly, John Wu fell short of the level of the former movies. Like a circus doggie, under the leadership of the American trainers it showed all the tricks, having riveted the sound, but disposable fighter. Subsequently it shot lethal hits twice (“Without the person“ and “Mission is impracticable 2“) then finally in Hollywood was disappointed and returned to shoot film home.