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As well as who wrote hits “While My Guitar Gently Weeps“ and “Something“? George Harrison`s memories of

When THE BEATLES as group slowly, but surely went by the end, George Harrison`s star only rose - and in it there is the logic. People around so got used to a creative tandem “Lennon - McCartney“ that the few noticed that the authorship of several excellent songs belongs to the silent young man - the guitarist with a frown. you Present to

what was to Harrison to listen from Frank Sinatra, from Michael Jackson the surprised questions: “Unless the song “Something“ was written by you?“.

And yes to “Something“ Harrison wrote down excellent songs on albums BEATLES. For example, “Here Comes The Sun“, or my darling “While My Guitar Gently Weeps“. History of the last is especially remarkable.

It is known that Harrison was always greedy for all east - whether it be sitar, Hinduism or well-known “And - a jing“ (“the Book of Changes“) on which he leaves that “in this world of accidents is not present“. Here the guitarist also decided to use the principle “And - a jing“ in writing of songs. And it is valid - why to puzzle - you open some book on any place and read first on eyes. Then on Harrison`s eyes the line “gently got cries“, and he got down to business.

George remembered that when he brought the new song in studio, Paul and John treated it not really seriously. Though they also wrote down a heap of doubles, all this was not that. The song was called “While My Guitar Gently Weeps“ (“When my guitar gently cries“), and guitar “crying“ it was impossible. Then Harrison decided to address the friend and the specialist in the “crying“ guitar - to Eric Clapton.

D. Harrison: “He answered
: “No, no, I cannot. Nobody has to participate in records of songs “Beatles“, it will not be pleasant to children“. I objected: “Listen, it is my song, and I want that you played“.
I it came. I declared: “This song with us will be written down by Eric“, - and did not lose because all began to try. A floor sat down at a piano, played the quite good introduction, all treated work more seriously“.

of Solo of Clapton was given to already remarkable song by a final charm.

While the guitar gently cries
(V. Bokarev Lane)

I Look at all of you and I see how in you the love dies.
So far a guitar gently cries. I Watch
at a floor, it needs to be swept again.
So far a guitar gently cries.

Really nobody taught you to give love? why you allowed them to take
I yourself under control? They you buy
and sell.

I so like to behold rotation of Earth,
So far the guitar gently cries.
Any mistake can become a good lesson,
So far the guitar gently cries.

Really nobody warned that you are waited by a trap? you allowed them to corrupt with
the souls. Having forgot to think of
freely whether
Can be found itself again?

I see how in you the love dies,
So far my guitar gently cries.
Ya still I see all of you...
So far a guitar gently cries.

Unfortunately, the song was not published on a single. But later it will be included into the list of 500 greatest songs of the Rolling Stone magazine. Well-known “Something“ will become the first hit No. 1 of Harrison.

D. Martin:
“I think, all complexity was that all of us are John, Paul and I - always underestimated George as the composer. I am guilty of it. I often repeated indulgently: “If it brings the song, we will allow to insert it into an album“. Has to be, from it he felt ill at ease. But he worked hard, and its songs became better, did not become extremely successful yet. “Something“ - the wonderful song, but we underestimated it, we never thought that it will be the excellent author.

One more problem: it had no coauthor. John could always exchange plans with Paul. Even if they did not write together, between them there was a competition. George was a single, and, I am afraid, his loneliness was aggravated by us three. Now I am sorry about it“. George composed

of “Something“ even during record of “A white album“ when the creative tandem “Lennon - McCartney“ fought among themselves, and the studio often was empty. So, under grand piano sounds, in loneliness and silence one of the best songs BEATLES was born on light.

The first line appeared under impression of a song of James Taylor of “Something in the Way She Moves“. But soon work with the text clogged so that Harrison had to use the so-called “Dictionary of rhymes“ - a peculiar crutch for unlucky poets.

D. Harrison: “I wrote to
entirely the first couplet and just told everything that wanted to tell, and now I had to compose couple more of couplets. I found it rather difficult. But John gave to me a practical advice. He told: “When you begin to write the song, try to finish it immediately while you still have a spirit“. Sometimes you come back to it, and you completely in other mood. And so, I tried to finish couplets somewhat quicker“.

of Something
(“Something“, S. Koznova Lane)

Something in its movements
Attracts me as never attracted at others,
In the same way as well as how she tries to obtain me.
Ya I do not want to leave it now, you know
, I so trust it.

On her smile it is visible: she knows,
That I do not need others.
in her behavior tells Something to me about it.
Ya I do not want to leave it now, you know
, I so trust it.

You ask me whether my love will become even stronger. I do not know
Ya, I do not know.
Seems, you are puzzled, well, I do not know
Ya, I do not know.

Something speaks: she knows,
That I am forced to think only of it,
indicates Something to me it.
Ya I do not want to leave it now, you know
, I so trust it.
the Song was already almost ready

, and THE BEATLES started record. The string quartet, already habitual for group, was added and too long loss of Lennon is reduced by a piano in the final.

D. Aymeric:
“A floor began to play party of a bass which sounded is a little overloaded, and George told it: No, I want that it was simpler. A floor conceded. They did not begin to argue. I never thought that it can occur. That George said to Paul how to him to play on a bass - a guitar? It is inconceivable! But it was George`s child, and all knew that it was the real classics.

... George really proved to be as the first-class guitarist. It played solo, and several days later wanted to change it. By that moment we had only one track for record of an orchestra. George played the solo alive together with an orchestra. It was quite risky, but he made it for one double, and it was fine“.

In such look the song was included into the following album THE BEATLES - “Abbey Road“.
For the first time an album went beyond history of group before “business card“ - a single. But, when two weeks later - on October 6, 1969 - the single left, its party And (too for the first time in the history of BEATLES) Harrison`s hit “Something“ borrowed.

Soon on this wonderful melancholic song romantic video where “Beatles“ are depicted with the fine half was mounted. At that time charming Patti Boyd therefore was considered that “Something“ is devoted to it was Harrison`s “half“. Patti also until now insists on it though Harrison disproved similar dedication more than once. What is unsurprising if to consider constant campaigns of the beauty “on the left“ - to Harrison`s friend - to that Eric Clapton (subsequently she and will inspire Clapton on the song “Layla“).

From interview with D. Harrison:
“-... speak, the song “Something“ you devoted Patti? there is no
- At all, just the thought came to someone to mind to impose amateur video on music! Here also it turned out that I walk in the woods from Patti, Paul goes under the handle with Linda, Ringo talks to Maureen, John then only - only got acquainted with Yoko. And generally, when I wrote “Something“, thought of Ray Charlz! … When I wrote this music, at me in the head Ray Charles`s voice sounded, and he really sang it in several years“.

Despite Harrison`s fears, his colleagues from group highly appreciated the song. Lennon told that it is the best track on an album, and McCartney that it is in general the best of the songs written by George.

And the venerable lyric poet Frank Sinatra even declared that “Something“ is “the best song about love for the last fifty years“ and right there took it in repertoire. It is interesting that before offered it McCartney`s song, but Frank rejected it. Funny as well the fact that after disintegration of a legendary quartet Harrison managed to the first of former “Beatles“ to head a hit - parade by the solo penalty fee of “My Sweet Lord“.

By quantity of covers on songs BEATLES “Something“ concedes unless to “Yesterday“. Except Sinatra it was executed by Joe Cocker, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Smouki Robinson and many others.
No wonder that at a concert of memory of. Harrison in 2002 Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton executed “Something“.