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For what in Australia hats? The cup of Melbourne of

Australia - the country multinational, and holidays is a lot of here. Official holidays, so that with days off, just not really. There is one day in November - the first Tuesday which is festive day off only for inhabitants of my State of Victoria, but a holiday for all country and numerous guests from - for a boundary.

this Holiday - the Cup of Melbourne (Melbourne Cup), the most significant jumps in a year. I will tell you about this holiday not from a position of players and those who understand horses and rates. I will tell you about it from the most beautiful party - with ladies`. The Cup of Melbourne - not only jumps, but also week parade of fashions. Yes, week. Let the Cup be only one running, but the holiday and a carnival in his honor begins on Saturday the last week and comes to an end on Saturday with following. Though officially it comes to an end on Thursday with parade of dresses and hats and the choice of winners or even winners.

is a holiday...

the Cup of Melbourne - the most significant Tuesday in Australia. Day of “running when all nation fades“. Still Mark Twain called this holiday “the most real national festival of Australia“ and told that “scope of this event and how it attracts to itself(himself) the whole country, is really amazing“.

Every year millions of people in Australia throw everything into three o`clock in the afternoon on the first Tuesday of November and look or listen to running on the central hippodrome. The parliament does a break in a meeting. Hundreds of thousands of residents of the country are flown down to a hippodrome in the best and original dresses. The festival rules the city and all country.

Australia - the only country where horse racing is recognized state day off. As the most prestigious running on two miles in the world an annual Cup of Melbourne - the sports and secular event which became already national symbol and one of the largest sights of the State of Victoria.

Traditionally the Cup of Melbourne - the place where all come in the best and refined dresses, from celebrities to ordinary people. Ladies usually... no, always, except a dress, select to themselves a hat or a hat. Over the years the tradition of hats turned into the whole art. Masters - hatters work true wonders, and ladies appear on hippodrome lawns in the whole constructions from fabric, feathers and laces.

“Fashion on a hippodrome“ (Fashion on the Field) - now a traditional event. It begins on Saturday on the Cup of Derby (Derby Cup), and winners are disclosed on Thursday after the Cup of Melbourne to Oaks Day (Oaks Day), or ladies` day.

For what in Australia hats...

Long before November all shops, department stores and boutiques of Australia offer for sale hats and hats of various types and the sizes. Ladies are flown down to counters, choosing themselves a hat to taste and to a dress. The prices of these entertainments vary from 50 to 1000 dollars.

If the lady is able to afford an original hat, it goes to the master - the hatter. In Australia there is a lot of them too. In only one area where I live, I counted three. In this case the lady will have a hat original and even exclusive. Ladies with own imagination buy a hat more simply and decorate it, the benefit of various accessories in the Australian shops is enough.

Also the fact that almost right after holidays all hats in shops are considerably reduced the price is important, and itself can buy very much even an interesting hat for all long and solar Australian summer. As, except races, hats are necessary to us all summer, it is desirable with wide fields.

Beauty on a hippodrome and not only

All these hats, dresses, stars and celebrities appear and defile on hippodrome lawns the whole week. Judges take a detached view of all this as if, nevertheless without losing sight of anything and making the opinion. All participants are waited by gifts, and winners - expensive prizes.

These days on a hippodrome the whole sea of flowers, paints, matters and smells - a taste holiday reigns... though lack of taste too. But not about it we here.

I was lucky to work at jumps in 1996 when Priscilla Presley was one of judges of parade of hats. How many was noise how many was security guards around the little and just dressed woman. As the difference between what was created on a lawn Mrs. Presley around, and what was in the VIP - boxing (the VIP - box) in the stands was striking. When I rose there to carry documents, I saw the one and only woman who took off shoes in the huge empty hall and wearily leaned back on a sitting back. On it there was a suit faintly - blue color and a hat in tone. One, absolutely one in the empty hall sat Princess Di! Around it there was neither noise, nor security guards.

But all this on a hippodrome. Behind a hippodrome this festival is celebrated to the full extent too. As jumps take place in Melbourne and day off it only in Victoria, in other cities and states inhabitants celebrate in own way. Restaurants suit lunches with unlimited champagne and viewing of races on big screens. Such lunch can cost you from 200 to 500 dollars on the person. An indispensable condition of such lunch is the full dress or a dress and a hat for the lady.

In many houses friends and relatives gather to have dinner and look at jumps. For the sake of own pleasure and supporting tradition, they dress up too and put on hats.

It is not necessary to spend money for tickets, to crowd in the subway, and then in crowd on a hippodrome to derive pleasure from a holiday. It is only necessary to want and make to himself a holiday. A champagne bottle, a hat and the amicable company - everything that is necessary.

But if all - there is a wish, it is possible to go also to a hippodrome. This whole event. As long women as gather as plan prepare for it... As then long tell each other whom they saw also who in what it was dressed.

After races with which the nation fades in Australia the quiet world and an order till Christmas is established...