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What it is necessary to be in time before New year?

Here also come to an end 2012. What it was for you? Heavy, interesting, profitable? Probably, there were take-off and falling, meetings and partings, good luck and misses. Whether everything was managed to be made what was planned?

Ahead of us is waited new, by 2013. That it will bring to each of us to us is not allowed to foresee, but we have to be adjusted on a positive harmony. To use our best efforts that in new year there were less mistakes, alarms and failures. It is impossible to begin new business, without having finished old. Let`s leave all unnecessary in old year and we will enter in a year new with light baggage!

So what it is necessary to be in time before New year?

1. To grow thin. does not wish to Grow thin by New year unless the child. A magic New Year`s Eve, expensive dress, relatives nearby - of what it is possible to dream? So let`s use the best efforts that not only to look on New Year`s Eve magnificent, but also for all year to feel easy and surely!

2. To forgive old offenses and most to ask forgiveness. Who only did not offend us for this year. And relatives, and not really. And we, probably, told many nonsenses. Therefore let`s ask forgiveness for colleagues, neighbors, friends and relatives if we something offended them. Well and we will forgive all for everything.

3. To throw out unnecessary things. At all houses will be things which long ago nobody uses. Old clothes, the broken bicycle, unclaimed books etc. Let`s make room for arrival to our life of new, useful and interesting things. The old clothes can be given the one who really needs it. Books will be useful in library, and the bicycle is for certain necessary to the neighbour`s boy who fast will repair it.

4. To keep all these promises. For us it is often sore point. In a hurry we will promise the person something if only lagged behind, and we go about further the own business. Worst of all, when this person - the child. Making the child promises and not carrying out them, we not only develop in him bad bents, but also we lose prestige on his eyes. Remember to whom and that you promised, and keep the promise. If you have no such opportunity, apologize, and from now on do not promise in vain.

5. To buy gifts. it is the best of all to make in advance, but not in recent days when it is necessary to take what remained. Write the list of people which you will make gifts. Think that they would like to receive from you for New year. It is possible even to ask them about it personally. Children can present board games, sweets, good books and movies, toys. To men - the navigator in the car, the speaker system, the collection of favourite movies, well and shaving foam, where without it. To women - gift certificates in SPA - salon, shop of cosmetics, fitness - club; a scarf, beautiful bed linen, a set of means on care of the house. Mother can present household appliances. To the father the road - a scarf or a tie. To friends and colleagues - beautiful souvenirs.

6. To satisfy all debts. we Will enter in new year with pure soul - we will return to the neighbor the forgotten hundred rubles, we will pay a penalty for violation of traffic regulations and we will satisfy a debt for services of mobile communication.

It is the approximate list of affairs which need to be finished before New year. Perhaps, you have the list. You will add something, will clean something from this. Anyway, it is worth carrying out audit in the head and in the house. Let`s leave all bad in old year that nothing revolted our heart in new!