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Why we offend parents?

Why we offend parents? Because once they punished us and forbade everything? Because it seems to us that any such they - are insufficiently clever, not so beautiful and young, are able to earn not so much, not are on friendly terms with those, tell not that, incorrectly think and moralize too much?. whether

A they had a choice and an opportunity to live this life in a different way? The safe, light life full of heat and happiness not to need anything, to lose nobody and to envy nobody.

Whether they lived once personally for themselves?

We grew up, and small children`s offenses, claims and misunderstanding remained. All saved-up negative pursues us years later as a snowball.

Do we have the right to carry this freight with ourselves? Thanks to whom we are living?

Something prevents to forgive and ask forgiveness for roughness and impudence, unjustified hopes and the caused pain, silence and loneliness. Something does not release and does not allow to live freely.

We listen to ourselves, but we do not hear, we remove the past, and it does not leave anywhere and is not erased.

Perhaps, it is worth looking back, asking, understanding and to cease judging?

The reason - in ourselves. We did not learn to love as love us, too we love ourselves, we perceive everything as due and we are not able to face the truth.

Why it is possible to take everything, in exchange returning only a small share? Why it is possible without reflecting to offend, not to be sorry and even to revenge?

Because parents will endure everything and all will forgive, will trust, hope, despite everything and contrary to everything? The parental love is boundless and infinite?

For strangers we try and we are able to be better, and near the family we unmask and we afford indifference, we can be terrible egoists.

It turns out that, unfortunately, we offend those whom very much we love, we are afraid to lose, but at heart we hide this feeling and we do not admit to ourselves it.

The most terrible delusion that parents will be with us always and will never die. Unfortunately, it not so. Once life will stop, the world will cease to turn around, and there will be already nobody to blame for it.

We will stop being for someone sense of all life. Nobody will fight for our advantages and with our complexes.

The same color the sun, only it does not heat, when there is no a number of favourite eyes and gentle hands.

Do not promise to call parents! Because you will surely forget about it today, tomorrow, in a week, and they will wait.

With vozrastomvsyo it is taken very painfully. Even inadvertently the told word is capable to hurt. Just take and call to hear a native voice and to tell that you love them not for something, and just like that, how in the childhood … to

Why to wait when everything ends? Everything can be corrected while we are living!

“Look attentively at a mournful fold around a mother`s mouth... You got completeness and brightness of her young people, beautiful lips. And you turned it into passion which generously you waste to the right - on the left. As the look of your father grew dull! You took away gloss of his young eyes to yourself, having turned into insatiable greed. A gray hair, wrinkles, grief on a face... They were never as old as now! You also hardly recognize them. Whether all these wounds not of your hands business? Whether not your efforts fruits?“ (M. Norbekov)