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And whether it is possible to fall in love century. detective?

In one interview the writer Boris Akunin told that, creating the famous detective Eraste Fandorin, he created the hero on whom boys would equal and with whom little girls would fall in love. Here I also reflected and whether it is possible to fall in love with the literary hero - the detective in general and with Fandorin, Holmes or Poirot in particular.

the Violin and a tube

the best-known and eminent (it is recognized as the best even the queen of England) Sherlock Holmes of our generation (which left the USSR) - Sherlock Holmes performed by Vasily Livanov.

It was necessary to go to Australia and grow to... years to see in Holmes - Livanovom not only the talented detective, but also the handsome man. Livanov in “cage“ is good, even with a tube in a mouth it is good!

It is simpler to fall in love with the beautiful actor, than with the hero whom he represents. Sherlock was not ideal and is not faultless at all. Same constant tube, same partiality to morphine. And these his statements that he does not know literature because there is no advantage in it any. And in general, you should not stuff the head with unnecessary knowledge. His constant melancholy, so similar to weather in London. And in general, its confidently barchelor way of life does not cause sympathy.

Mrs. Hudson replaces to it both servants, and the wife (in some way). Doctor Watson - his constant satellite and the assistant. And love? It, likely, from the category of unnecessary knowledge and feelings. It is not in Holmes`s life just. Flew Irene Adler`s comet and went out.

But Sherlock was, as we know, only a founder. It was followed by many other detectives. It would be possible to fall in love with them if...

the Silver rose and short moustaches

Hercule Poirot created by Agatha Christie is faultless

in those relations where Sherlock Holmes is even unpleasant. Poirot does not smoke. It is always faultlessly dressed. The Belgian has no bad habits in general because very much values the health and appearance. It is so faultless that it is very pedantic. It is so pedantic that, seemingly, suffers obsessivno - compulsive frustration. Poirot does not suffer deviations from the mode, up to deaf hysterics. He recovers, only when order is restored, and a silver rosette on the place, in a buttonhole of his jacket.

Poirot, undoubtedly, is talented. It is very affable and civil. It with ease accept both simple British, and lords in houses. Solvability of affairs at Poirot absolute. Love? In his life it does not have the place too. At it as well as Holmes, has a housemaid. It also has a friend and the assistant. As far as I know (not all novels still read), does not pay special attention to women of Poirot. In Poirot`s life is not present even “iren Adler“. But in his life there is a flight from native Belgium to cold England during war. There is an isolation from native places, the native language and habitual routine and a way of life. For Poirot it can be equated to the tragedy of universal scale. After it if are restored, then...

Gray temples and stutter

either are restored by

After the tragedy of universal scale, or is not present. In a case with Eraste Fandorin who is thought up by Boris Akunin, restoration did not happen. There was more likely a modification.

Young naive Fandorin fell in love and was happy in love. He made plans, prepared for a wedding and dreamed to die together with the bride in one day. In one day to die it did not turn out. Fandorin survived. With gray temples and with stutter, but all - it is live. But, as about it even his friends spoke, became some frozen.

Fandorin grew up in the imposing man whom the gray hair does not spoil at all. He became the real dandy. Deserved many awards and broke many hearts. Hearts - that it broke. Carried away women. And whether here loved it?

Fell in love - precisely! Means, it is possible to fall in love with Fandorin. Hurrah! remarkably. But how? It is impossible to fall in love with Fandorin book, cardboard he is some. Esteem. In Fandorin - Beroyeva from “the Turkish Gambit“ - too it is possible hardly. Varvara Suvorova so its zashikala and a zashpynyal that neither impressiveness, nor a dandyism is simply visible. Here - Menshikova from “Councillor of state“ it is possible to fall in love with Fandorin. Also there will be it - love of all life. Here only or happy it not to be mutual.

Such Fandorin can be loved from outside. To admire. To admire and suffer. To be sorry and help. To observe and support. Than not love? But not only to these hearts female and their bodies are live. And Fandorin - Menshikov - an iceberg (so even Akunin called it), which cold and in the ocean, it is far - far.

we will fall in love So or not?

So what am I telling here? Whether it is possible to fall in love with great detectives? Of course. The love, it is such. Also all will come here. I in the childhood and in youth very often fell in love with actors, heroes and singers. Anything. Cool was for the time being. With age experience, rationality and “a professional illness“ of the journalist - the critic came: to see, compare, analyze.

I admire the described three rather. In it everyone is beautiful in own way. But live and real in it is not present. Is not present ordinary, let with shortcomings, but terrestrial. And, above all, in it there are no men ready to love. Ready not only to take, but also to direct the feelings, efforts, time, the life. All three pursue the great aims and serve for the benefit to great good and justice. They - not terrestrial, they are inhabitants of heaven. Let it is better so, and that the title “emotional disabled person“ is somehow absolutely cruel...