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We are adults? Article about an onanism.

B: Anton, what do you think of a pornography? Whether it is possible to watch it?
O: It is possible to look, it is impossible to touch.

I waited for this question long ago. Among hundreds of messages on that how to pump up banks, to become the leader in the conditions of group of primacies, at last it came. Earlier I just had no occasion to be hooked and write about the most intriguing process which is slowing down spiritual, social and physical growth - about your onanism, buddy.

If to be expressed in the spirit of New Year`s subject then once a year, Santa Claus - he is kind Father Frost, has to shake out the bag for gifts entirely. Here only a question whether the grandfather himself copes or to it kind girls help with it? Likely, the only thing when independence it is bad - it is time of new year.

Masturbation (for simplicity let`s call her the old girlfriend - a drochka) came to our life in those young times when one thought of the sexual intercourse with the schoolmate you blushed more purely, than tomato in August on a grandmother`s bed.

And in spite of the fact that times of summer trips for grandmother`s dachas it seems how long passed also your sexual opportunities, in principle, long ago had to surpass your requirements - the old girlfriend still nearby.

When the man makes the act of adultery with himself, most likely his thoughts concentrate on one of two options.

The first - it represents as bangs the one whom it did not have yet.

The second - he remembers those with whom already was.

On it to podrochit total number of women on whom you managed - always constantly. And it is the first indisputable law of a droch.

Youths begin to pull an extremity to satisfy physiological need.

However, with yours the growing arises the paradoxical phenomenon: even if to you already seventy five, but you still look at bums of students, then, as well as in your young fourteen, the need for communication with the old girlfriend remains reality. Even if also mental.

All this epic reminds me stories of veterans about how they live with the extremity lost in fight. Thirst to scratch arises even then when there is no hand any more.

Actually for our organism there is no difference at realization of an instinct of reproduction - you sit before contact or you make love to the smart mulatto on the coast of Goa. A difference only that the first - is simpler, more available and closer to heart of the ordinary native of a midland.

The midland is not geographical definition. A midland it how to grow without father at his actual existence.

On the one hand, at the act of masturbation, we as if at the physiological level do attempt to rescue our sort, the nation and the world in general. On the other hand - we mentally destroy ourselves in the most unscrupulous and caustic way.

In a drochka there is nothing correct, filled with sense or necessary for a survival. Men seldom masturbate under irresistible physical desire. Like, or death from toxicosis or urgently to podrochit.

The problem of a drocheniye is that the physical onanism gives rise to an onanism intellectual. And it, as we know, one of hobbies of the person who loudly devoted himself to a subject of personal and spiritual growth. And if for a certain moment you understood that all your brain activity does not bring desirable result in your life, then my council to you is simple - THROW DROChIT. Physically and mentally.

Yes of course, I know that to podrochit - there are thousands of the unique reasons. The Polovozrely man`s individual resorts to the help of the right hand when she feels loneliness or a severe stress. When worries or cannot make the decision. When it is too angry or on the contrary - stays in dreams concerning the ôstarô future. The man drochit that as it is possible to escape from reality which surrounds him further. A universal remedy for creation of the volume phantom protecting from the real reality.

My main argument against your onanism is simple: If you satisfy yourself, you do not realize yourself. How you think whether Yury Gagarin touched himself before told the well-known went?

Whether Fedor Emelyanenko in a locker room before fight with Andrey Orlovsky reduced stress?

Whether mighty Atilla smothered the python before going war to Rome?

I am firmly convinced that if so occurred, then he just would tell leaders of tribes that he suddenly suddenly understood that IT NOT my and it is uninteresting. Well, or at the worst just complained that it has no mood today somewhere to go and something to win there.

The onanism does you weak and weak-willed. It absolutely suppresses your male vitality and thirst of fight. Nadrochivshiysya the subject is similar to the insane of the melancholic eunuch - nothing from life is necessary to it only because now in it for it there is no sense. Stop drochit, stirred up, and it will appear.

The masturbating guy - it is very sad, at least because in this world there are a lot of beautiful girls who had no objection to help Santa Claus to gut bags with gifts. The masturbating man is the real pathology from which, alas, the whole generation is already created.

Solve now that we will transfer to our children - a hereditary habit to frig on life the brains and the member, or deep sensibleness, internal force and self-confidence.

The choice, as always, for you. I made the choice for a long time.