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The higher education in Australia. How it was?

This article from a cycle of my Australian notes I easily could “For what I call grateful to Australia“. Why? Yes that is why...

When I graduated from school in 1991, everything around me collapsed. Including my dream of study in St. Petersburg. No, I all - went to St. Petersburg. But I did not learn to study there. In native Riga I could not study, was not a citizen. In Chisinau did not want and the turmoil with Transnistria began. So for some one mad summer I appeared without nationality and without place of study.

Before appearing in Australia, I did not know as as I will do there. For some reason it seemed to me that I should go to school again that wash, then still Soviet, the certificate will not be understood there and not be accepted. In principle so everything could be if...

If my mother did not go once on a visit. If she did not wake me then in the middle of the night and did not declare that tomorrow I go to file documents to university.

Twenty years ago it was thus. It was necessary to go to the center of submission of documents, to take the statement. As with submission of documents I was late (rushed at the beginning of December), I had to pay a fine of 50 dollars. Then it was necessary to fill in the application form, to attach the necessary documents, to return all this to the center and to wait for long two months. At the end of January of a surname of all lucky - arrived are published (and now) in the central newspapers. Idi`s

there, I do not know where

Where to go, I did not know. In Australia we at that time were only two months. My English left much to be desired. The Russian girl with whom I studied on English language courses volunteered to help me. She already underwent all this procedure and knew where it is necessary to go.

So in one day, after classes we with it took the tram and went. Where? I did not know it. Then, by means of the card (there is in Melbourne “bible“ - MelWay), I understood. But at first I was just carried.

Arrived, took documents absolutely free of charge and went home. Bring to

that, I do not know that

to Fill in with

documents first was as easy as shelling pears. A name, the address, phone - all this is clear. Farther it was necessary to specify the whole eight places where I would like to arrive. As to specify them if I did not know yet where what university is what in them teach to and than one differs from another. In the USSR everything was simple: chose one and all. And here... The first time I understood that the choice - a terrible thing. Also therefore terrible that accept in process of the choice too, that is will admit you to that university which is above in your list.

I revealed thick magazine with the description of universities and their courses and made at random chose eight courses. My choice was guided by existence of familiar objects: Russian, policy, history and philosophy. Well and the silly woman I was! Names of objects - that acquaintances, but all of them will be taught in English and in absolutely other interpretation and a form... But I did not think of it at all.

Having chosen courses and universities, I had to collect documents. With the passport and the birth certificate of problems was not. Everything was translated and certified. And here with the certificate... As it appeared, the Soviet certificate very much is even clear in Australia. It was recognized and equated to local. Everything that I needed to make, it to go to special state office (from the Ministry of Education), to give money and to wait three days (in my case to wait was once and I had to pay for urgency). My certificate received a rozovenky piece of paper - maintenance. Now all. Forward!

One more piece of paper helped me at receipt - the academic reference from school. As my favourite director of studies and my cool were surprised to my idea to make to himself the academic reference! I sat in the afternoon at school with curricula for all years and calculated how many hours in each subject I listened in ten years. Nothing, sat out, wrote out, made. Found who to me will print all this on the typewriter (computers then were not) and assured. And in Australia this reference very much was useful to me.

I collected documents. Took with itself mother for support, and went. I submitted documents exactly five minutes. All took from me, verified with a sample and told to wait. We with mother went to wait.

Poltsarstva in an award

When my surname appeared on January 29, 1993 in the lists which arrived and left in million circulations across all Australia, to my and mother`s happiness there was no limit. I did not know where and on what faculty I arrived. But I arrived! Here to you St. Petersburg and Riga. Others, absolutely others country accepted me, my certificate and my desire to study. I will be a student!

By the way, at that time we did not even think of payment for training. There was such option of payment of training after the termination: began to raise a payment only from income tax, and that only if you work and if your revenue exceeds a certain minimum (this minimum grows every year). Well...

But it was twenty years ago and with me. I arrived to Australia at the age of eighteen years with the Soviet certificate and with lack of the higher education. I was lucky. Primary education at me was completely finished, and the highest is not begun with sense. Here I started with a clean slate. Plus, we were in Australia as permanent residents with the visa of the PERMANENT RESIDENCE.

So far orders and processes changed a little. Especially they differ for students - foreigners.