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How to cease to worry?

Most of people, coming up against situations, difficult for them, experience negative emotions. Once it is just flash, once people get stuck in it, and emotions begin to prevent to move further... Present to

, there was a person down the street, slipped, fell in a pool... began to bathe in it. Hm... Interesting decision. Here only probably also we when we begin to worry arrive: “to bathe“ in emotions, but not to work . We see a situation as a problem, and it is possible to look at it from other corner. For example, as on a task:

How to me to reach what I want? What for this purpose to make? When we are aimed forward and directed by

to results, small and even serious obstacles do not unsettle. The engine rushes on rails in bright future. The attention is focused. Thus, time for a stupor, negative emotions and thoughts of anything is not spent. The negative is replaced with tranquility and a positive. Nice picture, isn`t it? Why we choose

to worry, but not to work?

the Majority never thought of it. Did not set such task - to learn to think and work in this way.

There is also other option. It is favorable to worry. The world around reacts to such behavior.

The child sits, complains: “I cannot... It is impossible to me“. Mother wants to be helped, and she does for it homework. And then the child grows up and continues to do what worked once, but circumstances already changed.

it is time for i to change

I the actions.

it is interesting to b to see people who as if open in themselves the new force when for the first time solve: “I can! I will cope!“ We are free to choose

: to worry or work. And we make the choice every minute, each hour - where to spend the energy: on advance or on experiences. As in the childhood: to save up for a desired toy, we made the choice - to put a coin in a moneybox or to spend for ice cream.

It is not always possible to change thinking at once and cardinally. But, having taken several steps, you will promote in this direction.


When arose difficulty in any sphere of life (work, the personal relations etc.), as the instrument of establishing order in the head serve simple questions:

What I want also what I can make for this purpose? Having set

by them, we generate the most various versions of answers.

Example. Did not hire from - for ignorances of English. What do I want? Prestigious work. What do I do? I study English. How? (And so on.)

If to use this exercise more often, then soon it is possible to find how your success and these views are connected. I offer you such experiment.

I saw many people practicing it. They are distinguished by a quiet look, a smile and a bearing which expresses self-respect. Their life is clear and filled.

When we already realized that we get stuck in emotions, an opportunity something appears to change. To admit to itself: “I bathe in a pool“. Not to justify, learn to trace “stops“. And further - to do, try, to be mistaken, correct the errors, to study, to train others and to enjoy created.

Also it is possible to remember some difficulty right now and to think what I can make for its permission today.