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Epilation and depilation. What to choose?

Each woman dream to get rid of undesirable body hair for a long time. Shaving, as a rule, does not yield good result. The effect after shaving remains no more than for days. And the woman to have to carry out not less than half an hour in a bathroom day by day, depilating undesirable.

But as it is pleasant to know that women have an opportunity to forget about shaving for 2 - 3 weeks, and even forever! For all this it is only necessary to decide on the choice of removal of hair: epilation or depilation? Let`s understand.

An epilation - procedure at which there is an impact on a hair follicle. During an epilation are depilated not only undesirable, but also their further growth is slowed down. Through several procedures of an epilation the quantity of hair bulbs is considerably reduced, and the effect of smooth skin remains for a long time.

What types there is an epilation:

An electroepilation - a type of an epilation at which there is a pernicious influence by electric current on a hair bulb. For such procedure salons use special needles which act as an electrode. The electroepilation is subdivided into the following types: termoliz - the hair follicle collapses under the influence of high temperature which is reached due to use of alternating high-frequency current. Plus of this type of an epilation is an opportunity to process big sites of skin for short periods. Electrolysis - by means of special needles is transferred to each hair bulb electric current then it collapses. Upon termination of procedure each hair is removed tweezers. This type of an epilation demands big time expenditure. Blend - the most effective type of an electroepilation, includes influence by both a variable, and direct current.

A laser epilation - a method at which impact on a hair bulb is carried out by means of an infrared beam. Pluses of a laser epilation - it is suitable for sensitive skin, is painless, demands not enough time, lack of the hair which grew into skin. Procedure is expensive. Demands holding several sessions for achievement of the necessary result.

A photoepilation - the effect, as well as at a laser epilation, is reached due to thermal impact on a follicle. Such epilation is effective during removal of light hairs with which the laser cannot cope.

Elos an epilation - effective expensive procedure, removal of hair happens without serious consequences, due to use of light energy. Temperature is evenly distributed on all hair. Then it is influenced by high-frequency current. This type of an electroepilation copes with any kind of hair and is suitable for any type of skin.

Depilation is a removal of a hair. Impact on a bulb does not happen. Though at such types of depilation as, for example, wax or sugar, at continuous carrying out, hair grow less often.

Shaving belongs to the most widespread type of depilation. But many women were already tired of such method of removal of hair and passed to more effective types of depilation.

Except shaving, there are following types of depilation:

The Vaksing, or wax depilation - this method belongs both to an epilation, and to depilation since during removal of hair with wax also the follicle can be removed. Depilation is carried out by means of hot or cold wax. Procedure is simple, it can be carried out as in salon, and at home.

The Shugaring, or sugar depilation - procedure belongs to a vaksing, only instead of wax are depilated by means of sugar paste which prepares with use of sugar and lemon juice.

An electroepilator - the device which takes a hair and pulls out it. Quite often it leads to death of a hair bulb that reduces the number of undesirable hair.

Cream - the depilator depilates by means of the special chemicals which are its part. Procedure is painless, but can cause allergic reaction. Use of cream - the depilator perhaps and in axillary hollows, both on a face, and in a bikini zone. Minus such method is that cream - the depilator practically does not depilate rough black.

Here you also learned in what difference of an epilation from depilation. If you are allowed by means and there are no special contraindications, can choose Elos an epilation. Excellent way of removal of hair will be also a vaksing and a shugaring. If to you not to liking all these methods, you can depilate, as before, by means of the razor. The choice for you!