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How “the Icelandic elf“ became the world priest - the star? To birthday of Bjork of

it is surprising, but to the country which all population is commensurable with the population of some Darnitsky district of Kiev, and the army makes the “whole“ 300 people, all - was succeeded to present to the world of at least one bottoms - a star.

the Name it were heard by many, and here a middle name (the middle name - at Icelanders is not present surnames) - Gyudmyundsdottir - is capable to utter not everyone. So, Bjork...

Personally for me works of this singer are always inseparably linked with her image, imprinted in a set of video clips. I for the first time heard and saw Bjork in the tremendous clip “Human Behaviour“ shown in “Program A“ of Artemy Troitsky. Listening of the same song on a disk for some reason made much smaller impression, and this tradition remained at me still - to hear Bjork a little, it is necessary to see it.

In spite of the fact that the album which opened to the world of “the Icelandic elf“ was called “Debut“, it was not any debut. Bjork wrote down the first solo plate in Iceland in 11 years, and then in different domestic the punk - groups long enough took part. The last from them - SUGARCUBES - was moderately popular also outside “the country of geysers“ - in Great Britain.

When the group broke up, Bjork moved to London and decided to make break alone. Well, not absolutely alone - her producer and the coauthor became Nellie Hooper. On new record about the punk - times reminded unless eccentricity. But the hobby of the singer for club music like a house and a techno was strongly reflected. However, unambiguously it is impossible to speak about music stylistics here. Bjork in the childhood adored classical music like Stravinsky, her father and the grandmother loved the jazz, and “hippuyushchy“ mother - fate - music like Jimi Hendrix. The singer seasoned all this salad of styles with “mayonnaise“ - emotional by the voice streaming as if over all these electronic bits and lup. The manner of singing was original - it could how to fascinate, and (in large numbers) to irritate.

Songs for an album “Debut“ submitted, according to Bjork, the certain personal “diary of the teenager“. They collected in personal archives nearly since teenage times because did not suit for punk SUGARCUBES.

Mentioned “Human Behaviour“ (“Human behavior“) which represented as if an animal view of the person became the most famous song. Bjork considered this song very “children`s“ and “comic“. For shootings of video on “Human Behaviour“ the singer recruited the French director Michel Godri. The “Hedgehog in fog“ inspired by an esthetics of the Soviet m / f and children`s memoirs of Bjork, Godri removed tremendous phantasmagoria - it seems, and horrible, but horrible not really. Because both jungle animation, and bear artificial. Bjork sings, stiring with a spoon soup, fights in unison with a night moth, falls to the river, flies on the Moon at last to hammer a flag with the inscription “USSR“ there. As a result it appears in a stomach at a bear, and a bear - in her head. In general to tell about Bjork`s clips - business ungrateful, it is necessary to see them.

Singularity to music and the clip was added also by an image of the singer who on an apt expression of the same Troitsky (in my opinion) looked at the same time “both the girl, and the girl, and is attractive, and it is disgusting“. It is necessary to add that Bjork`s appearance is by no means atypical for blue-eyed and fair-haired Icelanders for what she at school was nicknamed “Chinese woman“.

All this together could not but make impressions. The single became No. 36 in Britain, and very specific disk occupied 3 - e the place. Initially the company planned to sell 40 thousand copies of “Debut“, but sold 600 thousand in the first three months!

Then delighted echoes in the press were heard (NME: “the album proves that music can still be magic and unusual“) and Brit Awards award for “the best female solo execution“.

Material of the second album was written already in England and let out in 1995. Its name “Post“ beat two values of this word: 1) “after“ and 2) “mail“ (in it is red - blue tones of an aviaenvelope also the cover was issued).

The album left stylistically very eclectic - from a techno to the jazz. “Isobel“ on which the same Godri shot one more tremendous video in chyorno - a white esthetics became the most interesting song. The speech in the song went about the strange girl who grew up in the wood and like Nastasia from Butusov`s song “fell in love with itself“. Here in all beauty the favorite method of Bjork - a combination of live violins and a computer rhythm appeared.

However simpler and traditional song “It`s Oh So Quiet“ (“Oh, is so silent“) representing a cover on a jazz hit “Blow A Fuse“ from Bettie Hutton`s repertoire became the most popular in masses. The video shot by the director Spike Jones maybe was not extremely original, but well transferred sharp differences from kolybelny whisper before excentric shouts. As it often happens, the simplest song of Bjork became also the most commercially successful (it occupied 4 - e the place and it is liked to be rehashed most often in a karaoke). The singer wrote down it for fun and later was sorry about it supposedly “I try to inform people of new music, and they give preference old“.

The fashion “on Bjork“ after “Post“ (No. 2 in British a hit - parade) led to the fact that even Madonna asked the Icelandic girl to write for it the song (after much persuasion Bjork wrote for it composition of “Bedtime Stories“). But the glory had also a reverse side - in 1996 the singer nearly died when some mad admirer in love sent it by mail a bomb and committed before video ritual suicide (all because Bjork supposedly slept with “black“ di - Jay of Goldie).

The album “Homogenic“ (1997) where Bjork`s eclecticism was already alloyed in unseparable unity became result of internal reconsideration of the life. It is enough to listen to the remarkable ballad “Joga“ or composition of “Bachelorette“ - at the heart of the presenting to a tango, but to unrecognizability changed by arrangement and vocal roulades. The slang word “Bachelorette“ is meant “by the holostyachka living in loneliness“, and the song and the clip again shot by Godri according to Bjork represented the third part of a certain epos about “an alter - an ego“ singers (the first two parts - “Human Behaviour“ and “Isobel“).

“It is history of the girl frightened of adults, - at first it is the girl - the teenager who is suddenly frightened the feminity, in the following clip it already instinctively opens to the female nature with all its good and bad parties. And in “Bachelorette“ she realizes that it is better for it to return there from where everything began: in the wood, in loneliness“.

B 2000 Bjork opened herself from one unusual party - she played a leading role in Lars Von Òðèåðà “Dancer In The Dark`s“ movie (“Dancing in the dark“). First the famous director asked the singer to write music to the movie, and later time decided to take it for a role of the Czech emigrant Selma which works at tin factory and promptly loses sight. She saves up all earned money for operation to the son to whom, as well as mother, the blindness threatens. Money is stolen by her neighbor - the police officer, Selma kills him and goes to execution (refusing to spend saved up for the good lawyer).

The picture left surprisingly human for Von Trijer, Bjork played excellently and won at the Cannes Film Festival a prize for Best Actress. However shootings took place for it and the director that is called on nerves. Trijer promised to work more with “vzbalomoshny“ Bjork, and that promised to act in at film.

As as envisioned by the director Selma raved musicals, in the movie there are a lot of excellent and bright songs (which are better for perceiving with a video series too). For example, music of composition of “Cvalda“ as if is born from noise of machines (one couplet here even Katharine Denyov - the partner Bjork according to the movie sang). Knock of wheels of the train sets a rhythm and penetrating dramatic “I’ve Seen It All“ to which text was written itself by Trijer, and the singer executed it in a duet with Tom Yorke from RADIOHEAD. And, of course, the composition of “107 Steps“ shocking taking into account a video series - has to take 107 steps Selma to the place of execution.

Further Bjork did not change herself - shot unusual videos, did more and more experimental and noncommercial music (so music of an album “Medulla“ was created practically without tools and represented generally processed human voices).

And it is still difficult to believe that fervent and unusual Bjork for a long time not the girl - this year is executed by her 47 years.

“All this idea with age - lie. There come the moments when you are five years old. In one day you are clever, in another - is silly. Now I feel wise. It happens infrequently, but happens. There are moments when I feel very silly. I would like to be risen to any age at any time, by any maturity“.

P. S. I remind that you can listen and check Bjork`s songs in the first comment to this article.